Test drove p3d today. Pics. INCREDIBLE

Test drove p3d today. Pics. INCREDIBLE

Any questions I can answer?

Liba | 20 juli 2018
Liba | 20 juli 2018
Liba | 20 juli 2018
sbeggs | 20 juli 2018


CST | 20 juli 2018

Meh... I'm really happy with what I have. Its a nice car, but not worth the price to me. Glad they are able to fill the niche with you guys! Are you buying one?

thickstunalexander | 20 juli 2018

What was the acceleration like in a 3.5 second car? Was it definitely, no kidding fast? What was the handling like?

Liba | 20 juli 2018

This car is achievement in automotive history. It's amazing in so many ways. The futuristic white interior, the sexy design lines, the comfort, the roof glass, the handling and oh God the speed! I drove the car near Beverly hills CA, past a Ferrari and a McLaren and my honest first thoughts were "but can those cars drive themselves in la traffic..."

The m3 rwd is already great. This car just does the same but faster and tighter. Is it worth 20k more? Yes if you got 20 to burn. Otherwise no. But that's more about how good the regular car is.

With the sun shining through the glass lighting up the white seats and zooming away silently I truly had a sci fi space pod moment.

I've driven sports cars, exotics, Tesla first gen roadster, p100d etc. The p3d with the balance and handling and speed package is Tesla's greatest achievement at least until the new roadster arrives. I can't stress how impressed I am. I've driven the m4 on a track and I can see the p3d beating it. But the BMW steering feel is better and probably more fun.

I'll try to answer any questions.

Liba | 20 juli 2018

The speed of the p100d is painful. Like you can feel sick easily.

The p3d acceleration felt great like you can instantly go as fast as you want but it didn't hurt. I think it's a sweet spot. I still felt like oh shi...... The 3 is much lighter and leaps forward with agility vs the heavy ass s boat. Can't imagine how good the roadster will feel.

The handling felt slightly tighter than the normal car but not a lot different. The brakes were strong. No complaints. It's a proper high performance car.

wiboater4 | 20 juli 2018

Thet should have left the option of having the wood dash strip and there should be some wood with the white side door panels where your hands go though the handle . That area will get dirty fast and the wood would make it look richer. Still looks really nice though. I gave up on the wait for white and settled for the black . May have the seats dyed white later.

Liba | 20 juli 2018

The white interior was so nice for me that I decided it would be worth missing the full federal rebate. Please Elon don't be cruel and hold it back.

Madatgascar | 20 juli 2018

That’s my configuration... red n white... now I’m really getting the DTs!

sgnatiuk | 20 juli 2018

Did the wheel already have road rash? Beginning of video from second post....

Liba | 20 juli 2018

Ya. The rim damage wasn't me.

jjgunn | 20 juli 2018

I was in a P100DL Model X

Until you've felt less than 3 seconds 0-60, you're missing out. Only thing close is a roller coaster.

Atckeith1022 | 20 juli 2018

Thank you Liba. My config is blue with white. Just waiting for that day they call me with a delivery day.

Liba | 20 juli 2018

Dang. Blue white is what I want too. That IS the coolest combo imo. You're gonna love your car so much. Jealous.

I'm being absolutely serious about such a thing as too fast acceleration. Less than 3 seconds I actually felt the blood drain away from my brain and I saw fuzzy stars and fingers tingled. I'd almost argue it's unsafe. Of course I'll probably get flamed now by a bunch of people who haven't felt it IRL.

ebmcs03 | 20 juli 2018

Humm those white seats are in dear need of some contrast stitching. All white with white stitching doesn’t cut it.

jjgunn | 20 juli 2018

I can't disagree Liba....


Are you ready to feel the Roadster????

0-60 in 1.9.

Drain my brain is too short.

mpratola | 21 juli 2018

@Liba Would you say the white dash insert makes or breaks the white interior? Or do you think the white interior could go equally well with the wood insert?

wiboater4 | 21 juli 2018

Tesla should have some pictures like that on the model 3 features page.

chickensworth | 21 juli 2018

Is the curb rash exclusive to the P? Is it part of the upgrade package? How about the off-road siuspension height?

Is anyone else disappointed that they kept the skinny tires and jacked up suspension for what they’re calling their ‘performance’ model? Thinking about dropping the performance upgrade and going aftermarket for wheels and suspension... but then I lose the P brakes.

disapr | 21 juli 2018

How many road cars less than $150 come with factory suspension that doesn't seem like it was ordered from a 4 wheel parts catalog? I wish it had wider wheels and lower suspension, but people in general would lose their minds if the car had 295 miles range and couldn't rock crawl into their 30* driveways.

An aftermarket front BBK will cost around 3500+ and the carbon spoiler is probably around a grand. For those items alone pre-installed I think it's worth the upgrade cost that could include other undocumented features such as 'track mode'.

rmg007 | 21 juli 2018

Was there air suspension?

