CD player works in Model 3

CD player works in Model 3

I just installed a CD player in my Tesla Model 3.

This is a USB powered CD to USB adapter, Model 2, made by NAV-TV.
When a CD is inserted, the content is presented as a FAT-32 file system.

The adapter is presently sharing a Targus USB-3 4 port hub
with a Teslacam thumb drive and a music thumb drive.

I performed an unplanned drop test.
I took a sharp turn, and the adapter slid off the console, bouncing on the floor.
The music continued without a hitch.

I now keep the adapter in the cell phone cradle, where it fits with room to spare.
When not in use the adapter is stored inside the console.

surfpearl | 21 december 2018

Excellent, I'm in the market for such CD player, thanks for sharing!

qa_engnr | 21 december 2018

Wow, this is good to know. Thought my cd playing days were over! Thanks for the tip!

elan2018 | 21 december 2018

Congrats on your upgrade. I will recommend converting all your CDs into files on a USB drive. For one, you can navigate your library right there in the menu.

roger.klurfeld | 22 december 2018

Why would anyone want to add a CD player? I used to have a six CD playing in my old car. I now have 60 CDs on my USB drive with space for another 600 CDs. All I want is the ability to control it with voice commands.

jjgunn | 22 december 2018 8-track??? Psssshaw. Amateurs

rnbows | 22 december 2018

Bring back Madman Muntz!

czamara | 22 december 2018

Why would you want to do that instead of just putting your CDs on a USB drive? I’m curious about the need for using physical discs?

ctmorell | 22 december 2018

Find me a USB laserdisc and it’s game on, lol

Coastal Cruiser. | 22 december 2018

Gives me hope for my Revox.

wayne | 22 december 2018

Could someone post a link to a recommended CD to USB player/adapter?

Jeff Hudson | 22 december 2018

Just rip the cd's and transfer the files to a usb and be done with it.

arkreymer | 22 december 2018
jithesh | 22 december 2018

Wow.. good to know. thanks. It even read files from my iPod Nano.

So if you play music from USB does it give better audio acoustics than an MP3 fro USB drive ?

njchillie | 25 december 2018

@czamara For people who use their public library and take out audio books on CD - which could span a dozen or more CDs - this is a good solution. It would not make sense to spend the time to rip those CDs to a USB drive, when you are only going to listen to them once.

lbowroom | 25 december 2018

I don't have time to go to the library, I'm too busy churning the butter today.

CorkChop | 26 december 2018

This is the stupidest post of the year.

Mike UpNorth_ | 26 december 2018


worse than ants?

derotam | 26 december 2018

8-track? Come on, I want a cylinder phonograph to USB adapter!

kevin_rf | 26 december 2018

@derotam This is all you need,

kevin_rf | 26 december 2018

Btw. Was treated to Yankee Doodle Dandy on a 1905 Edison Reproducer the other day. Was visiting a vendor and they had one in the front conference room and a Black Model S in the driveway.

bj | 26 december 2018

@derotam - you can get USB turntables. I’m sure someone could rig that up in a Model 3. USB Edison Wax Cylinder phonographs will be harder to find.

rxlawdude | 26 december 2018

It's funny how the derision of this OP parallels the derision of those wanting AM or (at least) XM in their M3s.


joep | 27 november 2019

This is great - I've ripped all my CDs but have 6 TB worth of files, which won't fit on a stick by a long shot, and they are Apple Lossless, which the Model 3 probably doesn't play. Sure, I can easily convert and perhaps store a subset of my digitized collection or new discs on a stick, but when I get a CD, I like to play it at least once end-end in the car, and it's so easy to just pop the CD in the player for that. Plus the tangible CD reminds me to play it - when I download files, they may just be forgotten, and just relegated to shuffle. Thanks for posting this link (although I wish it could do the full 80 minute maximum track length instead of just max 30 minutes).

lajones | 2 december 2019

I am a professional audio engineer. I get a ton of CDs especially during Grammy season. I do not have time to rip these to a USB drive unless I intend to keep them. Having a portable USB CD player makes sense to me. And yes it does sound better. Remember, everything else is streamed or Bluetooth and the sound is compressed or compromised in some way. The only way to get decent sound since there is no Line In Aux is USB or CD.