Trump Blew Up the G7 Summit This Afternoon

Trump Blew Up the G7 Summit This Afternoon

Blew up at Canadian PM Trudeau of all people. Didn’t like Trudeau’s post G7 press conference and went ballistic on Air Force One. Trump threatens to cut off all trade with our closest allies. This could really hurt all American businesses, Tesla in particular.

And now the moron is off to meet with Kim after bragging: Preparation? I don’t need no stinking preparation!

This enfant terrible has to go before he destroys us all.

SCCRENDO | 9 juni 2018

I agree. The joke is over. Time to get serious.

neofelis | 9 juni 2018

Patience. Lets see how this turns out. So far, I think he's done a good job. Sure, he's arrogant and shoots from the hip, but maybe that's what we need now. Just a thought.

On another note, I always thought NAFTA meant we all have free trade between us. Now I'm finding out that Canada has tariffs, we probably do too. What happened to FREE trade?

SCCRENDO | 9 juni 2018

@neofelis. You are drinking the kool aid. For those of us too dense to appreciate it please explain the good job this asshole has done.

Remnant | 10 juni 2018

@dmm1240 (OP, June 9, 2018)

<< Trump Blew Up the G7 Summit This Afternoon ... the moron is off to meet with Kim after bragging: Preparation? I don’t need no stinking preparation! >>

He has plenty of high caliber advisors all around him, in Singapore. He does not need amateurs or idiots like yourself to advise him.

On a cautionary note, stay away from the racist SaSoT mole from South Africa cloaked by the ALL CAPITAL moniker. He's not just hateful, moronic and demented, but also infected with the anti-Trump syndrome virus, a known brain-rotting agent that you could catch while trying to read his posts on these fora.

SO | 10 juni 2018

Done a good job? The only thing that is keeping this guy afloat is the economy. And once that imploads within 3 years because of all the stupid moves this administration is doing now (tax cuts and deregulation, mortgage lending easing), many people will be singing a different tune.

Decisions made today take years to see the full affect. Cuts to the environment support, tax cuts for the rich and destroying our place in the world, will take time for the full ramifications to become apparam

SO | 10 juni 2018



Anyway. I guess people are still living on the euphoria right now. Sadly, there is a good chance this administration will win next time as well. There certainly are not any strong candidates on the democratic side since they f’d Bernie. So instead of spending the money on Bernie’s policies, we can spend that much more to support the rich and the war machine. Fantastic!

Don’t know about you all but I certainly didn’t need a tax cut. Ok... back to reading about Tesla. Much more enjoyable since politics are depressing!

SO | 10 juni 2018

Oh and if the democrats do win next time around, the GOP will just blame them for the economy tanking. Brilliant strategy and sadly voters will be swayed.

up north | 10 juni 2018

Boris and Natasha trump don’t need no stinking high caliber advisors they’ll try to screw this country up all by them selves. Thank god rocky and Bullwinkle will save us. With the tax cuts our growth rate will be down to about 1.8 in 2020 and going off the rails. Thanks allot Boris.

SCCRENDO | 10 juni 2018

Hey Brain_Remnant. I hear you are one of Trump’s advisers. I guess you and Trump will sum up the situation in a minute and get all this stuff solved. I hope you remembered to bring the Russian to-do list to the meeting. Are you guys stopping off in Scandinavia on the way back to pick up the Nobel Peace Prize?

joemar10 | 10 juni 2018

Since when has Herr Twitler ever listened to his "high caliber advisors"? It's probably just as well. because they're as clueless as he is.

MitchP85D | 10 juni 2018

All of you SaSoTs made the same hysterical blather when Ronald Reagan was president. Socialism is taking it between the eyes, and all of you SaSoTs are squealing like you did back in the 1980s!

Yodrak. | 10 juni 2018

"He has plenty of high caliber advisors all around him, ..."

Trump stopped taking the advice of his first set of advisors, and now he's replaced those people with advisors who think the same as he does. The administration has become narrow minded.

SO | 10 juni 2018

@Mitch - so now you believe 2008 didn’t happen? Talk about a short memory.

And this ladies and gentlemen is why history repeats itself over and over again. Most people never learn.

SO | 10 juni 2018

And Mitch, Reagan would never have supported trump. His kids even back that up. Unbelievable how the GOP is blindly backing him. GOP and their religious fundamentals my butt.

Tesla-David | 10 juni 2018

Drumpf is a complete moron and buffoon. This article in Seattle Times today caught my eye and reinforces my opinion. He thinks he knows more than anyone else and is the first president since 1941 not to name a science adviser, because he knows it ALL, and needs no advice.

sabbia | 10 juni 2018

Mitch Glad you quoted Reagan. Please comment on the following.

