FACT CHECKING COUNTDOWN: An Anti-FUD, Anti-Troll Theorem Thread

FACT CHECKING COUNTDOWN: An Anti-FUD, Anti-Troll Theorem Thread

● FEAR -- Fear that Tesla is in fact some sort of scam that is pushing the Green Agenda for nefarious purposes...
-- Fear that you might be counted among the number of FOOLS that have been led astray by pie-in-the-sky 'promises' that are certain to NEVER happen...
● UNCERTAINTY -- Uncertainty that Tesla's cars will ever be viable for more than a handful of months or years and that the batteries will die practically overnight then be ridiculously expensive to replace...
-- Uncertainty that anything Tesla builds will be 'worth the money' in any way, without the traditional styling, commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to heritage that 'everyone else' claims to excel in...
-- Uncertainty that you may have fallen under the spell of a fast talking flim-flam man, shyster, or lying con artist who has preyed upon your deepest hopes to deceive you...
● DOUBT -- Doubt that Tesla will be around to handle warranty concerns after they go out of business in disgrace following the shenanigans of Elon Musk are inevitably exposed for the manipulative lies they've always been...
-- Doubt that Tesla has the expertise to do anything at all they claim to be planning...

These are the tools that Trolls use to spread their Theorem, Thesis, & Theatrical displays of alarm and warning that nothing anyone hears about Tesla that is in the slightest bit positive can be trusted at face value. They tell anyone that listens that supporters of Elon Musk and/or Tesla are 'blind followers' that don't know any better, steeple that have fallen under the spell of a master manipulator and complete liar. A false leader with the sole goal of selling his lies as fact to gullible followers.

Trolls have suggested for several years that Tesla is destined to go out of business 'any day now'. Some of the most famous Trolls are Anton Wahlman, Edward Niedermier, Keefe Wivaneff, and others.

Crap. Deleted my post by mistake. Starting over with an earlier save...

Anyway, lost a good bit of what I had written before. Since HIM666 refuses to specify when Tesla is 'going out of business' I'll assume that since his previous guesses were wrong (he indicated multiple times between October 2017 and March 2018 that Tesla would 'run out of money and go bankrupt within two quarters'), he might choose a time frame in the relative near future to be wrong this time. So, he would likely claim that no one, anywhere, will order or receive the base, Standard Range Model 3 prior to January 1, 2019, and also claim that Tesla will file bankruptcy on, by, or before March 31, 2019.

We'll see.

andy.connor.e | 11 juni 2019

"They have been convinced, somehow, by someone, that 'all it takes' is the 'right advertising campaign' and then, suddenly, magically, sales will improve"

Probably because for the last 30 years, they havent done much except adjust their advertising. Cable TV and the internet has exploded, making advertising easier. Its probably alot cheaper to run an advertisement than it is to actually have innovative creativity to change your product. You can add 100 features, but its still the same gasoline burning oil can.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11 juni 2019

SamO: BMW, Ford, GM, Daimler, Volvo... being traditional automobile manufacturers who have successfully cultivated an aura of 'Exclusity' about their products, in the U.S. anyway, have no interest, they say, while fretting over sales of Mercedes-Benz C-Class cars potentially 'cheapening' their brand image, in their vehicles becoming ubiquitous, accessible, available, affordable, ordinary, or acceptable as 'Everyman' cars. Yet, each of them certainly enjoys the profits they gain by catering to 'The Everyman'. They find it addicting, while simultaneously scoffing anytime someone undercuts their pricing with a product of similar or superior 'quality'. Acura, Infiniti, Genesis... Product lines that debuted as budget alternatives to 'entry level luxury', bu at least all played by the rules. Paying for advertising, using 'independent franchised dealerships', and Internal Combustion Engines for drivetrains.

Tesla broke every single one of those rules purposely -- those bastards -- and continue to do so. Tesla doesn't give a [FLAMING FIG] about Heritage, Tradition, Exclusivity, or Luxury. "It isn't fair!" doth protest the 'risk averse' executives who 'Just can't see...' how to deal with their success in sales. From their standpoint, Tesla should have been a spectacular failure from the outset. It's been nearly seven years since the debut of Tesla Model S on the market, and they have no answer.

