window exercise

window exercise

Hardly anybody ever in my car except me, and even rarer to have anyone in the back seat. Lowered the rear right window yesterday for some extra air. When I went to raise it, it got stuck about 4-5" in the up position. Toggling the appropriate switch only induced it to raise or lower about an inch. Got someone to gently tug it upward while I held the switch in position and it went right up. Works fine ever since.

If you don't use certain windows a lot, it might be a good idea to raise and lower them a couple of a times every few weeks.

buickguy | 8 juli 2015

Even with years of no use, it should still work. Therefore, there is a problem with the window channeling, the window motor, or the window regulator. I recommend you ask Tesla service to check it out. Your 50,000 mile warranty should cover this.

renwo S alset | 8 juli 2015

Had the same problem, have SC replace the motor.