"We should beware of the demagogues who are willing to declare a trade war against our friends, weakening our economy, our national security, and the entire free world, all while cynically waving the American flag." - Ronald Reagan

johnyi | 10 juni 2018

Read an opinion piece that sums up Trump nicely - he's always looking for attention. Wakes up every day wondering what he can say / do / tweet that will get the most people to talk about him, to make him the talk of the town (world now?). You can see it in everything he does, including this decision with the G7.

So now he'll be meeting someone just like him - another power mad juvenile with daddy approval issues. Imagine two 4 year olds trying to one-up each other for attention, except discussing nuclear warheads instead of sandbox toys.

If starting a war with N. Korea gets him more attention than making peace, guess which one he'll do?

Tesla-David | 10 juni 2018

@johnnyi, you nailed it. "The constant sense of crisis that the president creates robs us of the concentration we need to focus on long-term issues like climate change" He makes everything about him and monopolizes the news cycle, so that important issues get short shrift. For me and others, we have precious little time to act on Climate Change and this complete scumbag is doing everything he can to ensure that the U.S. lags far behind the rest of the countries committed to action on Climate Change. Even Pope Francis is concerned about how little time we have in recent meeting with oil executives.

SCCRENDO | 10 juni 2018

Hey weathermoron. Where is the hysteria. Unfortunately most of us here have been so blunted by the buffoonery of Trump that we treat it as a comedy show. However from time to time we pinch ourselves and realize that there can be serious consequences to his antics. I would suggest that the big problem is not Trump himself but the idiots who encourage and support him. The reality is that it is going to take a giant tragedy to wake up the electorate. One would have thought that treason based on collusion with Russia would be sufficient. Yet even the party of Reagan is prepared to ignore this and some are even colluding with him to subvert justice. Would a nuclear conflict with North Korea be sufficient to wake the country up? I fear not.

sosmerc | 10 juni 2018

I think it may take serious cuts to social security and medicare to REALLY wakeup the electorate ! When you hit folks right in the pocketbook they take notice.

SO | 10 juni 2018

@sosmerc - nope. All they gotta say is “they gonna take yur guns!”, and the voters will focus on that.

SCCRENDO | 10 juni 2018

I agree with sosmerc. It’s all about the economy. And when they start trying to decrease the $1.5 billion deficit they just created by cutting social security and Medicare they may wake up

Remnant | 11 juni 2018

@SCCRENDO (June 10, 2018)

<< One would have thought that treason based on collusion with Russia would be sufficient. Yet even the party of Reagan is prepared to ignore this and some are even colluding with him to subvert justice. >>

SaSoT, you're demented, delirious, and blindsided to both history and current events. Subversion of justice, treason, and juvenile misjudgment go from left to right and engulf any and all pretenses of honesty and correct reasoning that might be salvaged otherwise.

Go to your Rabbi and confess that you've betrayed your God and your Faith and request directions of Atonement. The Fire of Hell is your deserved Fate otherwise.

SCCRENDO | 11 juni 2018

@Remnant. You sound like one of these late night televangelists. And yes I am talking about you, who are prepared to turn a blind eye to his treasonous behavior. What happened to the Reagan Republicans who believed in free trade?

sabbia | 11 juni 2018

The post right above yours SCCRENDO should not be reported as violating the norms of the forum, in my opinion. Let the unhinged stay for all to see.

Rocky_H | 11 juni 2018

It takes a special kind of perverse effort to ruin our foreign relations with Canada.

SCCRENDO | 11 juni 2018

@sabbia. That's why I limit my censorship to pure spam and code pimping.He saves me work in trying to refute his rants. His postings speak for themselves. And anyone with a semblance of intelligence can see his rants to be that of an ignorant raging lunatic.

MitchP85D | 11 juni 2018

Hey Sabby and SoSo, Ronald Reagan put a tariff on Japanese motorcycles back in the early 1980s to help out Harley-Davidson. Once HD motorcycles got back on their feet, they went public and sold shares in the stock market. Reagan took the tariff off Japanese motorcycles because HD didn't need it anymore.

I know this because I bought a Yamaha 750 Seca and a FJ 1100 during that time. I bet you two didn't know Reagan did that!

dmm1240 | 11 juni 2018

I'm sure they did, Mitch. I know. I also know that was done before the modern trading system was in place. I also know the 1980s are way back in the rearview mirror. I also know that the trading partners Trump is attacking average 1.6% or less on tariffs just like we do.

Here are some other things I know:

I know that after the disagreement of 1812-1815, where the BRITISH burned down the White House, that the U.S. and Great Britain have been steadfast friends for over 200 years.