Even after various ANALysts, Experts, Pundits, Talking Heads, Contrarians, and Trolls co-signing publicly through every available media outlet that Tesla stood no chance, had poor management, insisting they would 'have to' advertise eventually, claiming that they would 'have to' use 'independent franchised dealerships' for distribution, predicting their imminent demise 'any day now'... and cashing all those under-the-table, back-door-deal checks for their 'service'. Tesla just won't go away. And people keep buying their products instead of gas guzzlers.

Traditional advertisers have spent the past sixty-five years or so being content to whet the apetites for desire of the public with concept cars displayed at car shows. Cool vehicles displayed for marketing purposes only, with no production intent whatsoever. Their production vehicles followed a standard issue format. Bigger engines, louder exhaust, increasingly thirsty fuel economy. That worked for a couple of decades. Then gasoline/diesel stopped being 'cheap' due to the twin vipers of greed and inflation.

Something had to be done. And Japanese automobile manufacturers did it. They studied the manufacturing processes of Old Detroit, and when they could get access, European automobile manufacturers too. They identified points of ingenuity and innovation while also noting inefficiences and irrelevant habits. They redefined 'fuel efficiency' from 'burn every iota of fuel in the shortest possible amount of time' to 'let's travel as far as possible on a per gallon basis'. A side effect of saving on fuel, is that their cars became more reliable than the norm. Something that did not go unnoticed by consumers. Many of whom have never owned another Detroit built automotive product in the forty years or so since.

This change in philosophy, implemented a whole forty-five years or so ago, completely surprised American automobile manufacturers, and many Europeans as well, who chose to hem and haw and deny evidence before them and delay changes and improvements and ignore and protest market forces and regulatory changes alike. Claiming it was too hard, and too expensive, and resulted in low power output, and could not be sold... To this day cars like the Kia Stinger and Alfa Romeo Giulia arrive to critical acclaim from old-fogie automotive journalists, who simply refuse to acknowledge the death of ICE or the death of the manual transmission. Then they wonder why those cars don't sell.

A trend of denial traditional automobile manufacturers continue even today, while saying they simply 'can't' switch to electric cars. "It just can't be done!" ... "You gotta be reasonable!" ... "Nobody asked for electric cars!" ... "Nobody wants electric cars!" ... But, when confronted with the existence of Tesla, they must either continue to lie or shut the [FLOCK] up.

"In Germany, BMW is... regular, $#!+ car... like a Chevy!" -- a German ex-patriot co-worker, some thirty years ago.

howard | 11 juni 2019

ReD eXiLe ms us

You left out "Beta". A new trending word in vehicle development.

Tronguy | 11 juni 2019

@ReD eXiLe: Decades ago, the S.O. and I went to a relatively recently constructed museum of automotive $DIETY-knows-what in central Michigan, Michigan being the place where the SO hails from. My vague memory is that was in the same town that got made into darn near a ghost town, later, by GM moving all their plants to Mexico.
However: The point behind this story was there was a section in this museum that talked about automotive advertising. I remember the placard near the beginning of the exhibit: "Sell the Sizzle, Not The Steak".

And that's the point, isn't it? Advertising majors very nearly always lie; apply buzzwords that have no real meaning; and (and this is the important part) have all these PhD's in Marketing that Shows That Advertising Works.
In the meantime: By now every skull with a working neuron knows that advertising is junk. Along comes Tesla - and it's word of mouth. By people who are actually driving the car. Balloon of Large Body Of Lies, Meet Pin Of Truth. Bang!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11 juni 2019

howard: No. The traditional automobile manufacturers have spent decades promoting the word 'Concept' in their advertising, marketing, and promotion. They use 'Concept' to portray things that they know damned well they have no intention of ever producing. They have no 'Beta' announcements to make, no 'Beta' products to offer, no 'Beta' examples to test in the public. Why? Because traditional automobile manufacturers have no intention of ever reaching 'The FUTURE!' they advertise, market, and promote in show after show, year after year, decade after decade, ad infinitum.

