Akismet privacy policy ??

Akismet privacy policy ??

While I was posting my last post I noticed that I have to click the checkbox which says "I accept Akismet privacy policy."
Anyone knows what is Akismet ? Why do I need to accept Akismet privacy policy on Tesla website?

Steven.haver | 1 augustus 2018

Akismet is an anti-spam platform. If this is new then perhaps this is a response to the Korean spam of late.

billlake2000 | 1 augustus 2018

Akismet is how you say Mistake in Korean

jordanrichard | 1 augustus 2018

Been on these forums since Nov 2013 and that is the first I have heard of that.

stingray.don | 18 februari 2020

Wow, a spam post about blocking spam posts. That’s next level irony right there! Flagged

yudansha™ | 18 februari 2020

Flagged dangolfy777

dangolfy777 | 19 februari 2020

Thanks guys. I know I'm profi ;)

derotam | 19 februari 2020

Ohh the bot replies too!

coselectric | 19 februari 2020

Instant Turing test: give us one word to prove you're a human, dangolfy, or else we nuke you!

dangolfy777 | 27 februari 2020

Everything is okay you have nothing to worry about. Akismet is a comment spam filtering plugin that means it filters your website's comments and let you know which comments are marked as spam. Akismet uses its specific algorithm to check every comment. So that is why you get it here on this forum. Unfortunately, spammers are everywhere so to get you and your computer protected we need such plugins to analyze people's content/comments/actions on the internet. I have Akismet alternative for WordPress spam prevention it's "cleantalk anti-spam" that I found about from

stingray.don | 27 februari 2020

Flag the OP as this thread has become a spam target