Speaker upgrade- word to the wise

Speaker upgrade- word to the wise

I upgraded my door speakers, and the sound was worth it- both in volume and clarity. After the upgrade, I noticed the door panels coming off at the back- at the B and C Pillar. I took them off, nothing blocking and put them back on, same result. Took it to the shop for something else and was told that the plastic clips are single use- they have a 55 gallon drum of them at the service center. They were kind enough to supply me with new ones and I am going to install them myself although they offered at the shop.

So, if you upgrade your speakers or take the door panels off for anything, be aware. Service tech told me that the pressure is so snug on the doors that even the slight degradation from removing them makes the clips unstable.

Big ups to the St. Louis service center by the way. They go out of their way to be helpful- the tech I usually get has been there longer than any of the sales people and really knows the cars, plus he is a car guy and loves what he does. We are lucky to have him!

djlew8 | 1 mei 2018

Would you please post the details....speaker specifics and source? Thanks much.
Any other sound recommendations?

Sefar | 2 mei 2018

Sorry, I got the Light Harmonic door speakers, no amp or subwoofer | 2 mei 2018

Here's my writeup for the upgrading the rear door speakers and sources:

cleanhp | 2 mei 2018

Sefar do you have the UHFS option?

Anthony J. Parisio | 3 mei 2018

Wow Sefar thank you for the heads up. Now I am prepared for something that would have really frustrated me. I hate doing things that end up unfinished or incorrect.

Shirosan | 3 mei 2018

+1 on the "single use clips" and speaker information.

Babaron | 3 mei 2018

Very good know as I was thinking do do this. Thx!

bstookey3219 | 3 mei 2018

I somewhat question this. I had a mobile service tech at my house a few months ago for my May 2017 S to fix ratlling in the car. This involved him remvoing all 4 door panels to check for snugness of components and such. He did NOT replace any clips holding the door panels on, and I have no issues with my door panels coming "off." Either you damaged them, or there was a change in the production. I've never heard or seen how door panel clips could be single use. Sounds a bit ridiculous.

dborn | 4 mei 2018

The clips they use all over are very tight indeed. I can see that they might work loose with repeated uses since the plastic ones will lose a shaving, and the metal ones will lose some springiness. However, I would not say it is an absolute, having removed and replaced my dashboard to install new decorative trims.i had no issues with looseness afterwards though. | 4 mei 2018

I've done quite a few door panel removals on my first and 2nd S. Never broke a clip or got any rattles. I think the key is to use a proper pry tool and not put any side pressure when removing the panel. That said, the newer door panels are quite a bit tighter than older ones, and does require quite a bit of force to release a panel. I can see it being possible to break a clip on removal. For those removing the door - very important - remove the three bolts first! Instructions are in my link above.

Robotpedlr | 4 mei 2018

The clips (for most of the body panels) are the same as Toyota clips which you can get easily off of Amazon

Sefar | 4 mei 2018

@gwilliam I do not have any upgraded sound system, I assume that is what you are asking.

I have never had problems with other internal clips failing after removal, but the service tech said the door panels are different due to the pressure when you close the doors, etc and because you pull the door closed by the panel which has bolts but still relies on the clips to some extent. I only notice the gap below the window by the B and C pillar but it is on every door.

zerocooling | 3 juni 2019

Local shops usually asked me more than $2000 for Sound deadening and custom brackets. So I made it by myself.