Tronguy: I agree. Advertising does NOT work, on anyone with more than maybe 90 or so I.Q. points to rub together, or an I.Q. that approaches or exceeds an order of magnitude above their sneaker size. Just as no one can identify precisely how much gameplay in 'DOOM' will desensitize a future serial killer or mass murderer to violence, claims that advertising works are complete [BOLSHEVIK]. Nor would anyone be able to determine if such an individual had ever been 'sensitized' to violence to begin with. And no Virginia Slims, Tareyton, or Marlboro ad ever sold me cigarettes, nor would they. Just as no commercial every led me, guided me, coerced me, forced me to buy wine, beer, or liquor. Coincidentally, no advertisement has made me buy any AUDI, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Porsche product, not even a poster, ever.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 14 juni 2019

Yesterday, and the day before, Tesla didn’t file for bankruptcy and did NOT go out of business.

Also, Elon Musk was not indicted, arrested, arraigned, tried, or convicted of anything criminal at all. Neither was he fired. Oh, and he didn't quit either.

Tesla did hold their Annual Shareholder meeting, though. Once again, Elon Musk reiterated that Tesla does NOT have a demand problem. He also noted that Advertising is rather repugnant to him due to the unsavory and dishonest means by which it is typically applied. Even if Advertising were to 'work' by bringing more potential buyers to the brand, Sales already exceed Production as it is. So, the result of a successful campaign would be a bunch more people waiting 'in line', impatiently, to get their cars. More people waiting does not improve perception or patience. Instead of improving Sales, the perceived result would be... bad. Effectively giving the impression that Tesla is incompetent, incoherent, or unprofessional.

$214.92 ___ TSLA
$152.82 ___ RACE
$124.86 ___ TM
_$35.66 ___ GM
_$25.34 ___ HMC
_$13.27 ___ FCAU
__$9.98 ___ F

"Is there a difference, is there really a difference?" -- Howard Jones

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 juni 2019

Yesterday, and the day before, Tesla didn’t file for bankruptcy and did NOT go out of business.

Also, Elon Musk was not indicted, arrested, arraigned, tried, or convicted of anything criminal at all. Neither was he fired. Oh, and he didn't quit either.


$221.86 ___ TSLA
$162.21 ___ RACE
$124.83 ___ TM
_$36.82 ___ GM
_$25.84 ___ HMC
_$13.90 ___ FCAU
__$9.99 ___ F

In the next two weeks or so, we'll learn just how much of a 'demand cliff' Tesla has really, truly, had to endure through Q1 & Q2 of 2019 due to the absence of the full $7,500 Plug-in Tax Credit in the U.S. I expect that when compared to any other consecutive two quarter period in Tesla's history, the quantity of units Delivered worldwide will exceed any other period by a sizable amount, both quantifiable and by percentage. Yes, including the six months of Q3 & Q4 2018.

Thus, the claim that Tesla has 'no demand' for their vehicles can be put to bed. At least until Q1 2020, when fearmongers, NaySayers, FUDsters, ANALysts, $#0r+s, Trolls, and others will once again recycle and regurgitate the same old tired theory, even as Tesla continues to improve sales year-over-year while outselling decades older traditional automobile manufacturers. Those guys can't go broke soon enough. | 21 juni 2019

Cool that so far in 2019, Tesla is outselling Jaguar, Porsche, Mini and Fiat combined! This is for total units sold in the USA, Jan-May.

While about half of the companies show declining YTD sales, Tesla is also #1 in growth with 45% YTD gain in unit sales.

BuffaloBillsFan | 21 juni 2019


Why does every stock analyst continue to bash Tesla? I just don’t get it. Those of us who own Teslas love them, and the company continues to sell cars like hot cakes. Additionally, the price for a new Tesla includes a software cost that (while well worth it), basically represents a huge profit margin for their cars. Not sure where the downside is, especially when there are new SuperChargers showing up almost everywhere.

