Will use your referral code in exchange for a wall connector

Will use your referral code in exchange for a wall connector

I need a wall connector. If anyone has an extra, I will be glad to use your referral code in exchange. I am ordering an S 75D in the next few days.

drbeeharry | 21 augustus 2018

Hello. Its a win-win situation, so do email me at to finalise the deal. The wall Connector is available already but Will be shipped from the EU.

drbeeharry | 21 augustus 2018


JayInJapan | 21 augustus 2018

Get your countries worked out. May not be compatible

drbeeharry | 22 augustus 2018

Indeed... so i suppose Mike's offer is still on. I am from Europe and Mike is from YS. Outlet on the wall connector is type 2...

mike33 | 22 augustus 2018

Spoke to my Tesla rep......Tesla USA does not accept referral codes from non-USA customers. Not even from Canada. So I need someone in the United States with an extra new wall connector who is looking to exchange for me using their referral code for my new Tesla S order. Please let me know if you are interested. I need to move on this right away. Thank you.

mscott | 22 augustus 2018

I'm currently awaiting my signature wall connector. When it arrives, I plan on swapping the cover with one of my current V2 wall connectors, so I'll effectively have a regular (formerly signature) 24' wall connector to offer hopefully any day now.

adspguy | 22 augustus 2018

I don't currently have a wall connector, but I also don't need one. If it would work, you could use my code and I'll send you the redemption code for the wall connector when it comes through. If you are interested email me at and I'll send you my referral code.