A small “crowd” admiring my car at a fast food joint; what are your stories?

A small “crowd” admiring my car at a fast food joint; what are your stories?

I love moments like this; if you have one, please share!
So I’m waiting in line at a fast food joint, watching my parked car through the windows, see an ICE suv park next to me. 6 people pile out and all stop, gather around and stare at my 3. They’re walking around it, arms waving, hands pointing, conversations appear quite animated. I pay for my food and walk out, anticipating another fun opportunity to be a Teslavangelist! As I approach, I hear one of the guys talking about the S and the 3, while the others listen intently. As I walk up and say “Hi!” several of them go “oooooooh! Hey! Wow!” etc etc. Then the fun really begins when you get to answer questions, give quick orientation, let them admire the inside. I have to get home so I hop in, but they stand where they are just watching...I put it in drive, and off I quietly go, noticing them staring and chatting in the rear view. I just *love* these scenarios! Helping non-owners understand and appreciate EVs, Tesla’s specifically, never gets old.
Do you have a similar story to share?

GotLithium | 16 december 2018

Just this weekend while at a hardware store, I’m returning to my car and this guy approached me to compliment the vehicle. Apparently he had never seen the performance version up close before. Turns out he is a prop master at a local movie studio ( worked on The Avengers movie) opened passenger door and gave him a quick tour. I could tell what his next car would be...

M3phan | 16 december 2018


LostInTx | 16 december 2018

On a trip from Houston to Durango, Colorado, we stopped for lunch in Albuquerque, next to a Supercharger. As we were getting back into the 3, a man, with his wife trailing 20 yards back, was literally jogging up to the car, asking to see the inside.

Turns out he is on the list to get a 3 but lives too far away to visit a showroom; ours was the first he'd seen.

Good moment. He was like a kid on Christmas morning.

RES IPSA | 16 december 2018

I had an older man ask me if I was a homosexual (but he used a different word) in the Costco parking lot. I said no, but did say I had some metro-sexual tendencies. He looked at me with a confused look.

Patrick | 17 december 2018

Took delivery in early Nov in FL and so far have been somewhat surprised by the lack of interest from folks walking by the car. Most are completely oblivious and don’t seem to notice it at all. Strange, maybe just local demographics...

Different situation on conversations, however, everyone starts firing off questions and reacts with great interest. For those driving the car and seeing EAP in action for themselves the reaction is usually disbelief and complete amazement.

Sometimes I feel a little guilty knowing the test drive will ultimately cost them $50K or so after they can’t get the experience off their minds, but that feeling quickly passes...

billtphotoman | 17 december 2018

I was at the Arlington TX SC this weekend charging up for the drive back to Austin and some people came up and asked about "those electric cars". When I mentioned I was doing be driving 220 miles non-stop (back roads) they were just astonished. And then an nearby Model X popped its rear door open and they wanted their picture taken in front of it.

kevin_rf | 17 december 2018

Had one of those moments when adopting a rescue. The the child in the home that the transport pickup was at was over the moon. Wanted to see everything about the car. Less interested in the new rescue he was receiving... Who's the good dogs. They got a German, I picked up the cutest little mutt.

I will say, spice is also very interested in the model 3, it is her favorite place to be. Door opens, she's in the car before you can stop her. You have to drag her out.

charles.a.braun | 17 december 2018

Not a large crowd but this will go down as my favorite Tesla admirer encounter. (Sound required).

While traveling up to Reno for a fun weekend we were stopped in some road construction traffic when this happened:

sowa.greg | 17 december 2018

My favorite question that I get fairly regularly is "what kind of gas mileage does this thing get?". I reply that it has amazing gas mileage, considering it doesn't burn any gas, then they inevitably ask "oh, it's not a hybrid?".

ialsoagree | 17 december 2018

@kevin_rf My dog is also over the moon about the car. He loves being jostled around by the acceleration. He gets the tesla grin whenever we take off quickly ("the zoomies"). I want to get a picture of him smiling in the back seat but... driving and I'm good about not having my phone.

Whenever I ask him if he wants to "go for some zoomies" though, he starts wagging his tail and getting excited.

Even dogs like EVs - say more than my Dodge Charger.