Is Tesla losing money in the short term? Sure! But that is to be expected. The long-term trend, however IMO is exponentially upward.

Tronguy | 21 juni 2019

@BuffaloBillsFan: I've been hanging out around here since getting my M3 back in September. It's not a joke, and it is a conspiracy: There's a bunch of large-money types who Do Not Want To See Electric Cars Succeed. They are supported by, and I wish I was kidding, by newspapers who Don't LIke People Who Don't Advertise.
If you want an eye opener: Read the posts by Papa Fox over at the Telsa Motors Club forums. Stock manipulation, no joke.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 juni 2019

Tronguy: It's not just Newspapers. Radio and Television also despise Tesla for the same reason. They all hate Tesla even more than they do the internet.

Mike83 | 21 juni 2019

Tesla keeps advancing. Just got an email that you can schedule Collision Repair via Tesla App. at Tesla Service Centers and Mobile Service if available.
Go Tesla.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 24 juni 2019

There was a post I was contributing to that seems to have disappeared. Maybe it got glagged into oblivion gor being stupid. Anyway, this was going to be my reply....


h2ev | June 21, 2019
Let's see if we can gather all the Tesla apologists here.

Hi! So nice of you to invite me. I am your Friendly Neighborhood Over-the-Top Optimistic Tesla Certified Apologist Fanboy!

I do have a question though... Where is your evidence that the Unreal Engine (which I believe was originally developed for use on 3Dfx chips installed on graphics cards for sub-400 MHz PCs some 20+ years ago, and has been ported to any number of graphics subsystems since) has in any way 'broken' the capabilities of the Tesla Model 3? Because, without an Example, or Evidence, your entire line of supposition and speculation, as presented here, is indeed suspect as FUD mongering.

Mike83 | 24 juni 2019

Most owners know of the Myths and FUD but this article goes into some of the details. Slowly the BS will be overcome.

Seth.e.levine | 24 juni 2019


Enough said.

BuffaloBillsFan | 24 juni 2019

@Seth. Hehe, I see what you did there . . .

greg | 27 juni 2019

Latest stats in from Norway registrations via

Earlier in the week Model 3 deliveries in Norway for 2019 (well March onwards really), topped 10,000.
Not too bad given thats at most 4 months (more like 3.5 months) worth of sales in what is a small European wide market in comparison.

All time Model S deliveries in Norway topped 20,000 in June. Putting Model S in 4th spot for all time EV sales in Norway. Model 3 has gone to the 8th Spot in that all time list, and is likely to be at number 6 spot by end of July. Having overtaken all time Renault Zoe and Model X sales by then. In fact add together Model S,X & 3 sales for Norway and Tesla is the second best selling brand in Norway ever for Electric cars. Only Nissan courtesy of the venerable Leaf has more sales. And well before the end of 2019, those days will be over for Nissans having the all time #1 Manufacturer of EVs sales spot.

Number of: Model 3s registered in Norway so far for June: 2,726

With those deliveries being over 3 times more than the nearest competitor. VW Golf at 816. then Leaf in 3rd place.

Making up the also-rans includes the "Tesla killers" including: BMW, Audi, Jaguar, and also Hyundai and Renault.

And those Model S and X sales, that are we are told constantly, are falling faster than an empty SpaceX booster rocket during re-entry? Well they are in the top 10 for June. In fact Model S June sales are 50% of the 2019 deliveries total.

Combined S & X sales for June come in a comfortable 3rd spot of total deliveries. With only VW Golf being higher.

As Norway goes, the rest of Europe will go in total too.

So, while the FUDsters and Analysts focus is on a narrow "can Tesla deliver a record Q2 numbers in North America " for June and by extension Q2.

The conclusion to draw from Norway is that, whether Tesla hit, exceed or miss the North American delivery targets or not.

It is likely irrelevant, for Q2 as they've exceeded the targets for European and International deliveries by a good margin already.

