Customer Service Sucks

Customer Service Sucks

For the past month or more it is almost impossible to get someone in customer service to answer a phone. Whether I call the national 800 number or my local Orlando center the average wait time is over 30 minutes. I actually got through a few days ago when I dialed the local number. Now it is routed to a call center. The tech was very nice, took all my information about my internet not working properly and told me someone would get back with me. Well here we are almost a week later and no one has called. When I tried again this morning I was on hold for about 20 minutes when the line disconnected. How can you call this customer service???

Silver2K | 13 november 2018

Go to your Tesla account, click on manage and in the support area hit the dropdown and choose "escalate this concern for executive review", type up the complaint and submit!

mvyoung2 | 14 november 2018

Silver2K -- I've tried this and received zero response. It's been 5 days since my last attempt.

Silver2K | 14 november 2018

Call the service manager.

Call the local service center
Choose option 2 for service
Choose the option to check status on your vehicle, which should connect you to the service center and then askbto speak to the manager.

Silver2K | 14 november 2018


baldwin | 14 november 2018

Is it physically possible for Tesla to have better service without building more service centers ?

kawdennis | 14 november 2018

Yes, if they please, please use their Rangers

kawdennis | 14 november 2018

I bought my new 2013 P85 from Tesla of Menlo Park, ( it’s no longer Tesla) The Service was super excellent, they were so nice they would let me go into the shop and the technician would show me how the corrections were done, Now when I phone Tesla I get a machine, and if I’m lucky enough to get a real person She ( I won’t use her name or center) She lies to me ( heavy language) Ya But it is the exact truth

tinglis_2000 | 14 november 2018

Same experiences with long wait times at the national 878-332-6091 number in the past month or so.
Finally discovered that I could get the local phone number and extension of a manager in the service department in Pittsburgh. They usually answer right away.

NKYTA | 14 november 2018

@kaw, not only is it not an SvC, the entire block was razed!

I gave Burlingame 7 weeks heads up for my 6th Annual. Got a message today, all parts sourced except for seat heater. I’m even going to get those fancy sun visors y’all were talking about 5 1/2 years ago. ;-)

AIA304 | 15 november 2018

Agree with folks @ service is not easy or quick to get ahold of a person to talk. Last week when we called to make the appointment for drive unit over the phone, I waited 10 mins on hold, then hung up and drove to the SClara SC and made the appt there in 5 mins.

Not the optimal setup.

But, there is something new, Tesla service center are now allowing you to leave a message and then they call you back without loosing your spot in line/cue.

It started a couple days ago. Well I called service Monday afternoon and was prompted to put my self in Queue for a call back to see if service had a drive motor for my car for Tuesday appt.

Well they called back yesterday afternoon. The rep stated that call back option just started and they are working bugs out.

I think a step in the right direction.

Anyone see this or is it just in the Bay Area?

akikiki | 15 november 2018

I'm a little surprised no one has pointed out that we can schedule an appoint and select a date and available time online. Folks in my area have been able to do this for more than a year. Its it not available to everyone by now?

Look under Manage, Red button SCHEDULE. Allow you to type in a description and select an available date and time. After I completed, I got an email confirmation and later a reminder. Works well.


Bighorn | 15 november 2018

You are correct, of course.

Silver2K | 15 november 2018

akikiki, It's available, but sometimes you want to speak to someone instead of making an appointment. Especially when you live great distances from the service center

rxlawdude | 15 november 2018

Was at Costa Mesa last evening to check on my wife's M3 service (which really was a request to rotate tires and check on frequent drops of streaming radio), which she dropped off on Monday and was just starting to be looked at on Wednesday at 5pm.

The place was chaotic, with the driveways packed full of cars and tons more parked on the street. According to one of the employees, they serviced 150 vehicles yesterday, and were booked for 175 today.

I asked about the Mission Viejo Service Center rumored to be imminent a few months ago. Crickets.

Oh yeah, Costa Mesa is now open 7 days a week.

AIA304 | 15 november 2018

Rxlaw, yes same for me regarding, we took our car in Tuesday 8am for drive unit replacement, and got imessage last night, they will start first thing this morning.....well at least we got a MS75D from enterprise. Enterprise rep said they purchased 400 Tesla’s for rentals in Bay Area alone !

