Tesla Model 3 sunshade

Tesla Model 3 sunshade

Hi, has anyone found a good quality sunshade similar to the Genuine Porsche OEM Macan Sunshadefolding sunshade?
I did try the $6 Amazon Basics XL sunshade but it's a few inches too long in width and maybe 6-8 inches too short in height

UPDATE: 5/2/2018

The Covercraft UVS100 sunshade is perfect since it is rigid, folds flat with a smooth reflective front and softback. Yikes it comes out to $88 including tax and shipping:

This Ultimate Reflector seems to fold similar to Covercraft with 7 layers but doesn't look as smooth:

UPDATE: 8/17/2018

I’ve been using the Covercraft UVS100 sunshade for about 3 months, I was able to purchase it for $65 after they waived the shipping cost. First off this sunshade is huge! Because our Model 3 windshield is huge! I have trouble putting the sunshade up because of the size and when I store it on the floor in the back seat the passengers it gets stepped on by passengers. When putting it up or removing it, your front passenger will have to help or duck out of the way. When I removed it trying to not scratch the dash the sunshade has created small cracks. Also, the edges are slightly fraying, not a big deal as long as it doesn’t get any worse. I’ve never spent this much on sunshade but expect Covercraft to be a premium brand. On the bright side, it’s a great custom fit, and it definitely helps to block out the heat! But if you have passengers in the back often you may have to keep this sunshade in your trunk.

I do like the Covercraft sunshade, but the Intro-Tech Ultimate Reflector was lighter and included a carrying case for around $60

JustSaying | 1 mei 2018

We just got this one today from Amazon;"The Original Heatshield, Tesla 3 Sedan 2018, Silver Series Sunshade" It was the only one I found that actually had a picture of it installed in a Model 3 and it has the proper rear view mirror cut out.
BTW the Tesla overhead OEM sunshade works great, but we will give them both a test this weekend in Rancho Mirage CA with the weather forecasted at a sunny with a high of106 on Sunday.

Daryl | 1 mei 2018

@evensteven and @JustSaying:
I've been looking for a sunshade too. I don't like those you listed because they won't fold flat and go under the seat. Although those thicker ones do a better job of blocking the sun and heat, I don't like that there is no place to store them except maybe in the back seat or passenger seat. Too bulky.
And I considered the Amazon Basics XL sunshade, but could see that it's measurements weren't quite right; definitely too wide.

That is for the sunroof, not the windshield.

JustSaying | 1 mei 2018

Agreed bulky ,but very effective , quick to install and then after use roll up and throw in the back seat. We do use the vinyl sticky film things on the back side windows to shade the dogs seat.

hughja2222 | 1 mei 2018

I bought this on Amazon and it's solid.
Maybe the same one justsaying was saying.

gbb0131 | 2 mei 2018

Saw this one advertised the other day. They have the one for the windshield as well as one for the roof..

jordanrichard | 2 mei 2018

Go to any auto parts store and buy a jumbo or "extra-jumbo" size shade that collapses into a circle. It will then fit neatly between the center console and the seat or you can simply place in the seat pocket behind the passenger's seat.

Do not buy anything that is "made especially for....." "Especially" is Latin for $$$$$$

sroh | 2 mei 2018

I've always used Heatshield shades specifically fit to cars and bought one for our 3. Works great. $40 is not unreasonable.

But I really like @jordanrichard's idea of getting one that collapses into a small circle. The Heatshield is big and bulky when rolled up.

lilbean | 2 mei 2018

I just got mine at the local auto supply store. It’s the kind that collapses into a flat circle. Make sure to get super jumbo.

Cactusone | 2 mei 2018

Hurry, they are back in stock!

jordanrichard | 2 mei 2018

Hell one could use a piece of cardboard....... You just need anything that blocks the sun, it doesn't need to be made out of any type of "special material".

mwenn1 | 2 mei 2018

I got this one, it fits great.

evensteven | 2 mei 2018

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, leaning towards trying Heat shield

maiaL | 18 juli 2018

Any of those shade with a front camera cut out so the camera can still see outside?

nwfan | 19 juli 2018

I also ordered the sunscreen from Tesla for my M3.
It helps. I settled on the Heatshield for both S and 3.
No complaints.

rjp | 15 augustus 2018

FWIW, has the "Coverking Custom Sunshade" for $30 and they have Tesla Model 3 as an option. I have ordered one today and will report back (if I remember) on how it fits.

jamespompi | 15 augustus 2018

I ordered this one, its made to order in CA and im pretty happy with it.

dc.dallas | 15 augustus 2018

Ordered my CoverCraft UVS100. I’ve had one on my past three cars and it’s been amazing. Perfect custom fit, easy to unfold and place, easy to fold and store, looks really sharp, and really helps keep the car from melting in TX heat.

neil.weinstock | 15 augustus 2018

I cheaped out and got the Kinderfluff spring-shade ( for nine bucks and change. Since I'm very accustomed to that kind shade (have been using them for years and years) it's easy, and stores nicely wedged between the passenger seat and the center console.

Quality of that particular unit is fine but not spectacular. It'll do.

evensteven | 17 augustus 2018

@rjp do you have a link to the Costco coverking?

4barkie | 17 augustus 2018

I have the gigantic Covercraft shade. It fits without any gaps at all. That being said its huge and difficult to put up. I don't have passengers so it lives on the back seat when not in use. I have been using it for about 1 1/2 months and don't have any scratches or marks on the dash and no fraying of the shade itself.
Knowing all that if I had to do it again I might not have purchased it.

TimHyatt | 10 januari 2019

found this custom but cheap sunshade for Model 3

ebmcs03 | 31 maart 2019

@TimHyatt How do you like it. For $19. That’s not bad. Does it stay on without the suction cups? Flimsy?

billlake2000 | 31 maart 2019

Yeah, the picture sure makes it look good.

Jkluong | 1 april 2019

@ebmcs03. I got this sunshade at Taptes when it was on sale for $15 a few months ago. It fits really well ans stay on the windshield even without those suction cups. The sun visors will hold it up without issue. The only thing is it will take over 3 weeks to get them shipped here to the US...

woodbr85 | 10 juni 2019

Has anyone had a chance to put their sunshades to the test? Its approaching the ~100s here in socal and would like feedback. Ideally looking for one that collapes into a circle, but if there is a noticable difference in the bulkier ones, id like to weigh options.

goddesavatar | 10 juni 2019

I can suggest you to buy
My wife is happy,give a shot if you want to.

goddesavatar | 10 juni 2019

Here is the picture:

Quinten | 11 juni 2019

@ evensteven,

I do had order this model but got the blue color to match my Model 3's color. It is big and I order my with a bag and had my for over 4 or 5 months. I don't like the bag as it fit very tightly. I do wish they would add a upgrade feature by adding in a zipper 1/4 of the way to make it easy to slide in and out with the shade. One way to help is to fold both end flip inward to slide it in the bag. Another great locate to put is on the rear back window but make it hard to get the shade when needed. You will have to get outside and go the the rear door to get it.

Another location if you don't rear passagers is to just lay it down on the rear floor. This make it easier to get it.