And no doubt there are a couple of boatloads of cars still on the water heading to Europe that will be in transit for Q2, so will help Q3 sales get a good boost.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 28 juni 2019

Per ...

"Historical daily share price chart and data for Tesla since 2010 adjusted for splits."

· The latest closing stock price for Tesla as of June 27, 2019 is $222.84.
· The all-time high Tesla stock price is $385.00, which is 72.8% above the current share price.
· The Tesla 52-week high stock price is $379.57, which is 70.3% above the current share price.
· The Tesla 52-week low stock price is $178.97, which is 19.7% below the current share price.
· The average Tesla stock price for the last 52 weeks is $292.62.

I strongly suspect that tomorrow, and the next day, Tesla will not run out of money, will not go out of business, and will not file bankruptcy. Of course, I am not a financial adviser, past performance is not indicative of future results, and I could be wrong. In other words, I am not perfect and stuff. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, don't sue me. My opinion is my own, though you arecertainly welcome to share it. Thanks!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 28 juni 2019

Last week, the week before, yesterday, the day before, and then all day today Tesla didn’t file for bankruptcy and did NOT go out of business.

Also, Elon Musk was not indicted, arrested, arraigned, tried, or convicted of anything criminal at all. Neither was he fired. Oh, and he didn't quit either.

FUDsters stand incorrect once again. Joy.


Credit Suisse Sees Tesla As A Niche Player
· Wow. A niche player that has been outselling Mitsubishi, Porsche, Volvo, and many other long established manufacturers all year. OK.

Credit Suisse Initiates Tesla At Underperform, Says Company Compares 'Most Appropriately' To Volkswagen
· Tesla will probably outsell all of the Volkswagen brand in the U.S. THIS year. Tesla already outsells much of Volkswagen Group in the U.S., in the form of AUDI and PORSCHE.

Tesla Stock Is Back Above $200 — Time To Short It
· Wow. Just about the worst possible advice. Especially when a stock is already being $#0r+3d at around 38%. Because all of those people are destined/obligated to buy more shares at some point. An action that will surely send the share price higher. There's a reason why the average sale price for TSLA is still over $290 for the past 52 weeks.

$223.46 ___ TSLA
$161.42 ___ RACE
$123.99 ___ TM
_$38.53 ___ GM
_$25.84 ___ HMC
_$13.82 ___ FCAU
_$10.23 ___ F

ReD eXiLe ms us | 6 juli 2019

Last week, the week before, yesterday, the day before, and then all day today Tesla didn’t file for bankruptcy and did NOT go out of business.

Also, Elon Musk was not indicted, arrested, arraigned, tried, or convicted of anything criminal at all. Neither was he fired. Oh, and he didn't quit either.

However, there are still idiots in mainstream media are calling for the removal of Elon Musk as CEO because of 'reasons' and stuff, apparently because they have suddenly discovered Calendar Technology and determined using no damned sense whatsoever that Elon Musk's steadfast refusal to adhere to a strict schedule of keeping his [GOLDURNED] mouth shut and predictably never saying anything that he intends to achieve except on a quarterly basis that does not go beyond a 90, 180, or 360 day window.

Somehow, they consider it both unfair and fantastical to set goals meant to be attained 'when they are done' and no sooner. They'd much rather point to quarters passed and proclaim, "SEE? HE LIED! IT'S A SCAM! HE NEVER INTENDED TO REACH THAT GOAL!" Yeah, well... $#!+ happens, reality intercedes.

And though Tesla finished May 2019 with cumulative YTD sales higher than 12 different traditional mass market ICE automobile manufacturers in the U.S....? Then Tesla finished June 2019 ahead of 15 different traditional mass market ICE automobile manufacturers in the U.S....? Yet, on a daily basis it seems, CNBC and other news outlets have continuously lodged doubts as to the 'sustainable demand' for Tesla products, while simultaneously ignoring the diminishing sales of those other companies.

