Radio stopped working

Radio stopped working

My radio stopped working. Everything else seems to work (e.g. Music Streaming and Bluetooth from my phone). Is anyone else having this issue? Do I need to call Tesla?

Teslaguy | 17 september 2018

Off course u call Tesla. We can't fix anything. Try a reboot first.

maki808 | 17 september 2018

Oh cool. The reset seem to fixed it. Thanks Teslaguy!

For those who don't know how to reset, step on your brakes and hold the 2 buttons on the steering wheel for a few seconds. Reset will take about 30 seconds to restart.

photon08 | 10 september 2019

Reset fixed it for a day, but it came back a day later.

AWDTesla | 11 september 2019

Same here, still lose FM channels about 30 minutes I to my drive. Reset only works for a bit and then gone again.

chudley78 | 11 september 2019

has anyone else noticed that the radio starts getting glitchy in the day or 2 before a software update comes through, then clears up afterward

Thrillion | 11 september 2019

Noticed this morning that it seems to happen to me when switching from wifi to LTE. So I'm stating the FM radio cuts out when switching to from Wifi to LTE.
It might also happen when switching from LTE tower to LTE tower. I believe the LTE radio chip is also the one providing the FM radio reception.

kutoroff | 11 september 2019

Had my Model 3 for 6+ months. Today is the first time I've experienced an issue with the FM radio, it was cleared with a reset (so far so good), The radio was tuned to a station and playing at low volume, as we drove outside the range of the station, the audio control display showed the circulating arrows while looking for the station. This continued even on the return trip when the station clearly resumed on the radio. As noted, a reset cleared the issue for now. Until this, all previous trips outside the range of the station never did this. Software is 2019.32. Just another "bug" report, classify as trivial.

iamthealex | 11 november 2019

This FM freeze has happened to me a handful of times. The streaming radio work just fine. i'm tired of rebooting.

jrohan | 19 november 2019

I will try reboot but it doesn't seem as though this is the real fix according to some of you. Tesla are you listening?

calvin940 | 19 november 2019

@jrohan | November 19, 2019
I will try reboot but it doesn't seem as though this is the real fix according to some of you. Tesla are you listening?
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