Got your V9 yet?

Got your V9 yet?

Has everybody got their v9? Mine hasn't come yet and wonder if there is anything I need to do to get it.

danandersondc | 18 oktober 2018

Mine has not come yet.

JonC18 | 18 oktober 2018

I haven’t. I have a early Vin (102xx) and was hoping I’d be in a early batch. Can’t wait.

frankye2000 | 18 oktober 2018

not getting it yet although I got my M3 on July 22. Maybe try to call service tomorrow but not sure it is useful, anyone has experience?

danandersondc | 18 oktober 2018

Mine has not come yet.

shawncordell | 18 oktober 2018

Yep!! Had it a week now!

gballant4570 | 18 oktober 2018


maztec | 18 oktober 2018

Steps to get v9:

1) Wait until November 1. Do not panic before then.
2) Put your vehicle on WiFi at night, if possible.
3) Understand that 2018.39.7 distribution has been slowed due to bugs.
4) Wait for 2018.40 or better, which fixes many of the nasty v9 bugs people are encountering.
5) Name your first born child "Elon", post it on twitter, and ask for an update in exchange.

isadiarhinaleas | 19 oktober 2018

Called service center and was told v9 rollout could take 8-10 weeks. Also, update arrival is totally random and has nothing to do with where you live or how long you've had your car.

I keep reading on this forum that they've slowed or paused v9 distribution to work out some bugs. Not sure how people got this info, but it's out there.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 oktober 2018

● My reply is no.

erick.heath | 19 oktober 2018

not yet from here in LA County

Matinski | 19 oktober 2018

Yes, on Tuesday. I like that they moved the clock to the left side and the glove box open button isn't buried and is more accessible.

jimglas | 19 oktober 2018

2018.40 yesterday

Jdansinger | 19 oktober 2018

Not yet!

jamespompi | 19 oktober 2018

Is it just people that cant get on wifi at this point?

Future_owner | 19 oktober 2018

maztec- My 2nd child's middle name is Elon but still no V9. Maybe a Teslaquila tattoo will do the trick.

metzger.bob | 19 oktober 2018

No & growing impatient vin V411

Jdansinger | 19 oktober 2018

Mine car has been on wifi for weeks: no update!

Lightglass | 19 oktober 2018

Nothing here either

MRNot01 | 19 oktober 2018

As a RWD/non-EAD owner, I'm guessing I'm very looooooooooooow priority if that's how they decide on who gets it when. That said, I want the interface updates, dammit! lol

maztec | 19 oktober 2018

@Future_Owner: Hah! The trick is that it has to be the first-born's first-name. Missed the truck on that way. :)

jamespompi | 19 oktober 2018

@MRNot01 Dont think that has anything to do with it, I've had the 49K version for 2 months and I got the update last week.

agkulcz | 19 oktober 2018

I wonder if I'll ever get it. I park in a condo garage where there is not only no wifi - there's absolutely zero LTE signal. I do not have anywhere to connect to wifi anywhere else so all updates previously came through LTE while parked at work during the day - hopefully they'll push V9 over LTE as well.

P49X | 19 oktober 2018

Mine updated to v.9 at noon today in the Bay Area, via home WiFi. (2018.39.7.1)

ffurbish | 19 oktober 2018

They pulled the initial push of V9 due to bugs. Was told that the fix would roll out "any day". You do have to be on wifi and it will probably run overnight. Does anyone know if there is a way to tell if you got the 1st V9 or the new and improved V9?

maztec | 19 oktober 2018

@ffurbish: Phone app or in car show current version. Compare to

Rykemapo | 19 oktober 2018

I've wasted so much battery keeping my car awake on wifi for this. It's upsetting.

Rykemapo | 19 oktober 2018

So I just got 2018.39.7.1 over LTE. According to teslafi, I'm the first one.

frankye2000 | 19 oktober 2018

my wifi is turned on but disconnects from time to time. hope LTE will do also.

Jtwo | 19 oktober 2018

I got it earlier this week.

gmkellogg | 19 oktober 2018

Just got an alert there's an update available... Wish me luck

gmkellogg | 19 oktober 2018

The thunks are terrifying. Oh snap screen rebooting now...could this be it for our hero

av | 19 oktober 2018

Got mine last night, I'm now on 2018.39.7.1

gmkellogg | 19 oktober 2018

Success! 2018.40.1

Magic 8 Ball | 19 oktober 2018

Just got it 5:00 PM SF Bay Area. 39.7.1

So cool to see new features.

Mde0509 | 19 oktober 2018

I got v9 in NYC, took 18 minutes.

CST | 19 oktober 2018

Finally today, 39.7.1, still buggy, lol

ODWms | 19 oktober 2018

Feeling bad reading some of these posts. I got the update after having my car 10 days.

johnhal | 19 oktober 2018

got mine a week ago. Now trying to figure out how to print an up to date copy. the one at is not V9. The overview of the touchscreen is a give away.

calvin940 | 19 oktober 2018

Negative. Any Canadians get an update yet? Maybe the tubes are too cold up here...

JAD | 19 oktober 2018

Got it on both 3's today and it is quite nice so far. The trip consumption meter will be awesome for my long trip into the Sequoias tomorrow. The browser is much better than in the S, not to mention 360 view in AP screen, blind spot monitoring and a basic dash cam. Oh, and my son is thrilled for Atari while charging.

Despite some negative comments, I am a happy camper to get this 12 hours before my trip!!!

alexps | 19 oktober 2018

Just finished. 2018.40.1

HalliBee | 19 oktober 2018

Canadian, got it today.....

maztec | 19 oktober 2018

Just got mine. Straight from 36.2 to 40.1. Tried to post from the car's web browser, but it's far enough behind on HTML5 that it cannot fill in the forum's reCAPTCHA.

maztec | 19 oktober 2018

What I want to know is why some people are updating from 36.2 to 37.1 and others from 36.2 to 40.1 ... all at the same time. Confusing.

maztec | 19 oktober 2018

Err... 39.7.1, I'd edit it but don't see an edit button.

torretto | 19 oktober 2018

Just got upgrade from 36.2 to 39.7.1 in the Sacramento area.

czamara | 19 oktober 2018

I finally got 39.7 today! I’ve been eagerly anticipating it for weeks. It’s really great. The new UI is so much better. Hang in there, it will come any day now.

metzger.bob | 19 oktober 2018

I rec'd V9 today Vin 411XXXX. So far, I like the new software :)

hapstr | 20 oktober 2018

I also live in Condo. My wifi doesn't reach car. Pulled into my son's garage. Still no Wifi. I finally went to service center to get pre 9 update and GPS. They couldn't/wouldn't download 9. I guess I'll have to go back to Service center . Of course when is a big question.

frankye2000 | 20 oktober 2018

finally got V9 last night at SF bay area through wifi. How do we know it is 39.7.1 or 40.1? any tutorials?