PW2 charge and discharge limit under rated values

PW2 charge and discharge limit under rated values

I've noticed over the past few weeks that my PW2 has been capping charge/discharge rates.

The unit was installed in October, 2017, and originally would charge a 5 kW until 100%, and also discharge at up to 5 kW when required.

Lately it has been max charging at around 4 kw momentarily and then exponentially reducing. I'm not sure if it is related to the SoC, as it appears to be happening around 80%, however, I know it didn't do it previously. It means that I am exporting electricity to the grid before the battery is fully charged, which I want to avoid.

Firstly I thought a software update may have changed the charging behaviour, and included some type of weather component to ensure 100% was still achieved in a day, but the discharging issues have led me to convinced there is something else going on. The discharge rate is significantly lower than the rated 5 kW, currently achieving around 3.5 kW, even at 75% charge and then sadly relying on the grid to top this up.

I've tried calling Tesla multiple times, and been stuck on hold for over an hour.

Have any other PW2 owners noticed similar behaviour lately - particularly in regards to lower charge/discharge rates in self-consumption mode?

I'm based in Brisbane, Australia. It is winter at the moment - but that means 15 degrees celcius in the night and 25 degrees in the day, so cannot imagine it is temperature related.

I did have an early failure on the meters which were replaced in January, but I also can't see how this would be related as the meters are picking up a higher solar/power load and still choosing to limite powerwall discharge/charge and top-up with grid import/export..


andrew | 29 augustus 2018

Hey Jake,

Good chance yours is part of a batch that had an issue. Mine was installed around the same time as yours and I noticed mine was throttling the charge rate. I'm based just out of Melbourne VIC.

Call Tesla support, advise that you've had issues with it throttling the charge and discharge rate. Good chance they already know about it. They have been actively replacing the bad units, I know of 3 that have been replaced.