Scoopok | 15 november 2018

I live in Oklahoma and the appointment online is not available. I have spent over 30 minutes on hold on three occasions this week and no one has ever answered. There is no option to leave number for call back. I currenty have a MS I've had for almost 4 years and my wife recently bought a model 3. Was considering trading mine for an X but with this lack of service I have reconsidered. I have been a huge fan until the last few months. Lack of customer service is unacceptable.

trevor58 | 15 november 2018

@Scoopok. My last two service issues, steering retrofit and door handle, have been dealt with Ranger coming to my house and working on the Tesla in my garage. Is Ranger Service not available on OK?

trevor58 | 15 november 2018

In OK?

avesraggiana | 16 november 2018

I’ve discovered that even though Ranger Service has long been available in my area, I can’t seem to get a call back to schedule an appointment.

Tired of holding on the phone, I finally drove up to our local Service Centre and immediately was able to schedule a service appointment for a month later. I was then told that I would be getting a call from the Ranger Service to schedule another appointment for our other Tesla since that Tesla’s problems did not warrant an SC visit. It’s been over a week, no call back yet.

Ohmster | 16 november 2018

In SoCal, Teslas are a dime a dozen. Yet our Agoura Hills SC remains responsive and readily available. I’ve never had to schedule out more than a week. The advisors and technicians are courteous and knowledgeable.

Absolutely no complains.

Doesn’t hurt that I always bring doughnuts. :)

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Tthai72 | 19 september 2019

I am a Model 3 owner. I WILL NOT buy Tesla again because of the service. They need more service centers and
Better service to their customers. Schedule a service appointment won't available for at least 2 weeks.

Mathew98 | 19 september 2019

Hmm, M3 owners complaining in MS forum...

2 weeks for service is pretty quick unless the car is bricked. Try to schedule service for Porches or Maserati.

hsuru4u | 19 september 2019

drive there and talk to real people if you are close enough and have the time.

rsakai538 | 19 september 2019

I have a 2016 S 75D. I have been having a problem with TACC - it would slow down to 50 then speed up to the limit I set, then slow down, etc. I scheduled service on the app and scheduled service. A week before my appointment, I got several texts from them to prepare for the appointment, and I was able to tell them what my issues were. When I brought it in yesterday am, the service advisor was knowledgeable and answered my questions. Although they didn't have a loaner car, they gave me a $400 Uber credit. I was very pleasantly surprised when I woke up this am and saw a text from them that my car was ready. I picked it up this am after taking Uber using part of my credit.
"Technician found that the pitch angle of the auto pilot triple camera was off by almost 2 degrees. The angle being off exhibits behaviors experienced by the customers. -Technician installed a new rear view mirror bracket that brings the angle of the triple camera back into specification."

Hopefully this fixed the problem, but I won't be able to give it a good test until a road trip in a few weeks.

Conclusion: Although it might be difficult to call them, they are making good use of the app and texts to communicate with owners. I am pleasantly surprised with this service experience.

Bighorn | 19 september 2019

This is the second zombie that Tthai has spammed.

jake | 19 september 2019

I love my 2016 MS 90D and would buy it again. And fortunately it has been very reliable. That said when I have a service/tech question that is not answered on FAQs, forums and by random strangers on the street, there is no way to get an answer. My fill in the forms on the web site are never answered. The SC phones are never answered. In desperation I have pushed the button for roadside emergency just to see if Tesla is still in business.

Needless to say this is not the level of service that should be provided for a $100K+ car. I can not recommend that friends buy a Tesla unless and until they get their service support act together.

dougk71 | 19 september 2019

The ICE car dealership model allows for profit in the service bay. The Tesla model is designed to minimize service needs by maximizing reliability. Tesla has had exponential growth and has moved to both on line sales and online service scheduling. On line is often frustrating but many businesses are using it to cut people costs.
Production ramps up and service tries to catch up is what we see.
Tesla is hiring service people and slow improvement can be expected but then the next expansion with Model Y will challenge service once more.

Haggy | 23 september 2019

It's not a matter of waiting two weeks, but that repeated contacts to Tesla go unanswered. I have a number of outstanding issues on two cars, and can contact Tesla over and over again, but it doesn't help.