I know that the U.S. and France have never exchanged a shot in anger other than a brief halfhearted skirmish or two during WWII when the Vichy government ordered its troops to fire on invading Allied forces. They quickly gave up and joined the Allies.

I know that Australia has had our back in every war we've fought since WWII.

I know that Japan and Germany have been steadfast friends and allies of the U.S. since WWII.

I know that the Italians threw their Trump (Mussolini) out after he dragged them into WWII and have been friends of the U.S. uninterrupted ever since.

I know that during the Cold War the Republican Party railed on Democrats for being too "soft" on the communists (i.e. Soviet Union, China, N. Korea) and in the blink of an eye have turned around and fallen in line behind a so called President who thinks Putin is a great guy. No, he's not. He's another Yuri Andropov, you remember him, right?

I know that the West, led by the United States, has stood for freedom and liberty for 75 years and that Trump is intent on tearing that alliance to shreds much to Putin's delight. You do know Putin murders and jails his opposition?

I know that steel is much less strategically important than it once was, it's been replaced by other materials, and that we still retain capacity to meet most of our needs, in a pinch all of our needs.

I know we are a net exporter of aluminum to Canada.

I know that net migration from Mexico has been negative for years. More leave than come.

I also know what the motto on the Statue of Liberty says and that the statue was presented to us as a gift from our French friends. And that the U.S. has a history of welcoming oppressed refugees, not tearing babies out of their mothers' arms.

And last of all, I know the entire right is a bunch of hypocrites. It took about two years for conservatives to abandon every principle they've historically said they'd defend to the death to follow a cruel moronic would be Mussolini. Today, you stand for nothing other than pure meanness because of this need to fall in line behind the idiot.

Very, very sad. I do feel sorry for you that you've allowed yourselves to be so duped by a second rate conman.

MitchP85D | 11 juni 2018

I don't need your sorrow. Just feel sorry for yourself! My life is fine without the likes of you trying to impose taxes and fines on me!

dmm1240 | 11 juni 2018

We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both.
- Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.
- Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr, Companiaa General de Tabacos de Filipinas v. Collector of Internal Revenue, 1927

I like ot pay taxes. With them I buy civilization.
- Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter reporting a statement made to him by Holmes in 1938

A man's taxes are what he pays for the protection of his life and property, and for the conditions of public prosperity in which he shares. He ought to pay his just portion of the expense of government.
- Christian Ethics or the Science of Duty, a book published in 1866

Who said anything about taxes? I know Republicans cried a river over the deficit, which steadily declined during the Obama administration. I also know that they passed a tax cut early this year that is not paid for and is exploding the federal deficit. Hypocrisy, thy other name is Republican.

BTW, my accountant tells me the tax cuts means next to nothing for my 2018 tax bill, and though retired my income is still pretty darned good, enough to be in the top 10%. But for those billionaires, well, happy days are here again.

Like I said, Mitch, I feel sorry for you. Every day you demonstrate you know next to nothing and understand less.

Rocky_H | 11 juni 2018

Good grief, Mitch. Here--Snopes has a really good write-up summarizing Reagan's overall stance on tariffs. He was mostly against them, and spoke on that principle quite a bit. The ones about the motorcycles were one of the few rare exceptions to his stance on it, which were concessions to some aggressive tariff proponents in Congress.

johnyi | 11 juni 2018

Sound familiar? - a topic is 97% one direction and there's always "that guy" that latches on to the other 3% to justify his alternate position...

SCCRENDO | 12 juni 2018

I do need to praise Trump for being able to talk nice to someone even if it is Kim. I wish he would be nice to our allies as well. Talking is far better than fighting. A good start. Perhaps he can even get a deal as good as the Iran deal he has just pulled out of. However, does anyone here know if anything else was accomplished besides Kim becoming a better friend than Trudeau and Macron. Putin is still very high on the buddy list.

SO | 12 juni 2018

Trump has praised Trudeau and Macron in the past. As you can see, talk is cheap (especially from Trump).

But if it does work with Kim (which we won’t know for years), I’ll gladly be wrong.

Silver2K | 12 juni 2018

MitchP85D | June 11, 2018
Hey Sabby and SoSo, Ronald Reagan put a tariff on Japanese motorcycles back in the early 1980s to help out Harley-Davidson. Once HD motorcycles got back on their feet, they went public and sold shares in the stock market. Reagan took the tariff off Japanese motorcycles because HD didn't need it anymore.
I know this because I bought a Yamaha 750 Seca and a FJ 1100 during that time. I bet you two didn't know Reagan did that!

