PA New Vehicle State Inspection - afraid of handing over the key

PA New Vehicle State Inspection - afraid of handing over the key

Picking up my new M3 in few days. Looks like the car will need new vehicle inspection within 2 weeks of delivery in PA. Service center delivery email had this note: "After pick up, your Tesla will still need a state inspection due to PA not recognizing us as a facility that can perform them".

I am just afraid of even a thought of handing over the brand new car to a mechanic so they can do the inspection (basic vehicle safety inspection, take the tire out and check brake pads, maybe requires short ride check also). Anyone gone through this anxiety?

Lorenzryanc | 19 juli 2018

Not I, but if I'm not mistaken, in PA you can take it to many certified places for the inspection. I'd ask around to see any other Tesla owners have taken it to a place they trust. Perhaps a local place close to your pickup? They'll at least know how to drive one. Take pictures of the car beforehand so if they ding it, you're covered.

WantMY | 19 juli 2018

Wow, my used CPO Leaf came with free lifetime state inspections at the Nissan dealership.

mikepisko | 19 juli 2018

Yes are also in PA we were a little nervous. We took it to a local place nearby. My husband stayed with the guy the entire time - he was very nice and understood the anxiety. I know some places are strict about not letting people in the stalls for liability reasons but this place was very good about it.


ravisundaramam | 19 juli 2018

@cannon18: I am in Pittsburgh, PA.

I took it to my regular mechanic, but he did not want to do it. Claimed he was worried lifting the car in his standard hydraulic lift. Some cock and bull story about not wanting to damage something unintentionally.

Then took it to Jiffy Lube. They leave the car parked and there is a pit below the car for them to inspect without using the lifts. They let me stay with the car and they gave me a sticker without any problems.

From copy and paste:
You visited 1 month ago
2869 Washington Rd, Canonsburg, PA 15317
(724) 942-1120
Open now: 8AM–7PM

ravisundaramam | 19 juli 2018

@WantMY "Wow, my used CPO Leaf came with free lifetime state inspections at the Nissan dealership."

Please sit down, as this might come as a huge shock to you.

Around here in the Tesla forum, the dealerships are not held in high esteem and not having to step into one is considered a huge plus point. We would rather have a large number of independent mechanics competing with one another for our business, fixing the tires, brakes, shocks, state inspections and such routine things.

WantMY | 19 juli 2018

@ravisundaramam "Please sit down, as this might come as a huge shock to you." I prefer to do everything by myself, but with inspections you have to do it at the authorized stations. I just found a place that does it properly and to my likings. Most folks here have to seek outside help with pretty much anything to do with the car. At least for those, it is better to bring your EV to places familiar with those type of cars and only dealership selling/servicing EV have some clue about EVs.

justind10 | 19 juli 2018

This is a bummer. I'm picking up in Devon PA next week and was under the assumption the car would come with up to date inspection tags. Not only is it an extra hassle, I'm also pretty reluctant to take the car to a normal inspection shop given the unique jack points on the (seemingly vulnerable) underside of the car.

JFleischood | 19 juli 2018

Maybe call some local Nissan dealers to see if they will do it. At least they are familiar with full electric vehicles.

JFleischood | 19 juli 2018

Quick thought/question - What about emissions? Since the car has none, is it exempt from this? Obviously, it should be but wouldn't surprise me if PA is still just trying to do a money grab.

spuzzz123 | 19 juli 2018

@WantMY "Wow, my used CPO Leaf came with free lifetime state inspections at the Nissan dealership."

The downside of course is, you have to drive a used Leaf.

Pen18 | 19 juli 2018

@JFleischood At least no emissions required in PA for electric cars.

joe.lynn.atp | 19 juli 2018

@WantMY "Wow, my used CPO Leaf came with free lifetime state inspections at the Nissan dealership

Almost every dealer does this now. The inspection w/o emissions is usually only about $25. They want you there because if something needs to be fixed you are very likely to tell them to go ahead.