FakeX | 4 oktober 2019


Call the local service center
Choose option 2 for service
Choose the option to check status on your vehicle, which should connect you to the service center and then askbto speak to the manager.
This worked for me. Utmost blessings!

neil | 5 oktober 2019

When i bought my S 5 years ago, service was excellent. Not today
If the company spent more resources enhancing service rather than frilly features life would be so much better. I'd gladly trade the parking lot summon feature for my 2019 S in exchange for a 1 minute hold time to get a knowledgeable service rep (for my 5 year old car) any day of the week.

Bighorn | 5 oktober 2019

I had zero wait for a service rep on a Friday afternoon, yesterday.

Boonedocks | 5 oktober 2019

My 2015 S experience with Service was phenomenal. My 2017 S and 2017 X experiences were great. I have left 4 VM and 4 emails over the last week as well as the basic -0- when trying to reach the service department with a “no one is available” response. I need to get new tires and would actually like to have my service center handle it but I guess I am going to have to go Mavis Tire or the likes to get it handled.

Pretty sad when you can’t get a call or email returned over the course of a week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

KDLTesla | 5 oktober 2019

Our experience has been incredibly mixed, but what's particularly frustrating is when Tesla responds to a concern as though your concern has no basis. We've had a few issues with the car and it seemed like we had to spend so much time convincing Tesla there was in fact an issue. Once we got through that barrier, they would diagnose the car, discover that we really did have basis for being concerned, and then fix the issue (except for the infamous suspension knuckle chuckle). But it always takes so much time and effort to get them to believe us.

Most recently, we are having a battery drain issue. We have owned our Model S for a year. During that time the battery drained 2-3 miles overnight. However, 36 hours ago, the battery started draining 1 mile every hour. We've lost 36 miles of charge over the past 36 hours of the car being parked in the same place we always park it in our condo building. Nothing on (no sentry mode on, no climate control on) . . . but leaking like a sieve and showing no signs of slowing down. Spoke with Tesla and they say "This is normal." Hard for me to see how it's normal when for the prior 370 nights of owning the vehicle, the most it ever lost in one 14 hour period was 4 miles of charge. Typically 2-3 over 12-14 hours, which is around 4-6 for 24 hours. So how is 24 miles gone every 24 hours now "normal?" That is 4x as much. But that's what they keep saying, "It's normal."

Managed to convince them to take the car in to diagnose, but just wish they would have been a bit more receptive to the concern, especially since we've been "right" about each of our prior concerns. If they would have said, "That's definitely a change in what your car battery has been usually doing. Why don't we take a look and see if we can see anything that would explain that loss of charge?" I would have been fine. But telling me something is normal when it is a complete departure from 370 days of normally losing 2-3 miles of charge over roughly 13-14 hours of being parked? Just makes me feel like they simply aren't listening.

Having said all that, we're fortunate to have some great technicians at our local service center.

neil | 5 oktober 2019

May - literally died on the road, 11 PM at night had to taxi to a hotel, spend the night waiting for a flatbed 60 miles back to SC. Good news i could get a cab and it wasn't in the middle of a national park. Bad news: well that's obvious.
September - after an overnight OTA download in my garage, the car no longer could communicate with Tesla., Day 1 at the SC, the fix didn't work. Day 2 - the 'next fix didn't work', Day 3 - we can't figure it out 'we need help from engineering', Day 4-6 "We can't get engineering's attention and have to wait for a call back"
All this time calling the SC or the 800 number for status was completely frustrating, I bet I spent several hours on HOLD.over the course of the week +.
Just another story to add to all the stories above.
The cherry on the cake: was the car was returned with a completely dirty windshield. "it's our policy not to clean the car" Had to pull in to a gas station so i could drive home.

barrykmd | 5 oktober 2019

I've compared Tesla's poor service to Comcast in the past. I recently had to call Comcast about an issue and the service was excellent. Quick answer via telephone. CS agent knew what he was talking about, etc. Now USPS, that's another story...

dougk71 | 6 oktober 2019

I have the same alarming increase in drain to up to 20 miles of range Dec2018 S100D when parked in a home garage with Sentry mode and dash cam off.
Did service resolve your overnight drain issue and if so how?

neil | 6 oktober 2019

Tesla vs 'the cable guy' ... now that's a scary comparison

AERODYNE | 6 oktober 2019

FakX +1...