Slidely | 21 juli 2018

Curb rash, ouch!

chickensworth | 21 juli 2018

I can’t think of a single car in this class that looks like it’s on stilts except for the Model 3. M3, C63, Alfa QV all have pretty tight suspensions and wide rubber. Also I think anyone ordering up a performance+ model 3 values performance and would sacrifice a bit of range in return for better handling and speed. They offer 2 other variants of the 3 for people looking for efficiency or economy.

At the end of the day, I’ll probably stick with the performance pack for the BBK like you say... and will look for aftermarket solutions to the ride height and maybe new shoes as my budget allows... but I still think this should all be included from the factory.

disapr | 21 juli 2018

I plan to find coilovers for mine and will get a set of track wheels. The 20's are nice enough for every day driving.

JAD | 21 juli 2018

Most cars have such a high center of gravity that they need to get it down. The 3 is already so low it won't have nearly the impact to be a bit lower.

Liba | 21 juli 2018

This review is spot on

The white strip on the dash was a bit disappointing. It was ok but felt a bit cheap. Wood could work or wrap it a metallic finish.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 juli 2018

JAD: A good point! The actual purpose of a lowered suspension is to have a lower center of gravity, though many seem to prefer them for a strictly aesthetic reason. When someone complains that a Performance Sports Sedan with less than 325mm wide tires looks bad, it reminds me of guys who complain women who weigh less than 180 pounds are 'too skinny' for them.

Liba: Thanks for the impressions! I would enjoy the white interior, though I usually go for tan. For this car though, I would not be opposed to a nice silvery upholstered interior to keep with the science fiction spacecraft of the future motif.

Liba | 21 juli 2018

It's hard to describe the value of the white seats but when the sun shines down through the glass and hits blk seats it feels like you're in a greenhouse hotbox. The white beams brilliant white as if the sun is powering it up. It's just so cool.

mpratola | 21 juli 2018

@Liba Thanks for your comments. Convinces me more that I might prefer to do the Tsportline upgrade while retaining the wood insert for my 3.... and get it earlier to boot :)

rxlawdude | 21 juli 2018

"It's hard to describe the value of the white seats but when the sun shines down through the glass and hits blk seats it feels like you're in a greenhouse hotbox. "

Respectfully, as one with a M3 and black interior, that is not our experience in 105+ temps.

djharrington | 21 juli 2018

Lowering a car can also help to increase downforce by reducing the high-pressure air underneath, but I’m not disillusioned into thinking I will benefit from that at the track at my abilities :-)

I do like a stiffer spring rate, so we’ll see how it’s suspended once it comes out.

ncancilla81 | 21 juli 2018

@Liba have you driven the S 100D? If you have how does the acceleration compare to the P3D?
I had a S 100D loaner for a few days and fell in love with the acceleration. I was hoping the P3D would be similar or even a tad bit better

Rutrow | 21 juli 2018

The comments about the P3D's acceleration making people sick brought to mind the press release I saw about the new Nissan Leaf Nismo. It's a sportier looking version of the old Leaf, but listed as one of its "features", "Comfortable Acceleration". LOL. A marketing department's way of putting lipstick on a slow pig.

diegoPasadena | 21 juli 2018

I'm with rxlawdude: I've never felt hot in the black/black version. The AC does its job very well. No "greenhouse hotbox" feeling. Of course, if you park it in the sun for a hour, even white with white seats will be a hot box and will require a couple of minutes of AC to become acceptable.

But the white does look very nice!

Liba | 21 juli 2018

I have driven the p100d. The p3d feels faster with faster response. Less weight to start moving.

Liba | 21 juli 2018

Sorry. That should say 100d in the post above. Not p100d.

SO | 21 juli 2018

The P3D is quicker than the S100D. So that makes sense.

electrikarma | 22 juli 2018

Test drove the P3D today too. two words - HOLY COW!

JAD | 22 juli 2018

Has anyone been able to push it enough on the test drive to see if the balance is neutral or setup for understeer? Basically, how is it before track mode at the limit.

Liba | 22 juli 2018

I drove it near the point of the tires breaking traction so this is just a guess feeling. It felt pretty neutral without strong over or under bias but I would guess the rears would break first from the way it was going. I did feel more bodyroll, squishy suspension than I would like compared to a true sports car but it's a luxury sedan so not realistic.

Sunergy-NJ | 22 juli 2018

Test drove the RWD yesterday in Springfield NJ. Such a smooth, controlled ride, comfortable, so much torque. The options like steering wheel "comfort" was on the "normal" (whatever it's called - not sport, not loose) and it was just perfect. The rep took plenty of time showing me everything before we went out, walked me through all the basics before and during the drive. And the acceleration was great even though not Performance model and not "Chill." Anyway, everything I hoped it would be, much more comfortable all around, really nice fit and finish all around. Put my $2,500 down, filled out the forms, and found out about the NJ no sales tax rule, that was a pleasant surprise I hadn't heard about. Made all the upgrades feel much less hard to take. That and getting the car before the end of the year so the federal "bonus" still should exist. And by skipping AWD, speeds up delivery by a month or two, so they say.