Let’s hope that Tesla gets their PA inspection station license, especially if there are special lift tequirements. (Are there?). This needs to be done every year.

ravisundaramam | 20 juli 2018

joe.lynn.atp: I don't know it there is a lift requirement. But there are shops like Jiffy Lube that use inspection pits instead of lifts. Thats where I went.

Tesla should probably certify some large national chain to do the inspection. It is a too low a margin business for Tesla to be involved directly in. Spend a couple of million, create training videos and an on line course, may be a certification test.

joe.lynn.atp | 20 juli 2018

@ravisundaramam I found out the real reason why they don’t do inspections: a PA inspection station must agree to inspect any car, and since they are not trying to get into the general car maintenance business they don’t want to go there.

Tuning In | 20 juli 2018

@ravisundaramam “WantMy” is as clueless as fk and most people don’t find it worth the effort to respond to his comments. Yet another comment provided by him that provides zero assistance or insight.

WantMY | 20 juli 2018

@Tuning In Go away stinky TROLL, Yours posts ^^^ are the dumbest and sure very informative and helpful, lol

Rocky_H | 20 juli 2018

@justind10, Quote: “I'm also pretty reluctant to take the car to a normal inspection shop given the unique jack points”

They’re not unique. Teslas have the jack points in the same place they are for every other car I have ever owned.

Mathias8337 | 20 juli 2018

in PA too, luckily I'm neighbors with a mechanic...he's quite excited to see it anyways.

alisse | 20 juli 2018

Getting mine done tomorrow morning. Ahhhhh! Also nervous.

patrick | 20 juli 2018

If you’re picking up in the Devon, PA location and looking for a good place nearby to get it inspected, I’d recommend my mechanic ( Tommy’s Automotive in West Chester ) they are extremely professional and have been with them for years, never a single issue.

denizen27 | 9 januari 2019

I know this topic has not had too much traffic recently, but if you have a new Tesla in the Hershey/Harrisburg area, I would highly recommend Matt and his team at Good’s Automotive Service on Cocoa Ave in Hershey for your PA safety inspection. Took awesome care of my Model 3 and will gladly hand them the “card” to my car for future service. Matt even mentioned that he came to the forums to find out more info about the recommended torque for the wheel lugs. So if you're out there Matt ( and team), thanks again for the friendly and knowledgeable service!

AceHBee | 19 maart 2019

@denizen27, thanks for the info. I was about to take to Porsche Dealership in Mechanicsburg, since my buddy have used them for his Tesla Model S and Model 3 inspections. I work in West Shore, but live in Hershey. So I think I will cancel my appointment for Porsche Dealership and bring it to Good’s instead.

tesla88919 | 19 maart 2019

Is this still accurate in PA? It needs to be inspected after you receive the car?

tesla88919 | 19 maart 2019

And if so, anyone suggest a mechanic near Devon or Philadelphia that works with Tesla’s?

AceHBee | 20 maart 2019

Yes, you have 10 days to complete the PA state inspection.

itsnice2be | 20 maart 2019

@tesla88919 I can recommend D'Avico's Auto Repair just down the road
from Tesla in Devon, PA.
They inspect lots of Tesla's and are very Tesla knowledgeable.

markatjac | 20 maart 2019

For those mentioning about concerns about jacking the car up. Firstly, yes you can do damage with traditional lifts. Yes, the model 3 does have similar jack points, but the underside is a encased battery pack and not a frame or body etc. SO YOU NEED A FLAT SMALLER SURFACE TO TOUCH THE UNDERSIDE WHERE IT IS JACKED. In order to prevent slippage, you also need the pin to go up in the hole, hence the jack pucks they sell online. Most lifts and jacks have a tooth like top which will gouge and pierce the metal. Other cars have slots or ridges to deal with these other jacks or it does not matter if it puts a nick in it. Not the case with the battery pack. Go online and buy a set of jack pucks or make your own. Keep them in the trunk and instruct anyone who is going to work on the car to use them.