Yep, the new P85D Low is the old Standard ride height

Yep, the new P85D Low is the old Standard ride height

I suspected my new P85D's always low settings were not as low as Low used to be. The P85D measures (with four rims in tires stuffed in the back)-
2015 P85D with 19" rims/tires on "Always Low"
29 0/16...........29 2/16
28 14/16.........28 14/16

The following is from a post I did way back when comparing the P+ to my wife's S85 on coil springs. It looks like the new Low is the old Standard.

Here are my ride heights. My P+ has lowering links so I should be a tad below stock for both Standard and Low. I would appreciate it if others could add their ride heights so we can see if Tesla is reasonably consistent. I measured by dropping a tape measure to the ground, through the center of the wheel center cap and then used a small stick under the wheel arch to "bring out" the bottom of the wheel arch at its highest point.
All measurements are in
Left Front Right Front
Left Rear Right Rear
Lowered P+
Low Setting
27 11/16...... 27 10/16
27 12/16...... 27 15/16
Standard Setting
28 15/16...... 28 4/16
28 15/16...... 29 0/16
S85 Coil Spring
29 6/16...... 29 8/16
29 10/16.... 29 8/16

tezzla.SoCal | 20 januari 2015

I knew it! My P85D seems to be about an inch higher in LOW mode. It looked so much better on low on my P85.

Pbfoot | 20 januari 2015

Aarrgh. Wishing I had ordered my soon-to-arrive wheels in 21" rather than 20". | 20 januari 2015

thinking about a 3" lift kit for my Tesla...and add hydraulics for effect only, of course.

Pbfoot | 20 januari 2015

Does this mean that the 'Very High' setting is higher now as well?

carlk | 20 januari 2015

I wonder what effects on range this has.

ElectricSteve | 21 januari 2015

@ carlk

According to Björn Nyland's video on wetube, there is a 5 to 6% between "low @ 100 km/h" and "standard @ 130 km/h".

At sub-hihgway speeds, the difference is neglible.

Btw: i noticed that update 6.1 has reset my "always low" setting to the factory default of "low @ 160 km/h".

ElectricSteve | 21 januari 2015

Low at both 100 and 130km/h i meant.

Damn lack of a edit function grmbl...