Can I use my own referral code?

Can I use my own referral code?

I’m considering upgrading from a RWD to a P Model 3. Has anyone successfully used their own referral code? Is there just a spot to enter it when ordering a P now?

Should_I | 1 augustus 2018

Yeah but I could give you mine if you want.

reed_lewis | 1 augustus 2018

The referral code does not work for the Model 3 at all. It only works for the S and X

Instant Acceleration | 1 augustus 2018

@reed_lewis As of today, the P3D is included. That’s why I’m asking about referring myself. Free supercharging for life and my kid would love a mini S.

EVRider | 1 augustus 2018

Yes, you can use your own referral code, others have done so. In addition to extending the referral program to P3D buyers, apparently P3D buyers who ordered before today got free supercharging without a referral, which was news to me (see the link above for details).

reed_lewis | 1 augustus 2018

Well, that is new and unexpected.

joseq | 1 augustus 2018

My friend ordered a P3D last month, but the referrals weren't active for those yet. Is there any way to get the referral credited?

EVRider | 1 augustus 2018

@joseq: Referrals cannot be applied to previous orders, so not likely, especially since the program did not apply to P3D's last month. At least your friend gets free supercharging. Time to work on your other friend. :-)

EVRider | 1 augustus 2018

I meant to say other friends....

Instant Acceleration | 2 augustus 2018

I was calling Tesla about something else and asked this question as well. They stayed that I would get the referral reward (Supercharging), but NOT the referrer reward (mini S or black wall unit).

Has anyone done both of the following in the past:
1. Referred yourself
2. Gotten first tier reward

Thanks! If I’m not going to get the reward for referring, I might as well give it to a friend.

danb | 2 augustus 2018

I ordered a M3 Performance before Aug 1 (I've actually already received it). How do I see if my account has free unlimited supercharging? From what I read, it looks like I should get it.

Also, I didn't know they had this referral program. I wish I would have used someones referral code when I purchased.

If anyone wants to use one of mine, I'd gladly share it with you.

sner66 | 2 augustus 2018

I self-referred for my X and got the award. Just ask your service center to order it for you to make sure it goes through.

Instant Acceleration | 2 augustus 2018

Thanks, sner66. Just to be 100% clear before I order, you got BOTH awards, for being the referrer and referred parties?

I'm certain I'll get the referred bonus; just not the award for doing the referring.

So confusing - thanks all for input!

sner66 | 2 augustus 2018

At the time, I got free unlimited supercharging for the Model X AND the referral award (used to get the signature black HPWC). I wasn't sure how to refer myself using the online Tesla page and that is why I called the Service Center and they walked me through it.

This was in December 2017 so you may want to check with them that you can still do it. Model 3 rules may be different than in our case where we had an S and ordered X later. You local SC should be able to clarify over the phone.

SCCRENDO | 3 augustus 2018

Slimy lawyer trick. Just use your own code to upgrade

lilbean | 3 augustus 2018

Pathetic douchenozzle. .

ONI222 | 5 augustus 2018

Where do I get my own referral code?
I really want to get my kids the small Tesla car. While I waited in the show room to put down my $2500 my kids had a blast with the toy and they wanted one for Xmas.

EVRider | 5 augustus 2018

Your referral code is shown on your My Tesla page and on the mobile app.

SCCRENDO | 5 augustus 2018

Indeed the first step is getting the referral code. The next step would be to encourage someone to by a Model S,X or performance Model 3. It is frowned upon to do the douchey thing and spam these boards with your code even if your kids would love the kiddie Tesla

jimglas | 24 oktober 2018

I used my own referral code to purchase my M3. I am an owner of an MX, the source of that referral code.

SCCRENDO | 7 november 2018

Feel free to use your own. We all have codes. Who would want to use yours

jimglas | 8 november 2018


athreya.gopalak... | 10 november 2018

I don't own any Tesla models yet, but just placed an order for Model3, and i am told by Customer support that, i can just email the referral code and they can include it. Have anyone tried updating the referral code of self ? I am supposed to get 6 months free supercharge with that.

o777149 | 1 december 2018


ashleydelea | 31 mei 2019

Can I use someone's referral code even tho I have already put a deposit on a model 3?

SCCRENDO | 31 mei 2019

I don’t think so. You need to click on the referral link and it will take you straight to the ordering site.

SCCRENDO | 31 mei 2019

I guess you could cancel your order get a refund and then reorder. But it will probably delay your order. And the award is only 1000 miles free supercharging. Hardly worth the trouble

EVRider | 1 juni 2019

@ashleydelea: Contact Tesla and ask them. I think some people have had luck getting referrals applied to orders that haven’t been delivered yet, as long as the referral program was in effect when the order was placed.