83,900 ___ Tesla
75,735 ___ Cadillac
73,767 ___ Acura
71,100 ___ Mitsubishi
64,422 ___ Chrysler
63,058 ___ Infiniti
50,815 ___ Lincoln
50,120 ___ Volvo
46,123 ___ Land Rover
30,257 ___ Porsche
17,583 ___ Mini
16,282 ___ Jaguar
10,008 ___ Genesis
_9,037 ___ Alfa Romeo
_5,103 ___ Fiat
___475 ___ Smart

Tesla outsold the bottom six (58,488 units) combined by a 25,412 unit margin in the first six months of 2019. A gap more than the total they manufactured in 2013. That is an interesting niché to occupy. I think Cadillac, Acura, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Infiniti, & Lincoln would each envy occupying such a market position.

$233.10 ___ TSLA
$165.51 ___ RACE
$126.57 ___ TM
_$38.50 ___ GM
_$26.16 ___ HMC
_$14.12 ___ FCAU
_$10.20 ___ F

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 juli 2019

Meh. There was a thread by gschecter/GoCaps that seems to have ~*poof*~ disappeared. This was going to be my most recent reply.

GoCaps noted, "There are different pricing philosophies companies employ."

Yes. That is why there are different companies. I never shop at The GAP, or Forever 21, or FootLocker. Some people shop those places all the time. Others prefer to buy from Land's End, Neiman Marcus, or Berdorf's and wouldn't be caught dead shopping at ebay, Walmart, or at Amazon. Different strokes for different folks. I won't pester Ferrari or Lamborghini for a fully electric car. It would be nice if General Motors offered an updated Fiero based on Chevrolet BOLT internals and called the Chevette, as a sort of turnabout homage to how the original Pontiac Fiero was built using off-the-shelf components of the rather pedestrian Chevrolet Chevette econobox stuffed into the form factor of a stylish two-seater mid-engine car. And, surprise! You don't have to buy from Tesla, you can take all your suggestions to any one of over two dozen active automobile manufacturers in the U.S. and convince them to build an electric car to fit the crybaby demographic. I'm sure they'll all jump at the opportunity to make whole pennies as a result of your advice. Yay?

I have never expressed or even hinted at the notion that Tesla is in any way 'infallible'. They make mistakes all the time. When crybabies like you express their 'concerns' here, you should all be happy I'm not a policy maker at Tesla. You would be... appalled! What I have pointed out here is your complete and utter failure to illustrate, or identify, or indemnify any form of 'legitimate gripe' whatsoever. Your entire principle of voiding a contract that YOU signed, that YOU agreed to, in order to get something FOR FREE that YOU chose not to buy when given the opportunity is the furthest thing from a 'legitimate' proposal imaginable.

You weren't SCREWED by Tesla. But you surely want to SCREW Tesla. There is a reason why some cowpoke somewhere once coined the expletive, [BOLSHEVIK].

ReD eXiLe ms us | 13 juli 2019

Last week, the week before, yesterday, the day before, and then all day today Tesla didn’t file for bankruptcy and did NOT go out of business.

Also, Elon Musk was not indicted, arrested, arraigned, tried, or convicted of anything criminal at all. Neither was he fired. Oh, and he didn't quit either.

Still, no one apparently believes there is any chance that Tesla wiil make Full Self Driving cars possible. Some want FSD to do the same stupid things that humans do in their cars, like drive during inclement weather. No. Artificial intelligence should be smarter than humans. A.I. should understand its own limitations and act accordingly. Thus, it should flat out refuse to operate during untoward weather conditions, unless there is an emergency situation, that the user signs off on.

What type of inclimate weather? Monsoon, hurricane, tornado, typhoon, snowstorm, icestorm, whiteout, thick fog... Yeah, pretty much all the stuff that people from Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnatti, or New York consider 'normal, ordinary' weather, to hear them talk. The sort of weather conditions that bring up 'travel advisory warnings' on your mobile phone.

There comes a time when sensible human beings SHOULD simply sit their butts down and stay put. Because you not only put yourself in danger, but you place fire/life/safety personnel in peril when they are dispatched to rescue you. [FLOCK] your job! Is your boss going to pay for a new life if you get killed? Nope.

