Since the last update, when I start the car, the screen for my back-up camera shows as completely white. The two white guide lines appear, but not the surrounding area. I have to re-boot the screen for the back-up camera to work.

This doesn't happen every time a start the car, but often enough to be an annoyance. What gives?

Innkeep | 21 december 2018

Not sure what gives. Be sure you have rebooted the car. Push both scroll wheels for 20 sec. Can do a deeper reset from your screen. If no help call service.

sr.smr | 21 december 2018

Recently I experienced several incidents of an all black image with white guide lines, a green tinted image with a half mirror image of itself frozen in time, that is, as I backed up the image remained unchanged. This is the fourth time in three weeks that some version of the failure occurred. Bug reports were submitted each time. During the same time last year, the MCU and backup camera were replaced on my 2017 S. This seemed to cure the problem until recently. I'm beginning to think it is triggered by the cold weather. Rebooting solves the problem every time, but as you said, its very inconvenient, especially that I use the guide lines to back out of a narrow garage opening. If I don't reboot, turn off the car and come back later, the backup camera works after starting the car again. I have a service appointment next week. Maybe by now Tesla knows of a permanent solution. Last year every model Tesla had a thread on this same issue.

mickel.werner | 26 december 2018

Same problem since last update. It's not consistent, but it does happen after the S has gone to "sleep". But not always. A reboot fixes the problem, but it's annoying since you can't just drive away. Yesterday another issue suddenly got fixed (LTE signal lost), so maybe this issue got "cured" by itself (it's not a firmware update since there is no LTE and no Wifi signal)...

chang368 | 21 februari 2019

Bought my new Model S may 2018, got the same issue, white screen, has to reset the screen to bring it back, sent in for repair twice, nothing work, then called Tesla, they said they will trouble shoot it through the wifi, been two week now, still nothing, white screen this morning again, very frustrated, I was wondering if I can claim the lemon law

sr.smr | 22 februari 2019

This is a known software issue that exists for over a year now. It is related to the boot up of the camera at start up. My service center said no hardware part replacement will fix it. There is a dedicated engineering team working specifically on this problem. When the firmware is released, it will probably only state "minor bug fixes and improvements."

anirban | 4 juni 2019

Is the firmware that is supposed to fix the issue already released. Because I have no backup camera basically. The camera did not turn on after I bought my car. Tried everything that are stated in this forum and nothing seems to work. | 4 juni 2019

@anirban - If the camera never worked, it is likely a bad camera and unrelated to other issues here. You may need Tesla service to take a look.

sanghera4u | 4 juni 2019

I'm have the same problem as @anirban. I just bought my model 3 yesterday and my screen is all white, I rebooted it and the white screen went away, but the graphics were horrible hardly able to see, and its was flashing. Then when I started it again couple hours later it was all white again when i reversed.