cost of installing NEMA 14-50

cost of installing NEMA 14-50

i live in Northern Virginia...the average quote for installing NEMA 14-50 is around $1000. Is this fair price?
I am like $1000 for installation costs...40% increase in insurance cost from my last car...I like my Model 3 but savings are gone...

M3BlueGeorgia | 1 oktober 2018

You need 240v for charging. At least 30A (14-30) for 22mph or 40A (via 14-50) for 30mph.

Many people suggest you run cable of supporting 60A, since the cable cost is one of the biggest element, unless your breaker box is near where the car is parked. That will allow faster options in the future without re-running the wiring. BTW $1,000 is pretty good.

Also, if your insurer is jacking up the price by 40%, get a new insurer. There are lots of threads on the forum about insurance. Read the threads and shop around. Most people who shopped around found good quality insurance for about the same price as before.

rob.kibler | 1 oktober 2018

How far is the NEMA 14-50 from the breaker box? How many walls have to be penetrated between the 14-50 and the breaker box? I had a very long run (about 100 ft) with two building penetrations, jack-hammering and trenching to reach a detached garage, a shut-off box at the house and a sub-panel in the garage. It cost $1750 in Cabin John, MD. And my $700 rebate from Maryland (for EVSE installation) was approved about 5 days after I applied for it.

foodking | 1 oktober 2018

I'm also in nova and was quoted $900 including cost to obtain a permit. Unfinished basement, partially finished garage, about 100ft of wire needed. I'll save almost twice that in fuel so worth it for me.

CharleyBC | 1 oktober 2018

Our 14-50 was only $400, but we are lucky: our breaker panel is on the outside wall of our garage. The new 14-50 is basically directly inside from that, so the wire run was very short--just a couple feet. As others said above, the length of wire and the difficulty of running it are the biggest legit variables. So $1000 may be reasonable if the run is of any significant distance. You can always get another estimate or two.

neylus | 1 oktober 2018

$400 in NC for a 10 ft run.

amitvora | 1 oktober 2018

Get another quote. I am in NOVA and the electrician that I have been using, quoted me $300 for 2 runs. My breaker is about 35ft away from my garage. I provide the cable ($150 for 250ft of cable at homedepot), plugs etc and have to pay someone to patch up the holes.
I also bought Tesla's Powercharger unit that the electrician will install. Total I am looking at about $1300 ($600 power charger+$300 electrician cost + $150 cable cost + $200 to patch holes + $50 switches and nema 14-50 outlet costs)

wqlhh | 1 oktober 2018

I installed two for less than $500, I gave he $500.
One is in front of garage and another in rear of garage.
I think I can re-charge my car what my parking position.
Now I found, it hard to pull out or pull in.
So I only use one.
another will using by visitors

jcbelleau | 1 oktober 2018

$250, but it is right next to the breaker box. I just got lucky with the location.

matine.real | 1 oktober 2018

$350 to have a 14-50 outdoor outlet right under our panel. It was $490 from another electrician when we thought we didn't have any spares and was going to have to re-arrange the panel to fit a quad breaker. The electrician that did work on the panel before knew we had two spares and was able to get it done cheaper.

Model3Matt | 1 oktober 2018

$175 in Phoenix, which included service and all parts, for a 2.5 hour installation not super far away from the breaker box.

multimediawill | 1 oktober 2018

$625 in Chicago. Panel is in the basement 30 feet from garage. Took the electrician 2 hours.

roger.klurfeld | 1 oktober 2018

I'm in Northern Virginia. Cost was $860 including cost of permit. The run was about 60 feet through an unfinished basement. Wire size is very important. I have 6 gauge copper wire. It's about $3 a foot. The electrician and his helper worked for 2 hours to put it in. I had plenty of run in my panel, but the electrician rearranged some breakers to put in the 50 amp breaker at the top of the panel. I have an outlet with a plastic cover on the outside wall of my house next to my driveway.

gballant4570 | 1 oktober 2018

Everything is more expensive in Northern Va. Including gas - so your gas savings should be greater than mine. I was maintaining a work apartment in Reston the last 3 years I was working (after my company moved there from MD) and I discovered pretty much everything across the board is more expensive there.

I'm not sure prices from other locations are indicative in comparison.

