Wind noise on driver side door

Wind noise on driver side door

About 2 weeks ago I started hearing a slight wind noise on the driver's side door. It almost sounds like the window isn't rolled all the way up. I've inspected and inspected but the window looks fine, the door fittings are all fine, the moulding is fine. I can't figure out what it is. I checked the back door too and compared with the other side. Has anyone dealt with this? There's definitely something going on but I can't pinpoint it. The closest Tesla service center is about 2 hours away. So I'd like to exhaust my options before I have to take it in.

J.T. | 14 november 2014

@chad From my experiences you might be better off taking it to an approved Tesla body shop with Tesla's permission. (It'll most likely end up there anyway.)

On my car when they took apart the door frame there was a piece of weatherstripping that hadn't had the backing removed so it didn't stay put. This might be why your problem developed instead of it being always present.

What's your VIN. This was more of a problem with builds before 20000.

David Trushin | 14 november 2014

Although not a very common problem, this happens. The window is a little tricky to seat correctly. I don't think a non-tesla place will be able to do better. Why don't you ask them to fix it for you. Maybe they'll send a ranger.

Bighorn | 14 november 2014

The little triangle window can also develop leaks.

vipdoc | 14 november 2014

chad, I have heard the same thing since I got my car. I have told Tesla about it 3 times and they have determined that nothing is wrong. They did adjust the small triangle window like BigHorn mentioned but this did not resolve what I am hearing.
My suggestion is if you take it to Tesla, take an associate for a ride and point out the problem so they know what you are hearing. This is always better since you know how to recreate the issue.
I would love to know if you or Tesla finds a solution.

Bighorn | 14 november 2014

If you live in wintery climes, focal frost development may help pinpoint a leak.

chad | 14 november 2014

J.T., my vin ends in 35038.

Thanks all for you replies. I will keep investigating to make sure it's nothing apparent but will likely have to take it in.

chad | 19 november 2014

Just wanted to update this thread. Tesla must have read this post because I got a call the next day from the service center and they are going to drive 2 hours to me, pick up my car and drop off a loaner, fix it, then bring it back.

A+ service guys. Thank you.

david.baird | 19 november 2014

Tesla Service... Can you ever imagine having to deal with another car company? Yak!!

etn06448 | 26 december 2014

Anyone having any luck about easy fix for the wind noise from the triangular window? I can feel actual wind when driving. Having a hard time coordinating my schedule to bring it in. Thanks.

freemarket | 26 december 2014

Same problem, it's awfully loud too on the highway. Just picked it up in Scottsdale this afternoon, made it to Flagstaff tonight. I did speak with Tesla and they'll have a ranger in Albuquerque call me tomorrow. Hopefully it's a quick fix. I'll let you know what happens.

JGB | 27 december 2014

I noticed the same noise coming up I95 from Baltimore MD, outside temperature was below 40F and speed was 50+. I’ll wait till after the new year then I’ll give the Devon service center a call. I hope that this will be a quick fix.

etn06448 | 28 december 2014

Is this a common problem? Are others just trying to tolerate the noise?

David Trushin | 28 december 2014

If you don't want to have them come and get your car and bring a loaner for you to use, try duct tape.

ROCDOC | 28 december 2014

I also had the triangle window problem in a brand new S85, delivery September 2014, actually could feel cold air coming in when driving at highway speeds. It actually leaked water when the car was washed. When car was in for service, they replaced the window which improved but did not completely fix the problem. I will let them know the next time the car needs to be sent to them.

Madatgascar | 28 december 2014

SC explained to me there is a screw inside the door panel they can use to tighten the fit of the small triangle window against the main window. That fixed my wind noise problem.

Jline | 28 december 2014

I have the same problem with the small triangle window on the drivers side, good to know there may be an adjustment available. When it is cold outside I definitely feel the air on my left hand, never noticed it during warm weather though.

I wonder why Tesla went with frameless windows, is there an advantage to them over traditional windows with a sealing doorframe? I understand why they are necessary on a convertible, and all the Subarus seem to have them as well.

380ponies | 31 januari 2015

I am hearing the same noise too on my brand new S85 delivered in Dec 2014. Looks like a trip to the service center is in store. | 31 januari 2015

I complained about this to my service center, they said that's just the sound it makes....they claimed it was from the 1/8th inch gap between the side view mirror arms and the painted part of the mirror body that swivels when you shut off the car.

They had me fold the mirrors in while driving to show how the wind noise got even louder when the mirrors are folded in.

zwede | 1 februari 2015

Just had a similar noise fixed on my VIN 15K car. My noise came from behind my ear, so not the triangle window. It sounded like a bad B-pillar weatherstrip, but turned out to be the door handle.

Concern: Customer states: I've noticed wind noise, like a bad seal, from the left b-pillar

Corrections: Interior NVH General Diagnosis Perform Interior NVH General Diagnosis; roadtest with second technician using listening device, determined that outer handle is leaking air.

Corrections: Handle - Front Door - Exterior Release - LH -Dismantle and Rebuild
Handle - Front Door - Exterior Release - LH -Dismantle and Rebuild, adjust handle depth, replace handle backing seal. Re roadtest to verify repair.

Parts Replaced or Added
Part Quantity

Land of Texas | 8 maart 2015

I have the same problem. The service center has been very nice and tried three times to fix it and no luck so far. The last time it was so obvious that the service tech took 10 seconds to tell me that he heard it too. I somethings think i am going crazy. If it wasn't right in my ear I would not care but it is so annoying and it always hits worst at 72 miles per hour. So hopefully I am going back again on Wednesday for number four. Hopefully this will be the last and last and final time, I so hope.

