Wrong Speed Limits and sudden decelleration

Wrong Speed Limits and sudden decelleration

I'm not sure how to inform Tesla of this issue but between the towns of Eleva Wisonsin and Elk Creek our Model 3 believes the speed limit is 30 mph which makes using auto steer impossible. Also, at the intersection of State Hwy 93 and Deerfield Road, the car abruptly reduces speed for a second before resuming, this has happened twice with no traffic or objects to explain it.

Xerogas | 31 oktober 2018

@kmholmqu: next time it happens, press the right steering wheel button and say “report a problem sudden deceleration on freeway”. Your car will log a bug report with the mothership.

bp | 1 november 2018

Been there - done that - hasn't helped.

Tesla changed the speed limit database provider in mid-2017. Since then, there are numerous locations that have incorrect (high or low) or completely missing speed limit data.

Initially I tried reporting each of those using the bug report feature - and after going months without seeing any significant improvement, have given up.

When driving on a highway, when there are spots with incorrectly low speed limits, the software will rapidly decrease speed - something surrounding vehicles aren't expecting, and could pose a safety issue (if someone is tailgating).

And now that the software tries to automatically adjust speed - the bad speed limit data is a bigger problem - especially in areas with recent construction.

For FSD to ever work, there must be someway to quickly correct the incorrect speed limit data - such as reading the speed limit signs and/or observing the actual vehicle speeds and noting areas where the speed limit data is likely incorrect.

TreeStryder | 1 november 2018

Too bad Tesla does not used a validated copy of OpenStreetMap (like through MapBox). Then, anyone could update the speed limits.

kcheng | 1 november 2018

Would be nice to know what 3rd-party is providing the actual data, and then being able to easily report the incorrect data directly to them. Cut out the middleman.

chelsey.hansen | 1 november 2018

I note that the map says google, so maybe see if the google maps app on your phone states the same speed as the car. If so then bam. Report an issue to google, they will eventually pay attention.

vpoz | 2 november 2018

Been happening to me for a while too... doesn’t bode well for fully autonomous driving.

bp | 2 november 2018

The speed limit data doesn't appear to be from Google.

Since Tesla has shifted routing to a cloud server - there should be a way to indicate road/speed limit issues while driving - so the problem is reported back to the cloud server, and the software can identify areas that should be reviewed, based on reports from multiple vehicles in the same area.

Though the software should be able to automatically detect areas where the road/speed limit data are likely wrong by comparing the operation of vehicles in those areas - and noting when multiple vehicles appear to be doing something that doesn't match the database. This would be very helpful in areas under construction - when the traffic flow is changed.

Another area that will be challenging is locations where the speed limit or traffic lanes changes at specific times - like school zones or high occupancy lanes. Not clear the software is set up to handle those locations.