15 mins delivery of Model 3 AWD non-performance, MC Red, White Interior

15 mins delivery of Model 3 AWD non-performance, MC Red, White Interior

The rep called at 8 a.m and informed that he is coming to deliver the car. He confirmed the address and payment that was already made online.
He said he will spend 15 mins as everything is ready to go.

He arrived at 9:30 a.m. and the car was spotless, very clean, looked great. He checked the license and didn't need to show much on the screen as we did a test drive 2 weeks back and knew everything that required. Since he drove from Fremont so that means it's drivable. Still, I drove off the driveway and reversed it and took our existing two cars out and put Model 3 in the garage and put it on charging with 110v/15 Amp. It's charging at 5 mi/hr. My Wall connector installation by Tesla is on September 5th, and roof panels on September 19th, 2018.

So all set to reduce our carbon footprint.

The shortest delivery of any car I've ever bought (I've bought and sold 12 cars in the last 30 years).

Mike83 | 27 augustus 2018

Must be the new delivery system.

Tesla_User | 27 augustus 2018

Congratulations. I love my M3 as well. Enjoy.

jfs130 | 27 augustus 2018

Congrats! Glad to hear it went well.

My Tuesday appointment was cancelled due to logistical issues. Hopefully I get rescheduled soon. Congrats again!

David N | 27 augustus 2018

How did the rep get back?

sroh | 27 augustus 2018

Congrats @bunty.sikka!

I've got the red on white also; isn't it just spectacular?

@David N, I understand they take uber or lyft back, at least for now.

garibaldi | 27 augustus 2018

So nice! Do you have the Aero or the 19" wheels? When did you reserve/configured?

bunty.sikka | 28 augustus 2018

Thanks, Everyone!

@jfs130 - Sorry to hear about that! Hopefully, it'll be soon.

@David N, yes the uber was right after 15 mins. So he knew he will be out in 15 mins.

@garibaldi - I've Aero wheels.

Still charging on 110/15A and took it for a spin yesterday and it's very comfortable in the front seats. My DD told the backseats were good too. I've checked out the EAP yet, maybe tomorrow.

The paint job is fantastic. It's a very smooth finish. MC Red looks great with White Interior.

this_is_a_test | 28 augustus 2018

Congrats on the new toy!

jimmcnab | 29 augustus 2018

That’s the configuration I’m getting on Saturday. Glad it looks good! Have fun!