Winter Tires-Blizzaks/Set of 4 -Michigan

Winter Tires-Blizzaks/Set of 4 -Michigan

Hello Fellow Tesla Owners:

Unfortunately due to some life changes I will be exiting my Tesla vehicle and in need to pass on my newly bought winter Tires from this past season.

I purchased a set of 19 inch 245/45 R19 Blizzaks LM-32 (tires only)-no rims

They are in great shape, they were placed on the vehicle in December and taken off in march, total miles driven was only 2400. Purchase price was roughly $1200.00+, It costs $76.00 per season to have them taken off and switched at discount tire. Superb tires for a Tesla in a area with snow and winter mixes, night and day difference in my opinion compared to the all seasons that come on the vehicle from factory.

I'm asking $800(OBO) for the set of 4 tires. Let me know if anyone or a friend is interested in having a set of winter tires on hand for the upcoming season. I live in Michigan and could drive and meet if possible in the surrounding Michigan-ohio-indiana-illinois area. I have pictures as well, just can't figure out how to link them.


Eric C - Kalamazoo, MI