Anyone else experience terrible delivery of their model 3?

Anyone else experience terrible delivery of their model 3?

1. Everyone else took delivery of their car on a carpeted "bay" area. My car was off to the side in a dark area. And then later moved to an even darker service bay area so that the cars on the carpets could drive off.
2. Delivery Advisor didn't even show up to the delivery. Got a customer experience specialist who knew nothing about the car.
3. Two one inch gashes on both sides of the car on the chrome trim above the windows.
4. Keycard wouldn't work about 90% of the time.
5. Delivery advisor wouldn't even come out to talk to me. I didn't take delivery.

My questions: Anyone else experience such sub par service? Anyone else not take delivery? And if so, what is the next step in the process and how long does it take to get a car to you.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 20 mei 2018

Everyone that has a 'terrible delivery experience' will certainly post here about it. Perhaps 0.001% of those that have a 'wonderful delivery experience' will post here about it. Squeaky wheels squeak.

RadOne | 20 mei 2018

@ReD. Are you inferring it is acceptable for the occasional bad experience? In my business, every customer deserves the best service. I don't tell them it is ok because it only happens sometimes. Tesla probably thinks so also. I would call corporate customer service.

PhillyGal | 20 mei 2018

I'm sorry you dealt with that. Very rare as ReD said but sounds to me like one of their signs of growing pains. Doesn't make it any easier that you were the one person who suffered (just like the forum member whose car was dropped off a carrier) but Tesla almost always has excellent service so I'm sure they'll get you your car - scratches buffed - quickly.

DCguy | 20 mei 2018

@RadOne Thanks. I've only asked for my delivery advisor's supervisor information but will be calling corporate customer service if my issues aren't corrected. @PhillyGal Hope it was growing pains and that not many people feel like second class Tesla owners shuttled off to the side. Has everyone received their model 3 already?? And if so, does your keycard work all of the time??

vmulla | 20 mei 2018

Let's talk about growing pains. Remember I posted about my own botched delivery experience? That was 4 months ago. That was one of the first cars delivered out of Tyson's, so ok we can say they didn't have enough experience with M3. But after 4 months?
The circumstances were completely different, but the common issue is pre-delivery inspection.
The service team went over and beyond to please me for a botched delivery experience.

They're all the same company. But we should rate each department separately. Delivery folks need to step up their game - atleast for quality checks

lilbean | 20 mei 2018

I’ll admit we were a bit disappointed. I was taking video of our walk to the car and the car was next to another family taking delivery of their S. So our video documented them while lilblue was in the corner. Nobody puts lilblue in the corner!!! We were really annoyed and sad. I wish the delivery lady waited until the area was clear. That family was on our space and blocking our car. We had to stand there and wait until they got out of the way. Totally anticlimactic and a little chilly in the gut.

lilbean | 20 mei 2018

Punch not chilly.

vmulla | 20 mei 2018

BTW I had A key card issue, they replaced the sensor in the B pillar. They also replaced one of the 2 key cards.
Your problem could be completely different.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 20 mei 2018

RadOne: I implied nothing. You may infer what you will. No matter how inaccurate.

RadOne | 20 mei 2018

@ReD. Perhaps I misinterpreted. What does "squeaky wheels squeak" mean?

Tesla-David | 20 mei 2018

We had exceptional experience regarding our M3 delivery at Seattle SC. Three months in, we absolutely love our new M3.

MarylandS85 | 20 mei 2018

Ditto with our delivery experience in Baltimore/Owings Mills. Superb.

david.dber | 20 mei 2018

Great experience at Bellevue WA Tesla. Fantastic.

jgundling | 20 mei 2018

My experience was good, but rushed. I think we were given about 8 min with the car before we were rushed to do paperwork and find the car was moved outside. Granted we probably could have stayed as long as we liked after, but who wants to go over their car in the hot sun.

spuzzz123 | 20 mei 2018

Nope. Great here.

mos6507 | 20 mei 2018

[What does "squeaky wheels squeak" mean?]

He's saying that issues are rare (i.e. only those with issues post threads). On the flipside, you can just as well say "where there's smoke, there's fire", that those who post about their issues are the tip of a larger iceberg.

