side mirrors go down on reverse

side mirrors go down on reverse

Is there any way to have the side mirrors remain up while reversing instead of pointing to the ground? Why do they do this?

Magic 8 Ball | 1 oktober 2018

You save the Reverse mirror position same as you save the Drive position. Many folks like the down mirror for reverse (lots of cars do this now) to see the curb and low obstacles since the back up camera shows most of what you need to see.

ron369 | 1 oktober 2018

From the manual ...

Mirror Auto Tilt - Premium Package
If equipped with the premium package, both exterior mirrors can automatically tilt downward when Model 3 is shifted into Reverse. When you shift back into Drive, the mirrors return to their normal (upward) position.
To turn this feature on or off, touch Controls > Quick Controls > Mirrors > Mirror Auto Tilt.

lbowroom | 1 oktober 2018

But if you don't like it, you can turn it off on the mirror menu

walnotr | 1 oktober 2018

There is a setting you can use to turn off the auto tilt. I keep mine off unless I’m afraid if clipping a curb or other low object. Otherwise I like them up so I can check out my surroundings while backing.

-TheJohn- | 1 oktober 2018

I found them horribly annoying until I realized what they were trying to do (look at curbs etc) and then I totally changed my mind. They work great with the backup camera.

ST70 | 1 oktober 2018

it helps my wife who drives while blonde...

billlake2000 | 1 oktober 2018

ST70, your appointment to the supreme court is DENIED

carlk | 1 oktober 2018

You can adjust the mirrors while in reverse and save the setting to your profile too.

diegoPasadena | 2 oktober 2018

@carlk - My Model S remembers the position. Not my Model 3. At least not when I first got it and tried to do that. Does yours? Maybe they've fixed the software in that respect in the meantime. I haven't tried lately.

-TheJohn- | 2 oktober 2018

I had the same problem Diego and I haven't tried again since I got used to the way they were trying to point me to. Nice catch that maybe they've sliced the users capability even farther down the personal choice road.

wiboater4 | 2 oktober 2018

I had mine turned on to tilt in reverse but didn't like it and finally turned it off. It would be nice to adjust them so they didn't go down so far.

lbowroom | 2 oktober 2018

You can. While in reverse, set them where you want them and tap save.

FifthOnLeft | 2 oktober 2018

A little off topic, but anyone knows if the 2 or more Model 3s owned by the same user can share profile settings ? I vaguely remember some discussion about it long ago, but haven't seen it discussed here recently.

joe.lynn.atp | 2 oktober 2018

The owners manual: such a terrible thing to waste.

wayne | 2 oktober 2018

Saving mirror position while in reverse doesn’t work for me.

disapr | 2 oktober 2018

I see no reference to saving reverse mirror settings in my manual. Searched for every reference to Mirror.

I did however go mess with this a couple of hours ago and set my preferences. Thanks!

joe.lynn.atp | 3 oktober 2018

Page 34, creating a driver profile explains how changes to mirrors will prompt an update to the driver profile.

Page 38, Mirrors describes how to set or disable Auto Titl and Auto Fold.

karlerm | 23 oktober 2018

The tilt while in reverse settings do NOT save on my M3. I hoped it would be fixed in v9 but it's exactly the same. I put in rev and the mirrors tilt WAAAAY down, then I adjust them back up and save the change to my profile. But as soon as I put in drive and then back into reverse, the mirrors go back to the waaay down position. I believe when I first got the car it and in reverse set the mirrors that it took it but now won't accept a change. I say that because I somewhat remember and also because the L/R positions are quite a bit different from each other and don't seem "factory" or stock.

wittywww | 11 december 2019

Is there a way to only tilt one side (passenger side) instead of both? thanks!

Los Angeles | 11 december 2019

@wittywww NO I asked the same thing. Its a bummer because in LA people drive so close to one another it would be nice to have when parallel parking so you could see the curb on your right and approaching traffic on your left.

andy | 12 december 2019

I'd like the option of dipping the mirrors when driving forward. It would help a lot when clearing (normal) narrow spaces and being able to see where the side of the car and rear wheels are to avoid kerbing.

The Model 3 has a relatively long wheelbase, is a wide car and has a wide turning circle. Takes a bit of adjusting to. I always reverse into spaces as that way I can get an idea of where the sides and end of the car are (it still overhangs most spaces due to the length). Challenge is then pulling forward and not hitting things at the side.

It's one of the reasons I tend to stick to driving the Model 3 on motorways and major roads, where it excels.

UK perspective - we don't have wide parking spaces and car parks designed for Cadillacs.

Scoutx | 12 december 2019

I really wish you could save the tilt on only one side. All the German cars i've had did this and retraining my brain has resulted in many almost accidents.

mike | 12 december 2019

@scoutx yes, this exactly... I hate that the left mirror tilts, I only want the right for curb parking!!

Rutrow 3 | 12 december 2019

The personally configurable mirror positions on reverse does not work in the Model 3. It can be done on my wife's Model S (and I guess the X) but not on my Model 3.