DJung | 8 maart 2015

Same here, took at to Service twice already but they always tell me that the wind noise is "within the levels of tolerance" and it's the turbulence of the mirrors (I tried folding the mirrors at high speed and noise persisted). It gets pretty loud at around 75 mph, and you can feel cold air coming in through the driver's window near the B-pillar. Hopefully I can attempt another fix, and possibly I'll take a drive with a tech.

Land of Texas | 8 maart 2015

@DJung keep me in the loop on anything you find out so that we can work the situation together. Maybe we can obtain a final solution together from Tesla.

DJung | 8 maart 2015

@Land, sure thing. I just got my tires rotated about a month ago so I have no idea when I'll be going back to service. It gets really loud when going into headwinds. They did tell me they readjusted the small triangular glass section near the A pillar but it hasn't solved my issue with noise. I don't remember the wind noise being loud when I first took delivery in November.

freemarket | 8 maart 2015

I replied to this thread on Dec 26th. The night I got the car.
Since then a tesla ranger made his way to my house and did a great job of fixing it.
He took the whole panel off the door and adjusted the camber of the drivers side front triangular pane of glass.
We went for a drive and it was noticeably quieter. You could still notice some air leakage in the corner, but it was equal across drivers and passenger side. Looking at the engineering of the doors and the seals, I don't think it can get much better.

Land of Texas | 9 maart 2015

@DJung, Thanks.

Land of Texas | 11 juli 2015

Well here I am in July 2015 and Tesla has replaced many parts including the widow and the seals for a total of 5 visits. The noise is still there but at this point I am so tired of taking it in, I guess I will have to accept that there is a window noise. Does not seem like the right thing but unless there is an absolute fix in the future from someone on this thread I guess that is that. Please let me know if someone finds an answer.

priustech | 11 juli 2015

I noticed a slight uptick in wind noise. Not a problem but just slightly more noticeable. Could be perception on my part. It's more important in an EV to get fitting perfect as noises are relatively more noticeable without an ICE rumble. The Prius drove me crazy the first few months I had it, as each iteration had its own unique noises in the various modes of operation.

Land of Texas | 12 september 2015

I still have the noise and am taking in again tomorrow. Hopefully this will be last time and a miracle will fix things. If it was not right in my ear I would not care. I almost wan to duct tape the window shut and see if that helps. Will keep you all in the loop on the potential fix but I am not hopeful at this point. I think Tesla needs to redesign the whole door and give us the upgrade.

Woo | 14 oktober 2015

@Land of Texas Were you able to get your issue resolved? Experiencing the same thing on the driver side, and the SC replaced the seals on both the driver and passenger doors and now I get the the noise from both sides!

aaam | 15 oktober 2015

My Model S (delivered Dec 2014) not only has terrible wind noise both on driver and passenger side but also loud wind turbulence. It starts at 50-55 mph but is truly annoying at 70 mph +. I also have water drop leak from my panoramic roof. I have had SC check the wind noise 3 times but it has not improved, in fact worsened. I am scheduled to take it to SC 4th time on Oct 20. There definitely is a serious problem and they are unable to solve it thus far. I am really frustrated and upset and cannot accept living with this constant irritant. Please help me solve this issue once and for all.

jason | 6 november 2015

Hi everyone. Collected my P85D on Tuesday after a 6 month wait and loving it already. When my wife drove it, I noticed a significant amount of wind noise on the passenger side at higher speeds.
Sounds like door mirror, door seal, or maybe the triangle glass many of you have mentioned.
No sign of it from the drivers side, so I doubt is natural wind noise from the wing mirror. Next outing I'll have a closer listen and feel.

jason | 26 februari 2016

Finally cured the wind noise on our passenger side. The door was out of alignment, sitting around 5mm proud of the front wing up near the wing mirror. Service centre adjusted it and cured the problem. Still get wind noise, but nothing really bad.

derekpgreen | 18 juni 2016

Hello everybody. My car is Jun 2014 S85 with pano roof. I noticed the notice for sometime now and like others thought it was just my perception. After driving other cars, loaners and things which were infinitely quieter, I realized there was an issue. So, after months I finally took it in and they said it was probably a side window issue. They replace seals etc and now actually the noise is worse. They also suggested that since I'd had the windshield replaced that I go to the body shop and ask them.....getting frustrated with this. Has Tesla come up with a definitive fix? I've driven other Teslas/loaners with no such issue at all....noticeably quieter. So I feel it is a unique issue to some vehicles.

Copythat23 | 18 juni 2016

Do you have the 21 inch wheels and the loaner possibley had the 19". That makes a lot of difference. The 21" are loud loud loud!

Land of Texas | 6 juli 2016

Ok, the noise is back again. It is driving me crazy. I wish it was not in my ear and I would not mind it as much. The Service Center has been great about the issue but I am tired of taking it in. I am wondering if Tesla Engineering has looked at this. They need to come up with a final solution and maybe recall the car to fix it.

TesMD | 6 juli 2016

@Land of Texas
Sorry to hear about the this problem. So, I had this issue as well but the service center was unable to fix it on the first try. My driver window noise had nothing to do with the window but had to do with the rubber seal around the upper joint of the driver door. The rubber was loose in the triangular portion near the upper door joint and therefore wind was coming into the cabin with the associated noise. Once, I figured this out, I place some insulating foam in there to re-create the seal and noise was completely gone. Not sure if this is your issue, but worth a try.

Land of Texas | 6 juli 2016

Thanks for getting back to me on this one. Would you be able to take a picture of the foam that you have installed so that I can do the same.

TesMD | 6 juli 2016

@ Land of Texas

So, the foam I bought is Rubberfoam weather seal from Home Depot. I took some pics of where I placed the foam and more than happy to email them to you. I never bother to learn how to post pics here. You can email me at and more than happy to send you those pics.