VoltChris | 1 oktober 2018

Since I had mine installed below the panel at regular height for a wall socket it was $399 but also included removing a 6-20 I had for my Volt and replacing it with a GFI 120 (Georgia)

Rocky_H | 1 oktober 2018

I love these where someone asks if an electrical quote is reasonable without saying whether the wiring run is 6 inches or 100 feet.

Mzab | 1 oktober 2018

130 ft of 6 AWG Copper wiring, 60amp breaker for Tesla wall connector. Included separate 125 amp service box for reduced electric pricing. Cost $1450.00 plus the cost of the Tesla wall connector.

steve0 | 1 oktober 2018

Get another quote and tell them it's for a dryer. Oddly, some electricians apply a Tesla premium to their work. BTW, if you're somewhat savvy at small DIY projects I'd put this on your list as it isn't any more difficult than re-wiring a lighting switch or installing a ceiling fan.
I installed my 14-50 myself and the longest part of the project was drywall repair. Because I SUCK at drywall.

gmkellogg | 1 oktober 2018

@multimediawill who did you use?

Liferules | 1 oktober 2018

$290 in DFW to put it right below the electrical panel box.

elecfan2 | 1 oktober 2018

I asked an electrician for a quote for installing a charging port, but I'm not sure if I want to spend the money if the car wont' actually be delivered. Spending that kind of money for nothing seems to be a waste.

copencat1995 | 1 oktober 2018

Mine cost way more in SW VA. Of course we are talking digging a 18 inch deep ditch, accessing the underground electric, run from the house panel 20 feet, and then do the install (plus 2 other outlets and wiring for lights) for our detached/alley facing garage. Required 3 guys, a tractor/backhoe etc. I wasn't home so I have NO IDEA how they got the backhoe in the I'm willing to guess my dog was underfoot 'helping' dig and begging for attention half the time. So, a bit more than twice what you were quoted. As for insurance, mine will go up...but trading in an 8 year old car, so not unexpected.

elecfan2 | 1 oktober 2018

But if you spend the money and there is no car to take advantage of the outlet you installed, what have you gained? You've spent money on an outlet but no car to plug into it. Tesla can't deliver.

ODWms | 1 oktober 2018

Patrick, have you considered looking into the inventory vehicles available for immediate delivery. They may have one that matches your configuration and you can switch your order to it, take it home now and stop waiting. I feel your pain, man. Got tired of the waiting and opted out.

elecfan2 | 1 oktober 2018

I've asked, but by DA was fired from Tesla, the second DA won't answer repeated emails, the third hasn't responded. You give money to Tesla, but they refuse to deliver anything. Amazing. They can't deliver anything even if you offer. It 's like they don't want your business or they can't deliver. Trouble at Tesla for sure.

-TheJohn- | 1 oktober 2018

$400 here in Tucson with the plug being about 30' from the breaker box. Seems a bit excessive but then so does anything an electrician does. /shrug

hongsenyu | 1 oktober 2018

In north CA (SF bay area), if you have EV you can get EV plan from PGE. The electricity cost is $0.12 per kWh.
I drive 1200 miles per month which costs me 400 kWh, $48.
I did a calculation, NEMA 14-50 may save me $12 out of $48. And 50 months later I could save $600 and break even my installation cost. So I just stick to 110v charging.

sbenoit | 1 oktober 2018

In Vancouver, WA, it cost me $471.00. It seemed very reasonable to me.

tony007 | 1 oktober 2018

$200 in Chandler, AZ. Right behind the breaker box inside the garage. Price included parts and labor.

ST70 | 1 oktober 2018

$19.99 on Amazon Prime....

ODWms | 2 oktober 2018

It would have been $600 in my area of Florida. I did it myself, for $20in parts for the 50 amp breaker, outlet and wiring. 30 mile per hour charging virtually for free..

YongGaoHD | 2 oktober 2018

I received quotes from $400 to over $1000. I spent $420+tax in Bellevue WA which is very reasonable. The installation took a couple of hours. It's nice to 'fill' the car right in my garage:-)

ST70 | 2 oktober 2018

$420? really...what are you smoking?

michael521w | 2 oktober 2018

$1,000 sounds like an unbelievable ripoff.

I spent about $130 in materials, and luckily my brother in law is an electrician so he helped me out with the install. That being said, it took about a half hour of his work. Granted, we weren't installing the wire behind a wall or anything - it was in my garage so we just tacked it to the ceiling and ran it down to an outlet mounted on the wall. It's not elegant but it gets the job done.