I don't see how it's heartening to see these threads pop up here like clockwork, though.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 20 mei 2018

mos666: The 'clockwork' posts are typically those who, like you, punch a clock to begin their daily trolling by copying snippets from legitimate posts to Astroturf that there is a larger, underlying 'problem' that is a fundamental indicator of impending DOOM for Tesla. The problems that occur get fixed. You admit this yourself inadvertently simply by complaining of the money Tesla spends on warranty repairs. Never mind thst warranty repairs have been an industry standard ever since Lee Iacocca began his marketing campaign touting bumper-to-bumper coverage of Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Eagle, and Jeep vehicles over thirty years ago. Chrysler went out of business about a decade ago not because of their warranty plans, but because no one was buying their crap cars if they could help it. Darned new fangled internet thingie allowing direct access to accurate information and stuff by the public at large... Used to be you could get away with polishing a turd and selling it for a profit...

Oh, wait... Did I mention that you suck?

katenok17 | 20 mei 2018

We went today and got super disappointed about the process. We live in Mountain View, so our delivery spot is at Fremont.
We were welcomed and asked to wait. Later we were offered to look at our vehicle and even take some pictures with it while it was parked inside. My husband’s immediate question was “let’s do inspection first”, he doesn’t like to be ahead of the game with this kind of things. We were told we need to do the paperwork first, while the car is being valeted up front. We were kind of surprised and asked again to have inspection first, but were told again to sign all the papers first and that this is the process. Ok, we did...I have set up everything to be ready with my insurance few days before, but have not approved the changes yet. I was asked to call my insurance and finalize it. I did. And now comes inspection: chipped paint, uneven glass, dust under the paint (possible bubbles in the future). We called the representative and said that this is not acceptable condition of the new vehicle. We were asked to wait and the car was valeted to the back for the detailing. 30 minutes later we were asked to come outside again. We were kind of shocked: they just painted the chips with some kind of color-matched marker. Is it even legal??? The car should be repainted! We were offered 2 options: take the car to the service center in a week, or wait for another car. We denied this one and have been matched with another VIN on Wed. Meanwhile we got a Model S loaner.
Honestly, we came home with such a heavy feeling, both of us...we were waiting for 2 years, drove inconveniently for the couple last months with a newborn in the old car. For some reason believing we will get a high quality product for 50+k...And the cherry on top was to hear “We cannot guarantee the car you are getting on Wednesday will be perfect”. I wish Elon Musk heard this. I am sorry, but you have at least make sure it looks perfect and there are no obvious chips and issues. Where is the quality control? So upset, and now we’ll have to take off Wed to go again and hope there are no issues with the next one.
Btw, we were not the only people with the issues: the guy next to us complained about uneven doors, for the guy behind us the stop light were not working and we overheard another person denied the car as we did.

BrickHouse | 20 mei 2018

You at least got to see the car, given a loaner and an ETA of Wednesday. I was not given any of those and was asked not to come to DC. Did you make full payment for the car?

katenok17 | 20 mei 2018

Yes, we brought the cashier's check which they haven't gave us back, or any of the paperwork.

cornellio | 20 mei 2018

Nope, went fine for me, probably the best car buying experience I've had. I like how it was very chill, but they could have covered more detail in showing the car controls. She just covered the basics and rushed a bit. I didn't push them on doing a thorough inspection inside, as I couldn't see it that well. Only outside in the sun after the paperwork could I look it over carefully. Luckily it is nearly flawless.

I told her it was a major test of patience waiting for the car. She thanked me for my patience.

katenok17, sorry about your mishap. I picked up at Fremont 4 days before you. Hopefully cases like yours are rare.

RadOne | 20 mei 2018

@ReD. Why the hostility? Ever think about taking an angry management course or changing your meds? Chill.

mos6507 | 20 mei 2018

"@ReD. Why the hostility?"

The anger stage of denial, of course.

That cars are being manhandled so badly that they can't even make it to the Fremont delivery center unblemished is shocking. Tesla's workforce are like bulls in a China shop.

rainismine | 20 mei 2018

I took delivery yesterday in Fremont and was anxious because of all the stories I've read here. Luckily for me, the experience was great, and I went home with an amazing car. Still europhoric. Will write a longer review later.

vmulla | 20 mei 2018

Bad delivery experiences are to be expected, not every interaction with Tesla can be superb.
However, I'm seeing a common thread amongst all the reported bad deliveries,
1) that pre-delivery inspection was falling short
2) the delivery consultants are inexperienced
Both are totally avoidable.

