Window Squeak After Tinting

Window Squeak After Tinting

Recently had my Model X tinted in Phoenix. It was a 3M Ceramic (Drei) tint applied to all window. Front driver's side window squeaks. JR's Tint in Phoenix did my job. Said he had another customer have the same issue. JR didn't know the reason (nor did he offer to retint the window for free, which I thought he would consider I paid over well over 1200 to tint this).

Anyone experience this or have any solutions?


rahulrishi1 | 11 juni 2018

Model X Wndow Squeak After Tinting

Proped | 13 juni 2018

My friend have the same problem with his car. He works as a perfect writer and know how to do homework fast but as for cars... I'd better read comments on tinting model x first. Now he just puts up with squeaks. He paid also around 1 thousand

mrjjp | 18 juni 2018

Does the window squeak when fully closed? What part of the frame is the squeak coming from? Top, Bottom etc?