RJMIII | 17 december 2018

I had a couple times where people have stopped to look and even ask a few questions, but my favorite occurred the day after I took it home.

We were at the Acura dealer turning in my wife's car as the lease was expiring (yes, I did get that lucky with the timing of my Model 3 delivery!) I was walking the dog while my wife was in taking care of paperwork. Two salesmen came out to look at it and asked me a bunch of questions. They went back in a I continued my dog walk. After a bit I turned around and saw a guy walk over from the Chevy dealership next door. He was excited to see it and asked a bunch of questions and then said he was surprised I had received the Model 3 so soon. He said he had heard that it would be too long to wait to get a Model 3. Then I asked him why he was there and he said he was picking up his new Bolt. I said, "Congratulations!" (but I was thinking I really wanted offer my condolences). He said, "Yeah, I was excited until now." Then he walked back to the Chevy dealership.

derotam | 17 december 2018

OP should have done a Summon before he walked up to his car, haha.

MTTPA | 17 december 2018

Same experience for me -- must be Tampa. The people who are unguardedly interested are the kids at the bus stop.

CST | 17 december 2018

I get stared at occasionally while dropping my daughter off at school, but were talking 5th graders. Glad the younger generation has interest.

allweathermaint | 17 december 2018

Being oen of two M3's in "The Valley", I get a lot of looks. Usually from the younger crowd. I had a guy follow me for over ten miles to one of my appointments.He handed me a card, seemed clean cut, legit. Gave him a call and took him for a ride. He's planning on a stocking stuffer for his wife.....

M3phan | 17 december 2018

@LostInTx: it’s like Christmas morning every time I get in the car. ; )
@charles.a.braun: great video! Love that he walked up around to the front to check it out!
@sowa.greg: a buddy riding with me in the 3 for the first time asked the same question, but stopped halfway and laughed at himself and said “Nevermind.” Ha!
@RJMIII: dejected!!
@derotam: GOOD LORD! I wish I thought of that!!! Summoning would have blown their minds. Next time!
@CST: kids are tuned in to Tesla, more so than adults, I think.
Love reading these stories!

doctorsmile | 17 december 2018

i got more compliments while test driving the MS over the M3 (both black)

Tronguy | 17 december 2018

Ok. Gotta admit: I work at a Large Building in NJ filled with EE's. When my wife's Tesla came in Extreme Interest was apparent. The day I got to drive it to work.. 10 or fifteen people came out at lunch to stand around the LR M3 and make comments.
General consensus: Cool car. My boss's boss has one of those souped up semi-stock Mustangs from a few years back (inherited), and was Very Impressed that the car could hit 0-60 in under 5 s. Not that we _did_ that, but still.

M3phan | 17 december 2018

Way to kill my buzz, doc... ; )
Haha, all good.

M3phan | 17 december 2018

@Tronguy: I’m sure you’ve given some rides? That would bump their consensus from Cool car to Where do I sign.
; )

ST70 | 17 december 2018

@RES IPSA- I'm not that old? Why would you wear that thing out in public at Costco?

Tronguy | 17 december 2018

@M3phan: Only the boss's boss, so far. When the big crowd was there we didn't have all that much time; otherwise, the wife's got the car. I get to drive it around on weekends and drool otherwise.
The neighbors all noticed the car when we got it and when using Summon to back it out of the garage. The two 9-year-olds next door knew perfectly well what a Tesla was (which actually impressed _me_), but wanted to know, "Why is there an iPad in the middle of the dash?" :).

moabchick | 17 december 2018

I enjoy the random peeps who come up to me to ask about the car. A funny one the other day was at the grocery store. A guy riding a bike was asking tons of questions - he couldn’t get over the fact the car has no oil. “No oil? How can that be?” He must have asked me three times.

M3phan | 17 december 2018

@rooneyclan2: so many still think it’s a hybrid, I guess. A friend, “No gas? At all? So not even a small backup tank?”
“Nooooo.” Haha

CST | 17 december 2018

@RES IPSA - my first Costco story was the day after we got ours, some older, blue-collar looking guy came up and asked us how much the battery costs. He then did me the service of informing me that I'll be replacing it soon. It was quite a chuckle.