Agent_86 | 23 juli 2018

I already got my LR, so no P3D for me, but it seems like the best deal is the P3D without the "performance" package, then add better brakes, wheels, tires, suspension, and a spoiler if you want aftermarket. The appeal of getting it from Tesla fully optioned out and "finished" is not lost on me, but the 20 inch wheels weigh too much to be called a performance option, better tuned suspension options exist, and the brakes don't seem to be that big a change. This is the perfect opportunity for someone like Unplugged Performance to come out with a semi-official alternative version of the performance package, although this would probably be more like a $20k+ option versus a $5k one. I'm thinking something like the Saleen Mustang, which originally left the engine alone and focused on handling. A car like this would almost certainly make the cover of the car mags.

GaryTheBadger | 23 juli 2018

walterobrien - how do you know you will get it by the end of the year if you just ordered it? I've asked Tesla this question and cannot get a definitive answer. If I knew for sure I would get delivery by Dec 31, I'd order right now.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 23 juli 2018

Agent_86: How do you know Tesla's applicaton of 20" wheels and tires 'weigh too much'...? Is this on a relative scale, or do you know for a fact that you can acquire wider, larger wheels that weigh less and can accommodate lower profile, wider, stickier tires for the money?

Unplugged Performance may well offer something cool and reasonably priced. Not so the guys at T-Sportline, dem boyz likes MONEY, and lots of it. SALEEN actually released their own heavily modded, and quite good looking, version of the Model S P85 four years ago, but its 'performance enhancements' weren't, and the introduction of the Model S P85D a handful of months later sorely embarrassed it. I keep warning people to... wait... a good, long while... before doing aftermarket modifications and customizations to Tesla products. They don't listen, but I try.

If you want to lower the suspension for aesthetics, go ahead and satisfy your own inner vision. If you intend to lower the center of gravity, though? You may be disappointed, since it is already very, very low.

If you must change out the brakes to access higher levels of performance in the twisties of your favorite closed road courses, that is one thing.... But when it comes driving on public streets...? Tesla owners rarely use the friction brakes anyway thanks to regenerative braking.

disapr | 23 juli 2018

The Performance Upgrade option really needs to be viewed as a "track pack'. Tesla is obviously shooting for that market with the recent demos and leak of 'track mode'.

The 5000 package is actually a really good value if you're after high(er) performance brakes for track days. Go price a few BBK's and you'll see that parts alone will run you nearly $4000 for the front end only. Then you still need wheels and suspension. It's also TBD if the track mode will apply to non performance upgrade cars since they are otherwise not prepared for track duty. People will lose their minds if Tesla does this, but I think it makes sense.

JAD | 23 juli 2018

+1 disapr, exactly what the option is. Plus it looks good and will likely sell more for looks and bragging rights, but it really is for track use.

djharrington | 23 juli 2018

If track mode (or any future OTA performance update) is available only to cars with the $5k package, that is worth the price to me alone. Any increase in brake performance to reduce fade is icing on the cake. I don’t like the wheels from an aesthetic standpoint, but stock wheels are often heavier than what’s available aftermarket. We don’t know (at least I don’t know) the weight of the Tesla wheel, but you can get forged wheels in the low 20# range.

The unknown about software additions/restrictions was enough to Tesla to grab my $5k

Agent_86 | 23 juli 2018

@ReD eXiLe ms us "How do you know Tesla's application of 20" wheels and tires 'weigh too much'...? Is this on a relative scale, or do you know for a fact that you can acquire wider, larger wheels that weigh less and can accommodate lower profile, wider, stickier tires for the money?"

I haven't shopped extensively because I'm not buying the car, and I don't know how much of the performance package is tied up in the wheels and tires (seems like most of it), but Tirerack has several wheel options that weigh 5-10lbs less than the tesla wheels for $350-$500 each, and the equivalent tires cost $300-$350 each, so plenty of headroom for different tires. I know there are better wheels out there and you could easily spend $7k on the wheels alone for even more weight savings and higher quality. I can't say I know where the factory wheels fit on the quality scale, but from what I've seen, they are heavy @~35lbs each.

That said, I do understand the appeal of a factory finish and was just suggesting that if one was looking for the pinnacle of performance from a Model 3, which they likely are if they are spending the money for the Performance trimmed P model, it's nice that they can save the money on the factory bits that will end up getting sold off or sitting in the garage after further upgrades. I see this as a positive for Tesla, not a negative and hope to be reading stories about mods and what people are doing on the track, stock and aftermarket upgraded. The P3D so far seems to have much more potential to be a true track car than the S, so it will be fun to see where this goes. Not that many of them will end up on a track, but first Tesla took 1/4 mile dominance and "they" said, "maybe it's fast in a straight line, but it can't make it through 1 lap on the Nürburgring." Soon the haters won't have that either.