Also, don't wait until you need service to visit a SC. First find one that has good reviews, perhaps a little out of the way. Then visit and spend some time time there. See if they will sell you small parts like trim and carpet clips. If that goes well, set up an appointment for something minor like wheel alignment. Make your expectations known. If it does not work out, try somewhere else.

bhanuk99 | 6 oktober 2019

@KDLTesla can you let us know Tesla's diagnosis for battery drain?
@dougk71 my Dec 2018 S100D also drains battery charge at a much higher rate. I am averaging 345 wh/mi for my 7,360 miles. I just accepted it. I don't even drive too fast from Stop lights for the most part. I park on my driveway and have monitored the loss without Sentry mode or cabin overheat protection. Still, high discharge rate.
My local Tesla SC is very good. So no complaints about them.

dsteal | 6 oktober 2019

It’s easy to schedule a Ranger service appointment on my phone. Just did it.

But I want to know why my extended warranty no longer shows up in my Tesla account. I sent my question in months ago and no answer. I want to know why the release notes for software updates are sometimes blank. I want to know why sometimes music doesn’t play and even the blinker sound goes away. I would like to just ask a question. I don’t see a way to do that. Or to even schedule a service at a service center. I don’t have that option either. I guess I will just schedule Ranger appointments for everything even when I just need a question answered. This is nutty.

Fed111 | 7 oktober 2019

Yes I agree the service has gone down drastically. It's a pity because I like the product but without good follow up serviced support I can't justify spending $100k+ on new toys. | 7 oktober 2019

@dsteal - Might be faster to just ask a question in the forums rather than overload service. Often you'll get the answer a lot faster. I've heard a huge percentage of service's time is taken up answering owner's questions - often ones that are answered in the manual. Both your questions are legitimate and a manual would not help.

On the white release notes, you have to often wait 30 seconds or so. They are not resident in the car but are downloaded from the server. If you have a poor LTE connection, then you might not see them at all. It could be better handled, but that's the way it is for now.

On the audio problem, a few others have encountered it. A reboot seems to always solve it. There is obviously a bug in the software.

Anthony J. Parisio | 7 oktober 2019

I have seen so many questions that are easily answered in the owner’s manual. If Tesla had to answer these questions in customer service I can see why they don’t want to take any calls. LOL

GHammer | 7 oktober 2019

What's nutty is asking about every little software glitch. Do you call Microsoft, Google or Apple for every little bug.

barrykmd | 7 oktober 2019

hammer - there's a difference. I didn't pay 100K for my Windows software or gmail. Contrary to what some people believe, a high price should entitle you to something special. Not only don't we get special, we get garbage.

GHammer | 7 oktober 2019

Barry, I dont see the difference. Software is software and sometimes things happen. I used to work on multi-million dollar equipment and it never occurred to us to call the manufacturer for a software hiccup.

Ohmster | 7 oktober 2019

^Don't sell anything to TSMC! Installed multi-million dollar tools in their fab in Taiwan. You want to hear about itsy bitsy sw issue complaints.....

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barrykmd | 7 oktober 2019

hammer - you can fly Spirit economy or you can fly Emirates First Class. They're both airplanes. Still don't see the difference?

It's not about software. It's nobody answering a phone, a wait for a month for a windshield because it's not available, etc. It's not taking care of their customers as they should, especially if they hope to survive long term.

jacques | 7 oktober 2019

@barrykmd unfortunately this forum is now pretty much useless as you can see that it is filled with trolls and fanboys who've lost perspective.
Tesla support has fallen off a cliff and it goes beyond software.. It's even worse for any non critical mechanical issues like the yellow screen border and a bunch more things like that.

You'll hear tales about tesla ranger but that is like the Sasquatch.. You hear about it but seeing one live will never happen unless you live in Northern CA.

And yes some of us expect a certain level of service from a 100k luxury device... Unfortunately Tesla is simply not able to deliver the service we expect anymore.

GHammer | 7 oktober 2019

@barry My "nutty" comment was specifically directed at dsteal who was complaining about some minor software quibbles, not the larger issues you cite (which have not affected me).

@jacques So because I have not experienced any customer service issues with Tesla, that makes me a troll and anything I have to contribute is useless? BTW I own three Tesla's and have for 4.5 years.

@Ohmster What tools did you install at TSMC? I worked on Ion Implanters for 15 years.