Winter vs Sensors

Winter vs Sensors

Got my Tesla S85 at the end of november, new set of winter tires last week.
Live near Montreal so you know it's going to be quite cold for a while here.
I also have the habit of leaving my car outside, all the time, all year.
Just got accustomed to start heating my car before using it to prevent the regenerative breaking of disengaging.
I have the tech pack with the parking sensors, radar and camera, waiting for the Autopilot features to arrive.

We just received our first real snowstorm today with sticky thick snow and I had a few surprises with my car:
-You have to remove ALL the snow/ice from the car, because if some snow slide down the windshield it will block
the camera...and the car will tell you that the speed assist is not functionning because...the camera is blocked!
-You have to remove ALL the snow/ice from the sensors, otherwise the car will tell you that there is an obstacle or
object near your car.
-If you don't take notice of the warning telling you NOT to back up (because of the snow on your sensors) and
you back up anyway....the Park assist will be disabled and the car is telling you to contact Tesla service!!!!

I will call them tomorrow, but I finally think that my Tesla will be more comfy in the garage during the winter.

sbeggs | 10 december 2014


So, who's winning?

(Winter...or Sensors)?

doughow311 | 10 december 2014

How do you charge if you leave your car outside all the time?

JackClark | 10 december 2014

@ doughow311

The HPWC installation manual says that it can be installed outdoors with the following caveat: "Do not use the High Power Wall Connector when you, the vehicle, or the High Power Wall Connector is exposed to severe rain, snow, electrical storm, or other inclement weather."

ElectricSteve | 11 december 2014

Every car I ever drove that has a "radar" or other type of sensor meant for "distance control" etc., had problems as soon as snow and ice built up on the front of the car. The radar-dome gets covered and does not work anymore etc. etc. etc.

But is this a problem? My opinion is that if you drive in that kind of shitty weather, you DO NOT want to be using cruise-control or any other type of "driving aids" because you must be able to act very fast when things go awry. You are prone to react slower if the car "does things for you".

mgboyes | 11 december 2014

If you turn off speed assist do the messages about the blocked camera go away?

I don't recall if there's an option to disable the parking sensors. If there is, does that also fix those warnings?

clomi | 11 december 2014

Winter is winning, hands down. The car is now in the garage.

I already had a 240V connector in my garage and I installed a 240V connector outside just in case I couldn't get in the garage. It's not a permanent installation or High Power Wall Connector.

I don't use the cruise-control in shitty weather, but Park assist is nice to have, all the time.

For the disabled parking sensors, I have to contact Tesla service.

sbeggs | 11 december 2014

@clomi, that's funny. You are a realist.

lmorelli | 11 december 2014

I believe you can definately disable the parking sensor chimes. Should be in Controls.

clomi | 11 december 2014

I did a reset of my car this morning, everything is working fine, including the parking sensors and Park Assist who are functional again. The reset didn't change anything in the weather, snow is still falling...

Hoping it could help other Wildlings like me!

Anthony J. Parisio | 11 december 2014

Well we better find something to reset the weather!!!!!

Ruby110 | 11 december 2014

We were parked outside this weekend connected to a 14-50 outlet. When I went to drive the car I had the same sensor problem and I also had a chargeport problem. The UMC was connected and the port door got iced. I had to chip away the ice in order close it completely.

No big deal. Better than having it frozen closed. As I was walking to the car I wondered if the door handles would present. They did. Any suggestions on what to do if they hadn't?

PatT | 11 december 2014

Owning an EV does increase the value of a garage. Especially during incitement weather.

Bighorn | 11 december 2014

Pre-heating the cabin may make the handles more likely to present if they're thoroughly iced. I think they're pretty robust though.

Ruby110 | 11 december 2014

@Bighorn, Good point. I had preheated so maybe that helped. I should have heated for a longer time or to a higher setting to help with the ice on the windshield and rear window. The ice was only about a 1/4" so it wasn't too bad.

Brian H | 11 december 2014

Tap lightly on the ice layer to weaken it? The opening force was increased to be able to burst ¼" of solid ice last winter, IIRC.

Haggy | 11 december 2014

My car has gotten the blocked camera message at least three times, all in clear weather. I asked service about it, but they didn't seem to do anything about it. I think they even forgot to jot down the complaint because when I spoke to them later, I mentioned it as one of the items on my list, and when I got the car back, there was no mention of it on the paperwork.

The first time, my wife got it. She didn't know what it meant, or even where the camera was, but she tried cleaning the windshield and the message went away. I got the message some time after that, and also cleaned the windshield. Shortly after that, in less than a few hours, I got the message again. I didn't get out to look at the windshield, but the car was fairly clean and I didn't drive into anything. Neither of us had CC turned on and it wasn't a time when parking sensors would have been relevant.

Brian H | 12 december 2014


1BadNerd | 12 december 2014

@clomi, I also got the "Parking Assist disabled. Contact Tesla Service," but after knocking ice off the sensors that message went away. I think if you have snow or ice on the sensors, you'll get that message and it doesn't mean you really need service. If you don't have ice, snow or something else covering the sensors and you get that message, then clearly it would need service.