Ontario EV rebate received?

Ontario EV rebate received?

I applied for the EV rebate on June 1. Other than an acknowledgement that it has been received, I haven't heard anything. I wonder what other Ontario M3 owners are experiencing. Has anyone received the rebate yet? Any sense of how long it might take?

polaris | 19 juni 2018

I applied May 29th for the vehicle rebate and June 6th for the charger/install rebate. No news.

robert rogus | 19 juni 2018

How much of a rebate are Canadians supposed to get? Does it expire at some point like the USA rebate dues?

robert rogus | 19 juni 2018


polaris | 19 juni 2018

Rebates vary by province. Of note that it is a rebate here in Ontario and not a tax credit. The rebate on EV's priced at $75,000 MSRP or lower that is full electric and seats 5 people is $14,000.

It will be scrrapped by the incoming provincial gov't. No one is sure when. If the money for the rebate is tied to the Cap and Trade system Ontario is currently in with California and Quebec. - it will likely be one of the first things to go.

Iwantmy3 | 19 juni 2018

I applied for both the EV rebate and the charger install rebate on June 4th. I received an email saying that there would be delays.

"With the Modernized EVIP, we have received a high volume of applications and are working as quickly as we can but please be aware of delays.

Thank you for your patience in this matter."

The election should not effect any applications completed before the change in government. These are transactions that have been completed and cannot be changed retroactively.

Having said that, It would be nice to know when people here start to receive these. Most people who received their model 3s in Ontario would have received them within a couple weeks of each other. Seeing that these are being processed in a reasonably timely manner would be comforting.

jforbes77 | 19 juni 2018

I did not receive an email when i submitted my application on June 10, how soon after have others got an email?

Iwantmy3 | 19 juni 2018

I received an email confirming my submission 12 minutes after I sent in my EHVIP application form.

jforbes77 | 19 juni 2018

should i be concerned i didnt receive a confirmation?

bernard.holbrook | 19 juni 2018

If you don't get a confirmation it means that MOT didn't get your email. Check the email address and re-send. You should also check your spam folder in case they replied and it got stuck there.

Don't delay, the end of the program could come anytime. Good luck all.

jforbes77 | 19 juni 2018

I sent it to this is the current email right? Is there a number to call to confirm they received it?

ralphameiers | 19 juni 2018

That's what I sent mine to...however I'm suspecting that the attachments perhaps caused the original email to get bounced. I just performed a reply all and received a confirmation email right back.

bernard.holbrook | 19 juni 2018

Yes, I used the email as well. My attachments were 7.8 Megs in size... there might be a 10 Meg limit on email size...

I scanned the rebate application at 300 and the supporting documents at 200; that's how I kept my email size down.

polaris | 20 juni 2018

Looks like our collective fears of the program being axed soon after the election are well founded based on today's news that he's canceled the Green Ontario Fund.

dgcan75 | 20 juni 2018

I just submitted my charger rebate and got a confirmation within 1 minute so you should get one. I expect it will not get paid to me in about 5-6 months - I believe in May they were still just processing January submissions

jforbes77 | 20 juni 2018

I called them yesterday apparently they got so many submissions that week that not everyone got a confirmation email. I am still alittle nervous tho

Iwantmy3 | 20 juni 2018

I think we will all breathe more comfortably when we actually get the money.

I am very glad I didn't wait for AWD.

Cissell | 20 juni 2018

Can someone please upload the Ontario EV documents here, for some strange reason I keep getting an error message telling me it's not a recognized file, and I'm getting it both on my phone and my Mac....arg.

samt14 | 17 augustus 2018

any news on anyone receiving their rebate? Also what number did you call to get through to them, I was thinking of giving them a call.

info | 31 augustus 2018

I submitted mine around the 6th of June. I did get conformation and called them last week. I was told it was ok'ed but not yet processed for payment.

Has anyone received their rebate of $14K from Ontario government that submitted and were eligible.

