Tesla Model 3 test drive on wow wow

Tesla Model 3 test drive on wow wow

I am currently waiting delivery of my model 3 AWD non performance for Chicago and have the Sept 18 - Nov 18 window. In the meantime, I had an opportunity to test drive a Model 3 non performance LR standard car in Westmont, IL over the weekend. My thoughts:

Before getting in the car, Tesla employee asked me what are the top things you want to test out. I said Acceleration/0-60, Regen, and EAP

Acceleration/0-60: After leaving the service center i was impressed with the quickness and handling of the car especially the instant torque on the little bugger. We drove on a main street then proceeded to go on the highway. The Tesla employee was my co-pilot and said go for it as i was turning into the onramp. i pressed down the accelerator pedal and wow. i zoomed on my way and was easily able to merge into the traffic. My wife and kids were in the back and they were oohing and ahhing like they were on a roller coaster ride. i could of sworn it was only few seconds to reach 60 seconds.

Regen: Did not take much to get used to the Regen function. It was great to not use the brakes much only when going down 5mph. i can see how Tesla cars don't need to change brake pads much with Regen. Very impressive.

EAP: only had an opportunity to do this for 2 min but def worth the upgrade. I can see how useful this would be for stop and go traffic and long road trips.

Other takeaways, I found myself not looking at the console screen so was not sure how fast i was going mainly because i was too focused on the road in front of me especially being on a test drive and not my car. i also felt a little cramped compared to a full sedan but that was to be expected. We also tried the autopark but took a few times to get it to work but was very cool to see the car park itself. My wife really liked the ability to have the car auto park in tight spots.

After returning from my drive the Tesla employee asked if i wanted another test drive when the AWD comes in and i said sure but asked wouldn't it be similar experience and she said no should have better acceleration and handling. I was telling her i was amazed at the standard car imagine AWD :)

i look forward to joining the Tesla family soon!

jrs33 | 30 juli 2018

i should also mention this was my first experience driving an EV

carlk | 30 juli 2018

As more model 3 get into hands of customers and reviewers people will really know how this car is. Not sure who could afford one would still buy ICE cars.

sroh | 30 juli 2018

Thanks for your thoughts. Sounds like another first-time Tesla driver who is wow'ed with the experience. Typical, and why those who have yet to drive one can't understand why we think this is just the beginning of the end for ICE vehicles.

wiboater4 | 30 juli 2018

Do you know if they have any AWD demo cars in any other Illinois stores? I'd be going to Skokie to try one out.