My second Costco experience was a woman stalked me after I turned right before she was able to turn left at the same light. I wasn't even remotely close to her - I was through the intersection before her rear tires crossed the white line, but she insisted that I cut her off. I explained that I was long-though the intersection before she was, and she probably wasn't used to cars that can accelerate that quickly - she then changed her accusation to "well then, you are just showing off then". I smiled and guardedly headed inside.

jjgunn | 17 december 2018

RES IPSA | December 16, 2018
I had an older man ask me if I was a homosexual (but he used a different word) in the Costco parking lot. I said no, but did say I had some metro-sexual tendencies. He looked at me with a confused look.

My story, charging at a SuCh'r guy drives by......staring at my Model X. Circles back around pulls up & asks me how did I get my black paint Sooo perfect? He has a reservation on a 3 & is debating between white, which hides paint flaws/spider webs, etc. Or the black but black is so tough to keep clean which is true. I told him about XPEL or Opti-Coat Pro Plus. He also asked me how far the X can go (295 miles rated). Asked how long to charge. Approximately 45 minutes but I explained his 3 would be faster at about 30 minutes.

He compliments my car 1 final time on how well I keep it up. I say thanks & I was done charging.

Love the stories....

kevin_rf | 17 december 2018
Drizzle | 17 december 2018

Cop pulled me over in the middle of a city (I was already at a red light and she was on her bicycle). I nervously rolled down the window and she wanted to know what it was and if it was new. She loved the look (white on white, stormtrooper exterior) and the display.

jimglas | 18 december 2018

@Trong: 0-60 in under 5 sec? How about under 3.5?

Effopec | 18 december 2018

I drive by the middle school bus stop on some mornings and I often see a number of the kids eye F*&K me (well, the car) as I drive by. It seems the kids are more interested than adults.
The question I often get is "how much does your electric bill go up?" When I tell them I get about 40mi/$ they are amazed. I don't add on that you can get free charges at many locations. I had one person ask how many miles per gallon it got and I just responded "all of them".

madd181920 | 18 december 2018

Like so many of you, I get looks all the time. Two of my favorites: My commander and I walked out of our building one day at the same time and he saw my car. He'd been doing a little Tesla research but was thrilled to look the car over, ask questions, sit in the car with beautiful white seats...I demonstrated Summon, showed him the trunk and frunk (to alleviate the luggage/groceries questions), and explained the awe-inspiring 0-60 in 3.3 much fun explaining and showing the car off to a full bird colonel.

Second fun story, though much briefer: Stopped at a red light and this guy in a Dodge truck rolls his window down, so I do the same. He asks about the display screen (is it standard), how many miles the battery gets and if it's fast...both of being the first in line at the light, I said wait until it turns green and see for yourself how fast it goes...

I had a blue Ducati motorcycle that always got the looks and questions, but this model 3 surpasses even those about the Ducati...Love this car!!!

And solar panels (Tesla, of course), go up Friday! Woo hoo!

ialsoagree | 18 december 2018

@kevin_rf Your dog is cute! And nice car. :)

ACDC 2GO | 18 december 2018

One of my favorite stories was back in July not long after I took delivery. I pulled up to a stop light and this young guy is rolling through the intersection on a skate board. He jumps off his board and ships out his phone to take a video of the car. He then process to skate down the road behind me while continuing to take a video with his phone.

M3phan | 19 december 2018

@ACDC 2GO: great story! How long did you let him video before peeling off? ; )

82bert | 19 december 2018

Took my younger boys to get haircuts and parked the 3 across the street roadside. My 8 yo likes to talk and the guy cutting his hair pointed out the Tesla across the street and started talking about how it’s all electric, how great that is, etc. Of course, my son says “that’s our car!” And starts to give him even more info. He’s a super nice guy and owns a Volt and hopes to eventually upgrade to the 3.

Fredbob711 | 19 december 2018

Went to breakfast with my wife and as we were leaving, a couple was walking away from their car parked next to the 3. They kept glancing back at the car, and I heard the woman say something along the lines of 'It's so futuristic'. Unfortunately it was cold out and my wife was in no mood to stand (or sit) in the cold while I geeked out with people we didn't know.

amatiych | 19 december 2018

I was parking next to a store. One car already pulled out so I got its space. The guy behind me was pulling out too but when I exited the car he asked me to move ahead a bit. I was too lazy to go back so I pulled out a phone and moved the car a couple of feet with summon. That got me a few thumbs ups.

whippitbadger | 19 december 2018

Wholesome stories like this make you forget about all the infuriating ones of dudes in ridiculous trucks blocking Superchargers.