And, this process of doing paperwork first has to stop. I didn't like it one bit when I had to do it. We waited for 2yrs and put faith in Tesla, give us a moment to inspect the car before we sign.

mlim168 | 27 mei 2018

We had a disappointing experience with the M3 delivery at Fremont, CA. We found paint defect on the hood and rear of the black M3. We saw another new black M3 outside the delivery center and it has a perfect mirror finish. Tesla tried to correct the defects by detailing but it didn't cut it. At the end, we refused to accept the car and requested another one with the same spec and color. We were told the wait is 6-8 weeks. This is so frustrating. We also waited for over 2 years and put faith in Tesla. We stood in line for over 4 hours on 3/31/016 to make our reservations. I am hoping Tesla will live up to my expectations. Do the right thing and deliver an M3 without blemish or defects.

leewalker10 | 27 mei 2018

We had a great experience

billlake2000 | 27 mei 2018

I stood in line 26 hours. Well, I sat a little, and laid down a little. And now I are driving a Tesla.

Atoms | 27 mei 2018

I hope people who don’t have a good delivery experience just refuse acceptance. The only way things improve beyond really good to the excellent is setting clear expectations. No reason to fuss or complain. Life is not prefect. See this as an opportunity to improve Tesla and it’s people. Elon can’t watch everything. Customers have a responsibility too.

GAGSTESLA | 27 mei 2018

Probably why previous owners got theirs first. For my S four years ago and now the 3 (in December), I already knew my paperwork had to be done first. I had read enough on the car to know if it was not right, Tesla would make it so. I have never had a better buying experience (no dealers and that frustration to deal with) than what I have had with both cars.

snm3 | 28 mei 2018

Include me in the club of bad experiences. My Model 3 buying experience was more akin to buying a used car at a shady used car dealer, nothing like premium car dealers of my experience at BMW and Audi.

First guy who was trying to get me to sign paper work and push of problem has no clue any feature or how they work. That I am ok with, but every problem identified, like example Charging door extremely out of alignment, answer was it is with-in spec!! Really show me the spec. Damage to bumper paint, damage to alloy wheels, they forgot to enable EAP(There are quite few issues). When I asked him to note the defects of those things so that they can be rectified later, he kept threatening me that I should skip delivery, and should wait for another may be 6-8 weeks knowing I would lose my State sales tax credit if I do that. Instead of trying to note down the issue to address, he is really sleazy.

When I asked him some clarification questions about tax rate as I commonly get refund checks from DOL because tax charged is incorrect for my address, he simply walked away. No I am not kidding, he just walked away showing annoyance on his face. Think of premium car sales man walking away to fully paid customer for 60K!!?

Later, Delivery manager came and he claims that is how they are doing taxes, still does not explain why I had to give some special POA for registering (have not done that ever before).

I could not believe, car has so many inconsistent panel gaps, alignment issues, and even damage, and they did not even bother to do a pre-inspection despite car has been sitting there for more than 2 weeks. Yes, Car came to delivery center early, but they did not have slot for delivery window (atleast as per Sales rep I worked with). No wonder Monroe associates said what they said about build quality. But it seems it is luck of the draw, couple of my other friend got delivery, one earlier than me, one later. But those were not as bad, nonetheless no vehicle is same, each has unique issues of their own, but at least not damaged paint, wheels, or misaligned charge port etc.

Despite all these issues I took delivery, and I was promised my EAP will be enabled over the air with in 24 hours. No one bothered or responded. Finally talked several folks at Service Center, but they had to escalate to engineering and finally got it after 10 days.

That's not all, the paper work, Delivery manager promised all the copies will uploaded to my account online and I should be able to see. Nope, nothing, Nada even today.

It seems people having good experience are just lucky, and some are ignorant and do not know the issues, or too excited to see issues.

I can see most of the folks who came in that buy group was newbies, and over excited and not bothered to check, again, it all depends on you luck!!

Issues only gets fixed/resolved if people genuinely tell and discuss about those issues, whether it is sales issues, or Car technical issue.

I see many here claiming we are 0.001 with issues, dream on, it is more like 50%, may be even more.

