1st disappointment with Tesla service after 20 months and 3 cars

1st disappointment with Tesla service after 20 months and 3 cars

Have a S, used to have a 3, bought a CPO X P90DL to replace 3. Emailed service manager over 2 weeks ago about things that needed attention. Made the appointment online. Showed up this morning, and was told the X would get looked at for days, no loaners, some parts not on hand. I felt like Seinfeld trying to get a rental car. Why have an appointment if you can't look at the car for days? Why would you want it sitting on your lot for days? Just call me to reschedule. I know you are busy and short staffed but communicate please. They are issuing really great! Have things declined this much with the release of the 3? SMH

bob | 23 augustus 2018

That's odd that they didn't even offer an Enterprise vehicle. When you scheduled the appt. did you check the box that you'd need a loaner? The behavior of taking the vehicle in and having it sit on their lot for a few days before they look at it is not new. That's been the way they do service for ever. It's been my experience that the length of time the vehicle sits waiting in the cue has actual improved over the past year. What used to be days in Dublin, CA (one, if not the, busiest service centers) was hours on my last visit in late July.

justin.rogers77 | 23 augustus 2018

I think this can be accurate for cars that break and don't have an appointment. We always check for loaner and have never gotten one in almost 2 years. I talked to the service manager and she explained it's just a busy time and we should have gotten an email or call. She also explained it's not the policy to let cars sit for days before looking at them. She will work to get us a loaner but after $220k of cars should you have to just let it sit. And I know that sounds snooty.

wmyers | 23 augustus 2018

Tesla had my car for 4 days and didn't bother to give me updates. I had to call to be sure they were still working on it. No one would answer the phone and the voicemail was full.

Redmiata98 | 23 augustus 2018

When providing your comments it would be helpful to include your Service Center.

justin.rogers77 | 24 augustus 2018

Not looking to call anyone out, I love my service center, looking to make everyone aware of possible new challenges as the fleet size increases and to vent and to see if my expectations are to high. Some have people already experienced this, say in California but this is new to us out east.

bill | 25 augustus 2018

My car was due to go in Friday for the yellow band issue and a couple of other things. Got a call on Wednesday saying the screen was not in yet so they cancelled my appointment and said they would call when it came in. I am on the East Coast so maybe we have better service centers! LOL

markcohen | 25 augustus 2018

Also on the east coast, I made an appt to get the LCD replaced due to the yellow band. I had asked them when I made the appt if they could take a look to see if the shudder that I felt during accelerating and another during braking were at the threshold that should be fixed. I also told them about the sudden braking that I've been experiencing but said that I expected that it was most likely firmware instead of a problem unique to my car. When I showed up they said that they had parts prepared for each of the problems - just in case - and that they had already checked the logs in my car based on my complaints and some bug reports and they had some things that they wanted to look at. A tech and I went for a test drive and he saw every one of my issues. I was told to expect it to take a week or two but that they'd try to do better. They sent me off in an S P100D loaner. I have my fingers crossed that the repairs will all go well, but so far I am impressed. | 25 augustus 2018

With multiple Teslas over 5+ years, I've never had a problem with appointments or getting work done quickly. I'm not sure any service ever took more than 24 hours from drop-off, including one DU replacement where the DU wasn't even in stock (drop-off to finish was about 16 hours)! I always get a loaner, but not too often a Tesla. No big deal to me. I've used Burlingame, Menlo Park (moved to Palo Alto), Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and Fremont. All have been excellent. | 25 augustus 2018

On loaners, I also ask for it in advance, and now they have the car if Hertz or Enterprise, waiting at the service center - no need to shuttle over to some other location. Very nice.

Now, nothing makes you appreciate your Tesla like driving an ICE. Gives me a chance to trying out the latest luxury ICE car tech too, which sadly leaves a lot to be desired. Doesn't any car designer look at Tesla or try one? They would learn so much, but it seems they refuse to consider any designed in the last 10 years. Truly awful designs in comparison with Tesla.

bob | 26 augustus 2018 we did a long (1,000 mile) trip in a 7 series BMW loaner. We had similar feelings but also the opposite feelings for several issues. Tesla could also learn from the big guys on a few issues. While I really hate the BMW UI wheel some of the features of the system are really nice. The Sat Nav system is light years ahead of Tesla. It has an onboard database of restaurants, hotels, attractions etc. It has the ability to route a multiple stop route. And to BMW's credit also the thing was a highbred that got great range and milage. The phone sync system was also much more elegant.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade our MX for the 7 Series on a bet. But I did come away from the experience thinking the Tesla could learn a few things from BMW. | 26 augustus 2018

@bob - valid criticisms. Sounds like some of what you want may be in V9 that should be released in the next few months. I also agree the UI wheel was a stupid design choice by BMW. Touch screen is the only way that makes sense today.

wmyers | 28 augustus 2018

@jjgunn - The recent repairs were at the service center in Roswell Ga (more Alpharetta really but a Roswell address.). My original pickup debacle - not mentioned here - was in Decatur. I will say their Managers' apologies were professional...the rest, not so much.