Furthermore, it's really easy to do. I know how to install a breaker and wire an outlet, so I could have done it myself. I just asked him for help since I've never wired up that much power before, so it wasn't something I wanted to mess with. But if push came to shove I definitely could have handled it, and it wouldn't have taken much longer.

gballant4570 | 2 oktober 2018

I'm probably a little late to the party..... but finally ignored patrickscarroll.....

Atoms | 2 oktober 2018

$1000 including permit is OK. I paid $650 but did the permit myself and purchased all materials myself. The electrician did 2 hours of work for $250.

ColonyGolfer | 3 oktober 2018

I spent $720...Service panel on upper floor condo. Ran 200' of cord in a conduit from the service panel, up into the attic, across the length of the condo, down the elevator shaft and across the roof of the garage. Very reasonable licensed electrician in SWFL. The same job was quoted by Tesla recommended company at $1800.

billdragon | 4 oktober 2018

The electrician ran about 20' of #6 wire over a few joists in the garage. He wired the tesla wall charger for me, put a 60A fuse in the panel. $420. I thought it was very fair here in The Woodlands Tx.

I had an over the phone estimate, from a Tesla recommend electrician. $500. + $15 a foot for the wire. You need to shop around without that Tesla target on your back.

jmb | 4 oktober 2018

Why 14-50? terminate in NEMA 6-50 and save running an unused neutral wire. Running 200 ft. in conduit in a concrete parking garage here (TX) is $2,300. The material cost is $800 and the rest labor. I would assume a residential run that is shorter would be (much?) less.

gballant4570 | 4 oktober 2018

I would always suggest for a new installation choose the larger gauge wire and don't short the number of conductors. You never know what you might want to upgrade to later, and saving $200 today won't seem like a savings later......

Frank_398 | 4 oktober 2018

I installed 2 ft next to my breaker in texas and got an off duty electrican to come out for $130.

tslavin | 5 oktober 2018

$250 in Houston not including permit fee but it was installed right next to breaker box. Get a couple more estimates and make sure grounding hole is on top.

n3pHr0n | 5 oktober 2018

Paid about $750 near Akron. Outlet in garage, about 60 feet of #6 entering unfinished basement, but traveling through finished area to get to panel. Moved a few breakers around to get two side-by-side in the panel. Quoted $950 by Tesla-recommended electrician.

sachin_1410 | 30 mei 2019

$300 including materials in Houston installed 1 ft right to breaker box - took him 30 mins. Not cheap but not breaks the bank as well. I would say fair price for this thing is 200 but not easy to find one in that price.

bcmusik | 30 mei 2019

$400 for me in Burbank, Ca. 14-50 (50 amp circuit/breaker) about a 25' run (included the cost of the panel.
I choose to not hardwire a Tesla Charger - not at this point anyway.

Tesla2018 | 30 mei 2019

My broyher is an electgrician and my fuse box is in my gsrage. I lnly needed about 2 feet of wire, an outlet and outlet cover plus a box that the wire goes into. Cost about $35 in parts. He put one in his garage too so this way I dont have to stop at a supercharger on the way there or back home, since he lives about 240 miles away and the nearest supercharger by him is 20 miles past his house. I give him $10 to pay for the electricity when I visit which is less than what it costs him at 9c per kwh and it is less than what they charge me at the supercharger 26c so we both make out.

akifzeeshan | 31 januari 2020

I paid my electrition 200$, it cost like 250$ for parts my breaker box was not far from my carport, i bought nema 14-50 adoptor which is giving me 30 m/hr not bad right
i live in Ellicott city MD

Big_Ed | 31 januari 2020

Installed NEMA 6-50 on 30 foot conduit run from service panel in garage. Cost was approx $200 in materials plus $75 permit fee. Did the work myself.

Scrannel | 1 februari 2020

4' Romex + breaker + outlet + did myself = about $80.

syclone | 1 februari 2020

Had to replace 4 single 20 amp breakers with 2 dual 20 amp breakers to make room for the dual 50 - 6 foot run of #6 cable - 14-50 outlet in the garage. Total cost $80.00

andy.connor.e | 1 februari 2020

My breaker box is right next to where i park so i will probably be doing the same thing.