I was like "ok'ed, well push the button to send"!!

car is great btw!

samt14 | 31 augustus 2018

I applied June 6th as well. Could you kindly provide me the phone number you called if you have it handy, I want to check the status of mine as well.

roberts | 1 september 2018

Applied in early June. Still waiting for the rebate.

info | 1 september 2018

Here is number. It might be old with changes at Gov but they will direct you to proper one. They were pretty quick to answer.

Anyone else with updates?


brendan | 3 september 2018

I applied June 16th and have not received anything.

I called the Ministry of Finance at 1-866-668-8297 on August 16th. The person was very nice but couldn’t give me any information other than the fact my application was in the system.

She said that their management had been in discussions with MTO management but nothing had trickled down to the front line in terms of expected wait.

She said I should probably call back in a few weeks.

Any other updates? Can’t see why there is such a processing delay. I bought the car and they know it’s registered.

info | 6 september 2018

Nothing here either, it been over 3 months and counting. Not sure why it would take so long? Ontario Govt special.

brendan | 19 september 2018

I called th MoF this morning. They told me that they are currently working on the mid-May submissions. So it seems like the backlog time is >120 days.

Ken.girotti | 23 oktober 2018

It's been a month since Brendan's phone call. Has ANYONE who submitted mid May received their rebate? If they haven't then we are up to at least 5 months. I received my car on May 30th and thought at the time that the first cars taken home were right about that time...? It wasn't possible to submit for the rebate without the ownership, so it couldn't be done before physically picking up the car, right? Was anyone actually able to get their car as early as mid May? I was one of the people who didn't get a confirmation email. I didn't figure out that that was a problem for about 10 days, so I resubmitted and got a confirmation about June the 10th. I've contacted them a few times since, but only receive the standard 'High Volume' response

bobbywolfson | 23 oktober 2018

I submitted end of May. Nothing yet. There were a few people who received their cars in mid-May but <1%. There is a huge glut of M3 rebate submissions starting May 30 for the ministry to sort through. Once they receive theirs, don't expect that if your submission was X weeks after that, you'll receive the rebate X weeks after theirs. I expect the late May/early June submissions to be in November/early Dec and the late June and July submissions to be closer to Jan/Feb...

daitc | 23 oktober 2018

I submit it June 10th and did not get the confirmation email, called them to know that they got the email. Still waiting.

There is a dead line for application submit, in case to avoid any misunderstanding, should follow up by email or call to make sure they got it.

dragon94 | 6 november 2018

June 6th and did get confirmation. Still nothing. I have called a few times and they can't really say anything much. I did have one person say they where working on rebates for people who submitted at the end of May early June... This was about 3 weeks ago.

roberts | 7 november 2018

I applied for the Ontario BEV rebate in early May and received the money yesterday.

dragon94 | 7 november 2018

Update, I called today to find out where my rebate is in the system. I was told I could receive it between now and March 31, 2019. I really don't think that's acceptable. I asked who do I talk to to make a formal complaint about this. I was told to talk to my local MP. I started that process...

brendan | 7 november 2018

I called a week or so and got the same response as dragon94. She told me not to bother calling back because it could be any time before the fiscal year end (March 31st 2019). I assumed she was just an unhappy person - maybe the same person dragon94 spoke to?

I’m going to call again next week. It’s really quiet pathetic.

brendan | 7 november 2018

Roberts, you stated this thread on June 19th and you said that you applied for the rebate on June 1st. But today you said you applied in early May and got the rebate yesterday.

Are these the same applications? Or have you submitted more than one application?

roberts | 8 november 2018

Brendan, My bad memory. It was in fact early June that I applied for the rebate, a week or so after I picked up the car on May 30. I only applied once.

jcd.coggins | 11 november 2018

I applied June 4, 2018 and have not received my rebate yet

zungis23 | 20 november 2018

Same as above. Applied June 4 and nothing yet. Let's update as we receive to see how it is tracking.

srswallow | 23 november 2018

I applied June 12. Nothing to date. I emailed after a couple of months and was told to expect "very significant delays."