FJ1100 was a great bike, but my '84 1000F interceptor kicked it's ass! ;-)
My 1000F Hurricane kicked the FJ1200's ass ;-)

hated the weird buzzing around the FJ1200 cluster when climbing over 120MPH

Uncle Paul | 12 juni 2018

Why so much sarcasm from the Trump bashers?

johnyi | 12 juni 2018

My guess is S. Korea is freaking out right now. Trump is falling right into Kim's hands by agreeing to pull our troops out of the peninsula in exchange for an empty promise to give up nukes. S. Korea becomes a sitting duck. Probably all he had to do was offer Trump a few hotel deals in N. Korea.

nwfan | 12 juni 2018

Beautiful beach front resorts. Trump branded resort next to launch site. Wooden huts, slave labor and starvation. Views for the elite R’s. Come one, come all.

Mel. | 12 juni 2018

Why do so many, like the op, want Tesla buyers to pay high tariff when they buy Tesla vehicles in other countries, but do not want BMW and all the other foreign companies purchasers to pay a similar tariff to the United States.

MitchP85D | 12 juni 2018

Hey Silver 2K, how did the Interceptor's crank hold up? I heard that after 10K miles, their cranks break, and that is why you did not see as many on the road in the late 80s/early 90s as you did FJs. I traded my FJ 1100 in for the FJ 1200 and kept that till 1995. I noticed the FJ models weren't as fast as the subsequent FZ Yamaha models. I had to sell my FJ 1200 to help me make final payroll while I made a failed attempt at the restaurant business in 1995. Get this, I sold my restaurant to a KOREAN guy. Sad day in my life. Sad period in my life from 1995 to 2000 while I worked on my financial recovery without a motorcycle. I got back to riding again on a Suzuki Bandit 1200 during the summer of 2000. Great bike, fast and maneuverable, and cheaper than the Yamaha FZ. But then Yamaha came out with the FZ1 which is the scaled down version of the fuel injected FZs and cheaper. Had four carburetors, one for each cylinder like the old days. I traded the Bandit in for the 2002 FZ1 model, and I still have it today! Got 77K miles on it and still going strong. Rode it to work last night on my night shift. The fastest I've taken it was 140 mph at 8500 rpm. And it was still accelerating - pulling hard! Redlines at 11,5000 rpm. I don't think I will every go there in my lifetime! I also have a 2010 Honda Goldwing. Got 66K miles on that. So, I have a choice between my fun ride and my nice ride. I ride the Goldwing out to West Texas every year in late February - our annual Big Bend National Park ride with other bikers from Houston and elsewhere.

My wife drives the 2015 P85D. I'll drive it to work when it rains, or when my wife doesn't need it. Currently have 65K miles on it. Life is good. MAGA!!!!

SCCRENDO | 12 juni 2018

@Mel. So the libertarians are now into tariffs? Interesting
@Uncle. "why so much sarcasm"? Good question. We all want him to succeed for the sake of the world. And he just may be crazy enough to succeed. Most of us here have such low expectations of Trump that even a failure to do something dumb would probably count as a success. The name calling has stopped and at least they are talking and not fighting. So I am happy. But I guess out of over 300,000 million Americans who could be speaking to Kim he was the one who was sent. Based on his behavior, track record and other things he has done in government most of us are not too optimistic. He has succeeded in annoying our allies and other prominent people. And the people he praises are Putin, Duarte and now Kim. And indeed, at the moment, we have very little to show from the meeting. But we remain optimistic and hopeful.

johnyi | 12 juni 2018

@Mel, you mean the BMW whose largest plant in the world is in Spartanburg South Carolina and makes so many BMW's there they have to export half of them? So we levy tariffs on South Carolina? Or would you rather look at Honda, who makes most of their cars sold here in Ohio, and are typically of higher US content than a Ford or Chevy? Does Trump or his followers realize how many hundreds of thousands of US jobs are dependent on those "foreign" car makers? Or how complicated, interwoven and international all the supply chains are for every car maker, regardless of where their headquarters are?

This is the problem when the guy in charge and his followers can't grasp anything beyond the simplest concepts. They have to reduce everything to black/white, us/them, right/wrong when the world and society is mostly a complex moving kaleidoscope of grays.

Mel. | 13 juni 2018

Your response does not address Tesla being charged high Tariffs in China and Europe etc. China is reducing their tariffs on Tesla from 15 to 15 percent. A goof start. Europe has not reduced their tariffs. BMW is building a giant factory in Mexico. What do you think their tariff should be?
Why are you against a level playing field for Tesla?

SCCRENDO | 13 juni 2018

@Mel. You used to claim to be a libertarian. Do libertarians believe in tariffs and trade wars and 1 1/2 billion dollar budget deficits?

Remnant | 17 juni 2018

@Mel. (June 13, 2018)

<< China is reducing their tariffs on Tesla from 15 to 15 percent. >>

AFAIK, the reduction is from 25% to 15%.

Mel. | 17 juni 2018

You are correct