Red Calipers

Red Calipers

Hey Gang . . .What is the least expensive way to add red calipers to your wheels?

jordanrichard | 22 juni 2018

A can of red paint.

jordanrichard | 22 juni 2018

Oh and some masking tape and paper/cloths to cover everything else up.

brianp6621 | 22 juni 2018

I've been thinking of painting mine white to match the white interior and white accents I've placed around my deep blue metallic S but then I think of how dirty they will always look.

Yodrak. | 22 juni 2018

Preferably extreme high-temperature paint.

Uncle Paul | 22 juni 2018

Many options.

Least expensive is to purchase those aftermarket caliper covers off eBay.
Next is a can of high temp caliper paint and some decals. DIY.
You can take your car to a painter and for around $500 have them professionally removed, repainted and installed, or order a set already painted and install them yourself with you sending back your OEM calipers for an exchange.

Be careful. Brakes are kinda important.

cweber | 22 juni 2018

I added the Evannex red caliper covers to my S - $250 for set of 4. Adds a nice touch.

Silver2K | 22 juni 2018

But a set and sell yours on eBay

rxlawdude | 22 juni 2018

P posers. :-)

marin4u | 23 juni 2018

Hi Cweber. . .. who installed those red calipers from Evanex for you?

Yodrak. | 23 juni 2018

Damn this thread. Until now I never thought how great it would be to have the color of my brake calipers match the color of my car; they were always something to be hidden, not flaunted.

But I did buy red valve-stem caps for $4.

MySin_AZ | 24 juni 2018

Your local autoparts store should have Dupli-color brake caliper paint kit $20 bucks. Easy to use, spray caliper cleaner, brush on paint. Easy to use.

lilbean | 24 juni 2018

@lawdude Too funny! He could buy the badge on eBay to match.

Bighorn | 24 juni 2018


Bighorn | 24 juni 2018


AnglaGadapee | 1 juni 2019

I like the red coloured brake calipers, but I think paint colour of calipers also depends on the colour of your vehicle. However, I usually prefer the heat resistant ones as well. You can aslo read the reviews about various caliper paints before making the purchase decision I ordinarily use the G2 paints in this regard.

trixiew | 2 juni 2019

@Yodrak.-I also dropped 4 dollars for the red valve stem caps with a little black T. Silly thing. But, the red calipers are a visual game changer. Do it.