Jstoll | 4 december 2018

I applied June 4th; no rebate received yet. I called today the Ministry of Finance today and they gave me a new number to call: 1-866-767-0638. It is a voice mail system where Ontario's Ministry of Transportation can actively collect voice mails and then ignore them instead of wasting a call center person's time sharing non-information.

The government of Ontario is hurting us on purpose. This is punitive. How should we proceed?

brendan | 4 december 2018

I agree that this seems to be a petty and vindictive ploy by the Ford circus. Considering that the rebate was eliminated 5 months ago it’s hard to comprehend that the backlog would take so long to clear. Let’s face it, these rebate applications are a slam dunk. The car is registered by the owner with the government of Ontario. No investigation required - just cut the cheque.

It would seem that someone has intentionally pushed these applications to the “some time later” pile.

It would be great if Tesla could advocate for us to accelerate the rebates. I’m not sure if there is any legal case to be made.

The sooner these clowns are thrown out the better. Unless $1 beer and more hours at the LCBO are the most important thing to our province.

Mooseman | 4 december 2018

I applied on Sept 11, one day after I received my M3. Luckily I got it on the very last day before the incentive ended.
I received the confirmation email but haven't heard anything since. I'm a bit concerned as I can only apply up to three months after I received the car, so if they are going to tell me that there is a document missing (I don't think there is, just generally speaking), I'd have to re-apply which would no longer be possible. Kinda sucks that they are stalling us for so long.

This was the confirmation email:


Your email to the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program has been received.

Should you require a response, you will be contacted within 1 business day.

If you have submitted an Electric Vehicle application, this email is your confirmation we have received the application.

With the Modernized EVIP, we have received a high volume of applications and are working as quickly as we can but please be aware of significant delays.

Please note your application is very important to us and we process all applications on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

If you require more information regarding the Electric Vehicle Program please visit the web link below

Thank you,
Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

terrymaniatis | 18 december 2018

We applied June 5th. Just got our rebate for the charger. Nothing for the car yet.

Iwantmy3 | 18 december 2018

I applied June 6th.
I got the rebate on the car on Nov. 30
I got the rebate on the charger on Dec. 7
After the initial email response on June 6th, I heard nothing until the money showed up.

frankxfg | 18 december 2018

I submitted my application on June 6th, have not heard anything from them since, other than the confirmation email. Just called Ministry of Finance, was told that MTO is in charge now. Gave me another phone number and asked me to call. Called and left a voicemail, will report back when I heard back from them.

jforbes77 | 18 december 2018

Applied June 15, still waiting

roberts | 18 december 2018

Submitted my car rebate claim on June 7 and received the money on Nov 15.

Notlgeoff | 28 december 2018

Submitted my application on June 14. Emailed an inquiry a couple of weeks ago attaching their (government’s) confirmation. Got the standard ‘we are working on the applications in first come first serve’ email.

Would love to hear if anyone who submitted AFTER 14 June has received the car rebate.

ashour | 4 januari 2019

I submitted EHVIP rebate application on June 9, 2018. I received a confirmation email on the same day but I'm still waiting for my rebate.

susanswail | 10 januari 2019

We submitted our rebate application June 5th, still no response. I have two confirmations that they received it. At first I thought we would get in at year end, Dec 31 but still nothing. Is there any legal action we can take?

susanswail | 10 januari 2019

We submitted our rebate application June 5th, still no response. I have two confirmations that they received it. At first I thought we would get in at year end, Dec 31 but still nothing. Is there any legal action we can take?

Iwantmy3 | 10 januari 2019

I submitted my paperwork on June 6th. Received the EV rebate the first week of December. Received the Charging station rebate one week later.

They are coming. Slowly but surely.