Window Gremlin and Yesterday's Roadtrip

Window Gremlin and Yesterday's Roadtrip

So I had been stressing about the SJC SC opening to ease a day trip I was planning on taking yesterday from SD to Ontario. I had a number of back up plans in place since the SC didn't open. The trip went well. The summary is below.

But first, a mention of the window gremlin. I've had the MS for just over a month, and notice that the front passenger window will spontaneously go down. It's usually when the car is in park and I'm sitting waiting to pick up kids and I thought maybe it was cooling off the interior. But last night it happened as we were going down the freeway. My daughter was asleep in the passenger seat so couldn't have inadvertently touched anything. This has happened 4 or 5 times since I've had the car. I almost never use the A/C so the window isn't responding to that. Any ideas? I'll call Tesla service tomorrow, but frankly the idea of being without the car for any length of time is too disheartening to me to consider taking it in for such a minor issue.

San Diego to Ontario and Back:

Close to range charged to 206 miles just prior to departure. Range mode. 75 degrees on the way up. No A/C (just vented the pano), drove with cruise control up to about 72 mph. Approx. 300 pounds of cargo. Arrived 102 mies later with 99 miles remaining. Fair amount of elevation changes (over 1,000 feet).

Easily found a free, open J1772 on plugshare at Kohl's Ontario, 30A. Shopped at Kohl's and ate lunch. (Spent $ at Kohl's that I never would have without the charger being available=good business plan for them). Got 48 miles in 2hrs, 20 minutes. Moved S60 to the convention center where it sat for 7 hours with temps dropping to 58 degrees. Lost 3 rated miles while parked. Left Ontario with 141 miles. Side trip to In-N-Out, arrived home with 33 miles after driving 107 miles.

So lost less than 10 miles of rated range while driving over 200 miles and parking for >7 hours. All in all a simple, relaxing, stress free trip!

J.T. | 26 januari 2014

@crmohler Sorry about the problem, but you should have contacted service the first time it happened. It might be a software glitch or perhaps a ranger visit and you're done. Whatever, imagine it happening during a serious thunderstorm.

SamO | 26 januari 2014

SJC looks so close. It would really open up a bunch of great drives.

TrojanTesla | 26 januari 2014

You might just look to see how your leg is resting on the door. I have at least twice had the passenger windows lower as a result of my leg pushing the button down...

tes-s | 26 januari 2014 | 26 januari 2014

Where is the SJC Supercharger? To us "SJC" in California is the designation for the San Jose Airport, and with Superchargers nearby at Fremont, CA, I suspect you're talking about a different location?

LithionSD | 26 januari 2014

@TeslaTap, they are talking about the San Juan Capistrano SC. It confused me the first few times too.

Having that one open will definitely help the San Diegans do LA trips without a lot of contingency planning.

crmohler | 26 januari 2014

All of the previous times the window came down I figured it was because my leg was by the controls. Last night I'm positive it was not. I have been driving long distances with my left leg straight out with my foot on the rest there. My leg was not bent and was not touching the door at all.

But just to make sure it's not operator error (as it has been every other time I thought there was a glitch in the MS), I will wait and see if it happens one more time. Luckily, in SoCal, the risk of thunderstorms is low. :-)