I've had a few, but my favorite happened over the weekend. I went to the car wash to vacuum out all the sand and shitakke. A dude was there doing the same and had his 8 y/o son with him who was absolutely enamored with my car. "Daddy is that a space ship?!" Got to talking to the father who hadn't seen any Teslas in person besides the occasional sighting on the highway. Answered the typical questions "yup, it really is all electric; no gas at all" "the batteries are under the car" "no, the screen isn't distracting and it's very easy to get used to" "it really does drive by itself", etc.

I let his son sit in the drivers' seat and play one of the Atari games. The kid was absolutely ecstatic. I think it made my day more than his.

aurali | 19 december 2018

Dropped a friend off at DIA airport, lady waves to me and calls out, "I get mine in a few months!"

Stopped at a smash burger, person in an X compliments my car, takes pictures. Person in a large truck comes by and starts staring. A couple of S owners get out to just stare and take pictures. Was eating inside and was really excited to see so many people stare.

Dropped my dog off at vet (yes, in my white interior 3); a man in an STI pulls up and starts asking me questions, at a stop light! We talked about price and speed, and eventually I turned off.

While at a convention, unloading merchandise, a group of costumers walk up to my car, and start taking pictures against it (they asked permission first)

Went by a middle school going to get some lunch, and school just let out. I felt like a celebrity as almost every kid's head turned to stare at my car.

Gotten the "hybrid" stories, gotten the stares.. Gotten my share of trucks and corvettes and hyundais trying to race it as well...

all under 2000 miles!

CST | 19 december 2018

Where do you live, Kansas???

CST | 19 december 2018

NM... you're one state over - probably on the East side :)

CST | 19 december 2018

NM... you're one state over - probably on the East side :)

rxlawdude | 19 december 2018

Seeing as how M3s are almost as common as Camrys here in OC, it's been months since anyone gave my lovely bride's M3 an ogle.

M3phan | 19 december 2018

@82bert: your son schooled a Volt owner, nice!
@Fredbob711: temperature fluctuations may affect the effectiveness of Geek Mode. ; )
@amatiych: dang, I’m giving you a thumbs up too, right now!
@whippitbadger: well said, an attitude of gratitude for what we get to drive goes a lonnnng way.
@aurali: so many admirers, so little time to geek out with them all, eh?!
@CST: Kansas...maybe! Funny. ; ) So even though my state is one of the top in Tesla purchases, I still feel like a unicorn out there.
@rxlawdude: on the upside, that means more converts. ; )

rxlawdude | 19 december 2018

@M3phan, indeed!

ACDC 2GO | 19 december 2018

"@ACDC 2GO: great story! How long did you let him video before peeling off? ; ) "

I went slow for about a block and then turned left to get the entrance to the freeway.

In my story it was supposed to say whipped out his cell phone not ships out.

kevin_rf | 20 december 2018

Pulling into the drop off lane at school yesterday and what did I see? Another identical RED Model 3 pulling in to EV the bus lane. We waved, kiddos got out, he headed south towards Worcester, I headed North towards Dunkin Donuts.

M3phan | 20 december 2018

@kevin_rf: clearly you’re Navi destination was the wiser choice.

wiboater4 | 20 december 2018

I've noticed when I park way in the open areas of parking lots half the time there is a car parked next to mine when I come back to the car. I'm guessing they wanted to look at the car. Two or three times I've come back and there are people there looking at it. I usually take the time to answer their questions.
On Thanksgiving I gave rides to a bunch of my friends and there kids. One of the kids just got his license so I let him drive it and I think there was a lot of talk about Tesla's at his school when they went back. They took a lot of cell phone pics and one girl took a movie inside the car while I moved it with summon from outside the car. I've been nodded at going down the freeway by a passsenger in a Mustang convertible that drove past me. M 3s are still fairly rare by me and some people don't know what they are yet.

M3phan | 15 november 2019

@ 123chrispinee, flagged