BTW, despite all these, I kept smile on my face, never showing my annoyance or raising voice during whole ordeal as they usually do not lead to anything good and of course I know M3 driving experience is superb (as I have already driven my friend car few times). I always liked how M3 drove vs MS or MX, even though both MS and MX has more power, better acceleration figures, handling of M3 so much better than those two.(have driven both enough times).

mos6507 | 28 mei 2018

"I could not believe, car has so many inconsistent panel gaps, alignment issues, and even damage,
I see many here claiming we are 0.001 with issues, dream on, it is more like 50%, may be even more."

...and so it continues.

This is, again, Tesla failing to crack the problem of "good, fast, cheap, pick two".

rjadams72 | 28 mei 2018

I guess everything is relative. Sorry to hear about all of the bad experiences but the good ones are encouraging. At this point i'd take a car with imperfect paint, panel gaps, bad customer service and dropped off by a transporter who just slowed down as he passed and let car go. I just want a car!
5 hour line waiter on 3/31, got screwed by the glitch with configuration emails, invite and configured 4/10, Tesla stated 3-6 week delivery, no word of estimate, it said delivery. Im now at week 7 with no car, no vin, no email delaying delivery.
Im sure Tesla will get the whole delivery experience worked out, they are still rookies.
Everyone who has a car......enjoy! Have fun!

snm3 | 28 mei 2018

@mos6507, I agree with being "Fast", but not cheap, even without FSD out the door $59k that too with state sales tax credit of $3500. So real Tesla price out the door is $62k, so it is not cheap.

I was hoping they would meet, fast, decently good. What I can not understand is, despite most robotized assembly line, why there are so many inconsistencies? One would assume with automation the consistencies are better, not other way around.

snm3 | 28 mei 2018

And one would assume with Tesla being premium brand, we would have good sales experience. Infact late last year when Model 3 is not there at showroom, I accompanied a friend for Model X Delivery and it was much much better sales experience. It seems Model 3 owners are 2nd class for Tesla.

I am hoping, my experience with Sales was because not enough staffing, overloaded because of M3 delivery diversion to WA.

I genuinely thank Musk for sending more Cars here and making sure most WA state M3 reservation holder can take advantage of state sales tax credit which is ending May 30th.

walter.bachtiger | 28 mei 2018

Had a great experience with model S and 3 delivery. Best ever and so did everyone I know who got one. No issues at all.

mos6507 | 28 mei 2018

[I agree with being "Fast", but not cheap]

And even there it's only fast in relation to how fast Tesla is capable of going, not how fast the rest of the industry can crank out cars. It's cheap in the sense of their underlying materials cost in relation to S and X. Of course, once you factor in Tesla's need to rasie cash as well as the inefficiencies of multiple shifts at the factory, rework, and warranty service, then you can understand why they don't sell it at anywhere near base.

The end product, the quality of the car, its various bumps and buises and panel-gaps and defects, is all a symptom of a dysfunctional process which apparently persists to this day.

Believe me, if it gets to the point where I stop seeing people post fresh topics saying the car has these chronic issues I will believe the narrative that they've fixed their internal problems, but that day has yet to come, despite anecdotal evidence that some people didn't get lemons.

Mr.Tesla | 28 mei 2018

I am sorry to hear that anyone has had a less than great delivery experience. Hopefully, they shall be increasingly rare.

Just came back from picking up my 3, and want to show my appreciation for a delivery done well.

The experience was outstanding: Chill, efficient, and fun.

Had my wife and adult son scour the car for imperfections while I gushed. They are both meticulous to a fault (don't tell her I said that!). Everything was great.

Big thank you to the Tyson's Tesla team, and especially our Delivery Specialist, Spencer!

NoFill | 28 mei 2018

Picking up my Model 3 in Bellevue was a really good experience. For one, I knew what the price was going to be and there was no hard-sells for extended warranties, undercoatings or other BS. The Model 3 itself (white w/aeros) is stunning and yet understated.....Driving it is beyond superb; my shit-ass grin can not be subdued. It's kind of weird to drive behind an expensive car with chrome dual exhaust and just know that that is of the past....

