Wind Map

Wind Map

Can someone recommend a website I can use on Tesla's display (NOT on desktop or mobile device) to provide a wind map or wind speed/direction info in real time? The few I've tried do not work on the Tesla browser due to Flash or Java compatibility issues. Thanks.

Stiction | 19 mei 2015

i don't know of any such site.

I pick a few cities en route and ask for weather on my phone to see the direction and speed.

It will be nice when the nav system does this for doesn't for sure now, I came up I5 with 15 mph headwinds and it was way optimistic (but I knew it and so it didn't bother me...had plenty of pad)

I would like the nav to figure this out and TELL ME the assumption being used on the energy graph!

(wont trust it otherwise)

Captain_Zap | 19 mei 2015
negarholger | 19 mei 2015

I always though this was cool...

jplasmd | 19 mei 2015

I use Weather Underground ( when traveling along I-10 in the Southwest. Charging is slow and scarce (no SC's) and the winds frequently very strong, so one has to pay attention to wind velocity on I-10. Dozens of home weather stations input data into Wunderground along this route, in real time, and you can see this data on your Tesla's monitor. And Wunderground's 7 day weather forecast charts showing wind speed and direction as it fluctuates throughout the 24 hours of each day is also very helpful for planning trips.

Stiction | 20 mei 2015

Whoa. That site is AWESOME!

steven | 20 mei 2015

I think this one is perfect:

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on the Model S browser :-( Tesla should urgently update their browser to modern standards!

Tropopause | 20 mei 2015

I use the aviation surface winds and pressure chart when I'm planning a road trip. You can choose wind charts from the surface increasing in altitude by 3,000' intervals. Can also choose forecasted hourly times over the next 30 hours.

Lots of other good information too.