"Your Model 3 has completed Final Production" email

"Your Model 3 has completed Final Production" email

Received this weird email from today in the morning. They are asking me to confirm IN THE EMAIL all the stuff I had already configured on my M3 account page, e.g. registration address, DL, payment methods, etc. Looks sorta fishy to me, why would they ask me for the same info they already should have?

here's the first few lines:
My name is Andrew and I work with our Model 3 support team. I am very excited to share the good news that your Model 3 has Completed final production!

To setup your delivery, we need you to update your Tesla Account and check all the boxes.
Once we finish the Docutments. We may Finalize your Model 3 Delivery day. (Hooray!) J

A few things to cover on your Tesla Account, and please respond to this email of what options you have chosen.

Did anyone else receive this?

f3ath | 24 mei 2018

4/18 config, no VIN on the account page yet.

cornellio | 24 mei 2018

I got a phone call to confirm such stuff, but I think others got emails. Just make sure it's valid, don't follow links from email, in case it's phishing. Go to on your own to update it.

bob | 24 mei 2018

No email. I got a call today and then my account page updated with the delivery date and a request to submit final payment.

SoulLessInSanJose | 24 mei 2018

I got the same email today. Replied that the account was up to date and the sales rep said, "Thanks" and then sent me the VIN#.

Just got my VIN
Res: 3/31/16
Config: 4/18/18
VIN: 5/24/18
Bay Area

f3ath | 24 mei 2018

thankx @SoulLessInSanJose I just did the same.

ravisundaramam | 24 mei 2018

I got the email. This is their last check manual verification to make sure the info in the web site is accurate, the email and the account is still alive, they are talking to the right person, and they can establish one on one sales associate for you.

Nothing strange or whacky here. Wait for the vehicle, they changed the policy. They give VIN just one week before delivery. So you should have your car in less than one week.

CharleyBC | 24 mei 2018

It'd be nice if they got the grammar right. That alone would have made me suspicious too.

fskott | 24 mei 2018

I got an email, too, yesterday. But the grammar/spelling was correct. If I got one like the OP quoted above, I'd definitely be suspicious.

SoulLessInSanJose | 24 mei 2018

@ravisundaramam - have enjoyed your posts tremendously. Looking forward to joining the club!

aaron_desai | 24 mei 2018

@karapetov @ravisundaramam @fskott and @SoulLessInSanJose Congratulations! Are you all from bayarea/CA?

chuckbarnes | 24 mei 2018

got the email today

no vin yet

noleaf4me | 24 mei 2018

I got an email like that over a week was legit.

fritter63 | 24 mei 2018

Could be lots of software related things. Somebody forgot to put a "last updated" timestamp on the data base record, etc etc.

When you're writing software to bulk email, and you can't be sure which are ones are up to date, it's safer to just broadcast rather than try "targeted" emails.

Seen this lots of times in my 34 years of software development. ;-)

jordanrichard | 24 mei 2018

“...completed final production”?????? Since when are Model 3’s being made to order? So they are no more lots full of finished cars?

SoulLessInSanJose | 24 mei 2018

@aaron_desai. Yes Bay Area. Ravi is PA IIRC

ebmcs03 | 24 mei 2018

Got email today too. Asked to confirm everything and provide loan info.

jjgunn | 24 mei 2018

Lot of Bay Area folks around these forums

f3ath | 24 mei 2018

@aaron_desai yup, Bay Area