Keep in mind that most fatal automobile accidents are typically attributed to 'human error'. Those errors are typically things like choosing to drive while sleepy or fatigued, intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, angry, sad, or under other emotional distress, and during inclimate weather. Autonomous cars will not get tired, won't use drugs, won't have emotional problems, and shouldn't operate in non-emergency inclimate weather conditions either.

$245.08 ___ TSLA
$166.51 ___ RACE
$127.71 ___ TM
_$39.22 ___ GM
_$26.48 ___ HMC
_$14.13 ___ FCAU
_$10.49 ___ F

JAD | 13 juli 2019

Tesla announced shareholder meeting for the 24th, so the fud should be big for the next couple weeks. The articles in my feed this morning included Honda clarity is the best clean car and Nissan leaf faster than a model S on track. Funny how much fud actually puts ev vs ev.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 15 juli 2019

Surprise! Tesla still hasn't run out of money, gone out of business, been shut down by the SEC, raided by the FBI, scolded by the FTC, or filed bankruptcy. NaySayers, FUDsters, Trolls, $#0r+§, and Bear$ remain dejected as a result. Neither the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, or the IIHS wield any official capacity whatsoever. But Motor Trend has named the 2013 Tesla Model S their Ultimate Car of the Year for the past seventy years. Euro NCAP tested the Tesla Model 3 as five star rated in all crash tests and awarded 94% to it for the Safety Assistance Systems category, higher than any other vehicle tested this year.


· InvestorPlace | It’s Time to Wait for Lower Prices on Tesla Stock

· The News Heater | Buy or Sell Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) Stock Now? Don't Try to Be a Top Gun

· Yahoo! | Tesla Stock Deliveries Rally Fizzles, Now What?

$253.50 ___ TSLA (100%)
$168.47 ___ RACE (66.45%)
$127.63 ___ TM (50.30%)
_$39.36 ___ GM (15.52%)
_$26.54 ___ HMC (10.46%)
_$14.18 ___ FCAU (5.59%)
_$10.42 ___ F (4.11%)

Per Macrotrends...

Historical daily share price chart and data for Tesla since 2010 adjusted for splits. The latest closing stock price for Tesla as of July 15, 2019 is $253.50.

· The all-time high Tesla stock price is $385.00, which is 51.9% above the current share price.
· The Tesla 52-week high stock price is $379.57, which is 49.7% above the current share price.
· The Tesla 52-week low stock price is $178.97, which is 29.4% below the current share price.
· The average Tesla stock price for the last 52 weeks is $289.09.

Tesla Model 3 was the Ninth best selling passenger car in the U.S. during June 2019 per GoodCarBadCar...

13,950 ___ Tesla Model 3
10,713 ___ Kia Soul
10,366 ___ Kia Forte
_9,653 ___ Volkswagen Jetta
_9,296 ___ Dodge Charger
_8,599 ___ Hyundai Sonata
_8,315 ___ Ford Fiesta
_8,300 ___ Kia Optima
_8,116 ___ Nissan Versa
_8,109 ___ Ford Mustang
_6,615 ___ Toyota Prius Family
_6,062 ___ Chevrolet Cruze

Tesla Model 3 has been the Tenth best selling passenger car in the U.S. through June 2019 per GoodCarBadCar...

46,425 ___ Tesla Model 3
40,487 ___ Volkswagen Jetta
39,818 ___ Nissan Versa
39,379 ___ Kia Optima
39,076 ___ Kia Forte
38,753 ___ Hyundai Sonata
36,012 ___ Dodge Charger
34,627 ___ Chevrolet Cruze
32,054 ___ Ford Mustang
31,464 ___ Ford Fiesta
24,553 ___ Mazda 3
24,133 ___ Subaru Impreza

Remember, we are expected to believe there is 'no sustainable demand' for the Model 3.

YTD sales for the Tesla Model 3 in the U.S. comes to 2.32% of the 1,994,860 passenger cars sold thus far this year.