rattling noise above visor

rattling noise above visor

My model 3 recently developed a rattling noise right above the driver side sun visor. It's not the sun visor itself, but in the roof, where the visor meets it above the windshield. Also, it's not too bad until the road gets bumpy. When I press on the roof part where the noise is coming from, it goes away for a while, but then comes back. Has anyone experienced this? I think something might be loose.

Although the service center is close to my house, I would hate to take it to the service center and have them rip the roof fabric off just to try paste back whatever is loose (heard about nightmare wait times for service).

mfrey | 10 december 2018

My 3 has developed rattles when going over bumps as well. Not the same as you describe but rather on the passenger side. Seems to be coming from the door? Not really sure as it is hard to pinpoint. Could be the dash.

Jlomb436 | 10 december 2018

I honestly love my 3 and I could not imagine go back to ICE.

However, the fit and finish I think could be better in my opinion. I've had a big rattle in my passenger b panel for months. They've taken it apart and it's still there. To fix an AC issue I was having, they removed my dash to perform work. Now I have dash rattles.

And ironically, when I took possession of a loaner model S with only 800 miles on it, it had a rattle above the driver and off to the left a tad underneath the visor.

I'm sure Tesla will get better at this. For now, I's take it in and have them take a look at it.

Cactusone | 10 december 2018

I have the same rattle noise above the driver side visor...hmmmmm

davidajacobus | 11 november 2019

I noticed this same noise a month or so after purchasing the car. I narrowed mine down to the clip for the visor. I popped off the screw cover and backed the screw of instead of tightening it. This reduced the occurrence, but if I’m on a road that has a rough texture (constant vibration) I notice the noise. My next plan is to add a pass between surfaces, once I determine a thin enough material that will absorb the vibration.

vmulla | 11 november 2019

Check the plastic trim peice at the end of the visor near the roof. It popped off for me, just a bit of finger pressure is all it takes to pop it back in. Check if it's seated properly.

avanti5010 | 11 november 2019

I get a buzzing noise (like a drum roll) somewhere in or near the dash. It happens at higher speeds over bumps and tar strips or joints running across the roadway. Had it in once but it's still there. Kinda drives me crazy.