Tesla model 3 tires

Tesla model 3 tires

Tesla M3 comes with no spare tire, does it mean that Tesla tires are run flat like BMW? Thanks

lilbean | 4 september 2018


kaffine | 4 september 2018

No they are not run flat. You can either rely on road side assistance which may be able to bring you a loaner wheel\tire or a tow truck, or you can get a can of fix a flat and a compressor, or a plug kit and a compressor.

ebmcs03 | 4 september 2018

Thought it was mandatory to have spare or use run flats? Hence the reason BMW used run flats...

JAD | 4 september 2018

Nope, few new cars have spares and run flats are terrible tires. So many things can break on a car that can't be fixed, tires use to go flat a lot, this the spares. Now it is as rate as other issues and don't makes sense considering the added weight, spaced taken and maintenance.

billtphotoman | 5 september 2018

To some degree keeping a close watch on the tire pressure using the display plus carrying a 12V powered air compressor will reduce the chances of getting stuck with a flat. Many flats are caused by nails/screws in the tires which result in a slow leak and eventual flat. If you keep a close eye on your tire pressure you can often detect this and then use the 12V compressor to air up the tire and get to a tire repair center or safe place to plug the tire with a plug kit.

BostonPilot | 5 september 2018

@billtphotoman - that's a good suggestion. I ordered a P3D+ and really wish I had the option of 19" instead of 20" wheels. A client of mine blew both tires leaving the airport in his Model S with 21" tires - hit a pothole with both right tires and they both blew.

I *really* wish someone made a folding spare (look it up - it was a thing) that would fit in the well under the trunk of a M3... I'll definitely carry a compressor/inflator but really wish I could carry a small spare that would at least get me to a tire repair place if I hit a pothole (fairly likely here in Boston!).

centurionusa | 5 september 2018

Have this in all my cars even with cars that have spares-