VIN decoder for P3D

VIN decoder for P3D

I put my VIN in for the P3D stealth edition. Position 8 was a “B” which shows as dual motor, regular. Monroney says Performance dual motor. Can other owners confirm position 8 and state whether it is stealth or +?

Magic 8 Ball | 20 augustus 2018

Which Vin Decoder are you using?

Bighorn | 20 augustus 2018

Teslatap's but also the teslarati article has a breakdown.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 augustus 2018

BTW We got stealth so between you, ours, and 1 other, there is consensus: B for the 8th position.

Bighorn | 20 augustus 2018

Thanks--I'll be a might pissed if the + has a different code.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 augustus 2018

I think the VIN decoders are outdated for the Model 3 P and P+.
The car shows the dual motor with red underline logo on the screen so it knows it is a "stealth".

Bighorn | 20 augustus 2018


Bighorn | 20 augustus 2018

Oh right, I forgot to double check that, but I recall that as well. No red calipers hiding behind the aeros though.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 augustus 2018

No, and never expected to get the bigger brakes and wheels unless plopping down the extra 5K.

ncancilla81 | 20 augustus 2018

I have the P3D+ and it’s a B for the 8th vin

Bighorn | 20 augustus 2018

Thanks for corroborating that!

Didn't expect the larger rotor/caliper--didn't want them. But even the base performance model should have different brakes, as is tradition.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 augustus 2018


Yeah, I never read anything to indicate the base performance would have "different" and not having followed what TESLA has done before I really have no "tradition" to go by.

In any case this is the first confirmation, AFAIK, that the 8th digit is "B" for the Model 3 P and P+ which pretty much confirms the VIN decoder needs some updating. Thanks @ncancilla

zippy | 20 augustus 2018

seconding, P3D+, B in the 8th position

Bighorn | 20 augustus 2018

TeslaTap will update his decoder. Probably not a bad thing from an insurance cost standpoint not having a performance designator. It may also corroborate that we have the same motors as the regular AWD.

billlake2000 | 20 augustus 2018

What's stealth? What's + ? Aren't all P's dual motor, thus P3D is redundant? Sorry I don't know this stuff. More than I can afford, but lilbean sure got me dreamin'....

gm_xeon | 20 augustus 2018

@billlake2000 minus / stealth means without the performance upgrade package. Plus means with it.

Bighorn | 20 augustus 2018

Yes P3D is redundant. Stealth is the straight up performance version with the 18 inch Aeros. Plus is the add on package with 20 inch wheels, CF spoiler, alum pedals, upgraded brakes/rotors/susp and higher top speed.

billlake2000 | 20 augustus 2018

Ah, thank you, guys. It really is just SO TEMPTING!!!

Magic 8 Ball | 20 augustus 2018

"Stealth" is fun name for The P without the +
But the root, IMO, of "stealth" is like the old school "sleeper". Basically a performance car that has no indication, on the outside, of being a performance car.

There are a few different acronyms for the various version now so I think some, including myself, are just having some fun.

billlake2000 | 20 augustus 2018

Yeah, like my Smart Car if it had the Suzuki motorcycle engine in it. Vroom.

nwfan | 21 augustus 2018

@Bighorn, upgrading wheels and tires?

dwejr99 | 21 augustus 2018

Mine is P+ and also has B in 8th position.

TSLAholic | 21 augustus 2018

Stealth... now, THIS I can live with... I wasn't feeling the whole MINUS deal LOL
So... P3D stealth here, 8th VIN character is B.

Bighorn | 21 augustus 2018

Depends on my retirement income:) I’ve got way too many sets of wheels lying around already.

nuclearfusionEV | 22 oktober 2019

2020 decoder shows B for stealth and C for full performance. Has anyone with the Model 3 Performance got a C in the 8th position of their VIN?

jjgunn | 22 oktober 2019

I have full P3D with a "B" in 8th position.

Manufactured -- 04/2019

Is the 10th Character "L" for Model Year 2020?

That makes it confusing when crossing model years

jimglas | 22 oktober 2019

B in 8th position
J in 10th position
P3D purchased about a year ago

roarolsenjohannessen | 5 november 2019

to: nuclearfusionEV
I have a Model 3 Performance with a C in the 8th position of my VIN.
Estimated delivery 3. december 2019.


Scrannel | 5 november 2019

Sept, 2019 Performance. B = 8th position. K = 10th pos. FWIW,

neilhamrin | 5 november 2019

my 8th position is a B for my P3D- delivered 11/8/18.

selenainnis | 3 december 2019

Just contacted my delivery person about upgrading from LR AWD to a Stealth. He got back to me and said that he was able to find one in pre-production that's allocated to their location that matched our order and gave me the vin which has a C in the 8th position, delivery estimate in 7-10 days.
Anyone else with a C? Is this because it's just a software unlock?

SdpLV | 3 december 2019

Got a question about this...

I bought a used 2018 P3 LR AWD with 690 miles on it directly from Tesla last week.

Here’s the weird part: The Dual Motor logo is underlined with performance line on the back of the car and VIN 8th position is a B. (10th position is a J).

What exactly is going on here? Was it a P3D and performance software removed but logo left on prior to sale?

The delivery center tech was confused, and said it might be a performance model but then we looked at the software on the app and the account and it didn’t match up. I was buying a LR AWD, not P3D.

No underline on the software Dual Motor, just the outside logo and the VIN checks out.

The car is fast as hell regardless. Just trying to know what we bought. If the cars VIN was really tagged as for Performance can we ask to upgrade the software down the line?

geherman | 5 december 2019

I took delivery of a 2020 white "stealth" performance on Dec. 2. "C" in the 8th position.

NorthValley | 5 december 2019

My VIN for a Performance, due to be delivered in mid December, has C in 8th position

rgprojectx | 6 december 2019

Stealth model with a "C" in the 8th position. Built October 2019, delivered Nov 12th.

JAD | 6 december 2019

When the badges were added after delivery, several AWD got the red underline by mistake. Nothing more than a badge on the back. The center screen software will tell you much more.

SdpLV | 6 december 2019

@JAD Thanks. Good to know. Haven’t bothered to remove it.