Derektywong | 28 mei 2018

i thought i had an exceptional delivery experience until 3 weeks later after i started to drive it. put 300 miles on it and then parked it on my in laws driveway. it was then that i noticed a huge scrape on the front passenger side bumper. of course i can’t blame tesla now 3 weeks later after have taken delivery. i’ll be out 800 plus whatever it’ll cost to ceramic coat the bumper again. i def know i didn’t hit a concrete parking block and no one else has driven the car without supervision (me in it). so word of advice is to feel under the front bumper while the car is in the showroom while inspecting the car. other than the two other known issues (a pillar bulge and cover lifting on the gear selector) the car is perfect.

Mikewilson | 28 mei 2018

I picked up my 3 a week ago in Bellevue, Wa. They didn’t rush us, offered to let us inspect before signing, they pointed out a 1” scrape on the frunk hood and said we should inspect a call to schedule the service... everything else was perfect. We were out 50 minutes from our scheduled appointment. Love my new car. :)

pranfire | 28 mei 2018

mine was amazing

MarylandS85 | 29 mei 2018

Our delivery was perfect. We inspected the car before signing anything. The car was flawless. The delivery specialist took time explaining and demonstrating everything, setting up our phones, and taking pics of us standing with the car. It was efficient but not rushed. A+

eandmjep | 29 mei 2018

@Derektywong I noted that about the cover on the shift selection lever. Easy fix.

Our delivery May 24 was similar to @MarylandS85. No complaints.

Josephc618 | 29 mei 2018

I picked up my M3 this past weekend and the experience was mediocre. They said to arrive 15 minutes early which me and my wife did. We didn’t get to see our car until 45 minutes later. Everyone whom came after us went on and check out their cars. When it’s our turn, our rep came and introduced herself and took us to our car in this dark hanger and offered to help us take a couple pictures and took us through the double doors to sign papers. I would think that for being the first and biggest delivery hub (Fremont) that hanger will be like a grand experience with bright lights and Tesla banners everywhere, but it was dark and dingy. After the signing of paper works she took our car from the hanger to outside in the parking lot where we did our inspection. There was some adhesive here and there, some minor superficial scratches and a ~4 millimeters deep deep gash on the rear bumper, which they tried to cover up with touch up paints and hoping that I would accept the delivery. I was adamant that I will not accept it since I paid over 60k for a car that I want my car to be perfect. The rep seems like she wanted to move on with me and I can tell she’s getting irritated, so am I. Everyone got their cars and drove away within half an hour, we were there for 3. Mainly from waiting for the touch up paint to dry twice because first layer wasn’t thick enough. Then the rep say that if we don’t take delivery today then we will have to wait for another car to be built... blah blah blah, she just want us to take delivery the way it is, so I wanted to see what the supervisor can do for me. He came out took a few pic and say someone from service center will get in touch with me to get this fix. The rep could have save us and her 2.5 hours if she gave us that option. I then finally agreed to take delivery and she didn’t even offer to help me setup profile and ask me if I have any questions. I have to initiate that step, got some questions answered and went on our way.

mos6507 | 29 mei 2018

"a ~4 millimeters deep deep gash on the rear bumper, which they tried to cover up with touch up paints and hoping that I would accept the delivery. "

Would be great if Musk paused from his Twitter rants to address the rate of cars damaged during shipping because this is a chronic problem and it seems to be going completely unaddressed. And before people pile on me, I've seen this with my own eyes with someone else's car waiting for delivery and the staff didn't even know the scratch was there until I pointed it out to them.

Tuning In | 29 mei 2018

Just putting my two cents which is similar to some.

I'm super picky and very perceptive on defects. The only issue that I found was a little extra silicone that was between the windshield and roof. Also a tiny chip on the bottom edge of the door. Something that I'm used to touching up with color matched paint and Langka, and making it disappear.

Probably the 20th car we've ever bought and the best delivery experience. We took up the whole hour because this one is my wife's car and she had a lot of questions. I hope that all future delivery experiences will be like this and I never have to go back to the "old way" at car dealerships, ever again.

gar1116 | 29 mei 2018

Yeah Mos! TRUTH!

Derektywong | 29 mei 2018

@eandmjep was this a diy or does it require a visit to the SC?

tanveerg | 29 mei 2018

I didn't sign anything and didn't give them the check till I had a chance to look the car over. (WA state).