Maps spinning

Maps spinning

I have a 2013 Model S P85. Over the last month or so, the maps on the main display (and on the panel display when actively navigating) spin intermittently, as if the GPS has lost its compass heading. This was occurring before the upgrade to 9.0, so I don't think it's necessarily a software issue. It appears to happen most when I have stopped at an intersection, then when I start up again the map spins a couple of times before resuming appropriate heading and nav. I'm seeing the behavior more frequently, I am wondering if this represents a faulty GPS module about to die, a loose GPS antenna or something else? I'm bringing my car in for servicing in a few weeks (when I'm picking up a Model 3 Performance for my wife!) so I'd love to find out if anyone has seen this behavior and can give advice to me and the technicians. I've re-booted the software a few times and the behavior doesn't go away.

Chunky Jr. | 23 oktober 2018

I have a 13 P85 and have experienced the exact same problem. It does a 180 spin, then spins back almost immediately.

SpaceGhost | 23 oktober 2018

I wonder if the nav is actually using a compass, vs using the relative position of GPS points to determine direction. i.e. a compass is only affected by magnetic affects, but GPS has to triangulate and precisely time satellite signals. GPS is only accurate down to a few yards, so when standing still with a handheld GPS device, you will often see your position move as it re-calculates the signals. If the position moves backwards, the relative direction would as well. This would cause the map to flip as the calculated direction changes.

redacted | 23 oktober 2018

My Oct '13 P85 had a hardware problem - it had a bad sensor that constantly thought the car to be turning. Reminded me of the movie Vertigo. Anyway, it was "fixed in software" meaning, I am guessing, that Tesla disabled the sensor.

Talk to your SC. Maybe a different batch of chips is finally going bad.

Bambino | 27 oktober 2018

I have the same problem. I have model s 85 2013.

tes-s | 27 oktober 2018

Same thing, only when stopped.

Bambino | 27 oktober 2018

Does anyone know the solution?

txakoli | 27 oktober 2018

2014 S85, no AP. I have the same issue.

akikiki | 27 oktober 2018

When the maps start spinning, you need to find a parking lot where you can drive around and drive in a circle in the opposite direction to unwind the screen.

The problem is often the henway.

tes-s | 27 oktober 2018

What's a henway? :)

akikiki | 27 oktober 2018

About 2 pounds when dressed out. Well, after you pull the feathers. :)

And thanks for asking. No one has asked in a lonnnng time. :)

iamgrey | 29 oktober 2018

With my current Model S (Mar 2018), I see a similar spinning but it happens in one specific spot on the freeway I drive near my house. When driving southbound at that one particular location (usually ~70mph), suddenly the map spins around 360 degrees. It is one single spin, not stopping at another orientation. The orientation looks correct before and it looks correct after. I've always assumed it is just a bit of a glitch in map data. My previous Model S did not exhibit this behavior.

ftwohy | 29 oktober 2018

I just got my 2016 S85 back from replacement of the antenna and wiring harness for it. The screen does the same thing you have described in the above posts. I think I may be a software issue as everything in my vehicle is new including the screen.

sfurman | 29 oktober 2018

I had the same issue frequently on my 2015 S60 and brought it into the SC, but they were unable to pinpoint the issue, even when I was able to provide the date/time of the failure so they could pull logs.

I found some other threads going back a few years that suggested it might be a failed gyro sensor.

collier0680 | 30 oktober 2018

Yes mine started doing this right after a software update, I think the one before 9.0. I am 100% positive it's software related, but have had 3 updates since and it is still not corrected.

Chunky Jr. | 30 oktober 2018

there are too many people having this problem for it to be a hardware problem. must be a bug introduced a few releases ago.

Bambino | 14 januari 2019

5 months later I still have the same problem. :(

Chunky Jr. | 14 januari 2019

same. it happens several times a day to me

plusplusjames | 15 januari 2019

Same here -- instrument cluster map spins every once in a while, never the main one on the big flat panel. Maybe it's a feature, not a bug?

Bambino | 15 januari 2019

It can not be normal.

DanFoster1 | 17 januari 2019

“The power of Christ compels you!”—The Exorcist

collier0680 | 2 februari 2019

Tesla told me that a board is causing interference with the gyro board and needs to be wrapped in something. I was told this happened from the board moving which I don't believe.

Bambino | 17 februari 2019

I changed the antenna and the gyroscope. I still have the same problem. :(

jeepn30 | 14 april 2019

My 2013 S has the same issue as well. Usually when I'm stopped at a traffic signal and then start to go.

plusplusjames | 16 april 2019

I reported this as an issue to the Devon PA Service Center and they had no solution. They didn't even seem to be aware of it. They took the car out for a drive around the block to test it and of course the map didn't spin for them. Guess the Grateful Dead were not on the radio at that precise moment.