Tesla App - Android phone "allow notification dot" ????

Tesla App - Android phone "allow notification dot" ????

So I was playing with the Tesla app settings and came across "allow notification dot" as an option. No idea what that means. But I disabled it. After I did that I tested what changed. Now, when I click the Tesla app it connects to the car within 1 second. No "waking up" lag.

Does anyone know what "allow notification dot" does?

M3BlueGeorgia | 14 oktober 2018

I think it allows a permanent "notification".
When you pull it down, and you are within BT range, it'll show "connected" and then allow you to unlock, open frunk and open trunk without loading up the application.

Mike UpNorth_ | 14 oktober 2018

That's a good explanation M3BG. I think you might be right.
Also, my guess as to a quicker 'wake up' is incorrect. I just tried again and it took ~10 seconds....bummer.

roger.klurfeld | 15 oktober 2018

It simply allows the icon to show that you have a notification.

Rocky_H | 15 oktober 2018

"Supercharging nearly complete"
"Charging completed"
"Charging interrupted"
"There is a software update available"

Those are notifications that could be shown on your phone. The button is whether you want to allow any of those notifications to appear or not.