Powerwall Price Hike

Powerwall Price Hike

I made a reservation for two Powerwalls back in April. Back when I reserved, the price for each Powerwall was $5500. Tesla finally contacted me last week to finalize the specs for my system, and the price of the Powerwall is now $6700 -- $2400 more for the two I had reserved.

Tesla is telling me that the price was subject to change, and that the price at reservation is effectively meaningless. Of course, I had no option to finalize my order until Tesla completed the survey work, which didn't happen until last week.

Is this normal?? To me, this is completely deceptive. I have owned 3 Tesla cars, and I'm seriously disappointed by this tactic.

shank15217 | 27 november 2018

Did you sign a contract? What step were you in the process?

ripatriot | 27 november 2018

why did it take six months to do the site survey? you didn't have the option to do one yourself? I ordered around the same time and it was about two weeks from reservation to signed purchase agreement.

that's pretty terrible for you but i don't see how it was intentional.

borodinj | 27 november 2018

@shank15217, I had no option to sign a contract until the survey work had been done -- which Tesla wasn't able to do until last week. I would have gladly signed a contract back in April, but was given no opportunity to do so. I was effectively held in limbo until my turn in line came up, which took Telsa over 6 months to accomplish. Frankly, I have no problem with the delay. I understand that Tesla had diverted supplies to other, more pressing, areas. That said, the price at the time I reserved should be honored, as it was for the Model S I reserved in 2012 and received in 2013, the Model X I reserved in 2015 and received in 2016, and the Model 3 I reserved in 2017 and received in 2018.

Pen18 | 29 november 2018

I also had paid the deposit and in middle of finalizing the contract and they told me that the old price on contract that I got few weeks ago is no longer valid and would have to pay the newer higher price now. Not good.