Yesterday at about 12:50 I was driving my MX eastbound on a busy city street in Sarasota, speed limit 40 MPH. As I was clearing an intersection (had a green light) a Prius, driven by a young woman, her boyfriend in the passenger seat, made a left turn and ran into my driver’s side. It was a very hard hit, pushed me across a lane and onto the sidewalk (luckily, not colliding with other traffic). Airbags immediately deployed, totally enveloping me. I had no injuries (other than being very shaken up). No injuries to the other driver and her passenger.

Within about 5 minutes I got a text on my phone, as did my wife who was at home, from Tesla Roadside Assistance informing me that they had received an alert that I had a problem and asking if I needed roadside assistance. The damage to my car was obviously beyond roadside assistance capability, 911 was on the way, so I declined. My guess is that the car is totaled. Se la vie! No injuries!

Bottom line: the Model X is one helluva safe vehicle and the Tesla alert system is amazing. I’ll be celebrating my seventy-tenth birthday this week (which, in Sarasota, is the age of transition from adolescence to adulthood) and it looks like I’ll have a new Model X for a present :-)

jimglas | 12 januari 2019

Glad you are ok!

lilbean | 12 januari 2019

Glad you're ok!

ghgregory | 12 januari 2019

Me, too. THANKS!

jimglas | 12 januari 2019


inconel | 12 januari 2019

Glad you are unhurt!
Sorry to ask, is seventy ten = eighty?

lilbean | 12 januari 2019

Yes 80.

ghgregory | 12 januari 2019

Thanks, Lilbean. I was not sure what the number is or if I wanted to admit it. ;-)

ghgregory | 12 januari 2019

Jimglas... WELL DONE! ;-)

lilbean | 12 januari 2019

That's what I said when I turned twenty ten. :) | 13 januari 2019

Hey, I live in Sarasota and resemble that remark. I guess I am closer to middle age by your definition. :-)). Glad you weren't hurt.
Beneva? Tuttle? Baia Vista?
I was out and about on the 11th at 12:50 on Fruitville but it was my lucky day. Is your X white also? | 13 januari 2019

In fact I am so old that the local Publix Supermarkets have agreed to sell me a half a banana at at time.

jjgunn | 13 januari 2019

I thought 70-10th was 700.

I thought...."Is this guy Methuselah?!?!"

Where....glad you're ok - your story is exactly why I'm driving the Model X now.

....and I'm not anywhere near 80 ;-)

jjgunn | 13 januari 2019

Stupid auto-correct

Where = Whew!

jimglas | 13 januari 2019

half a banana....good one!

ghgregory | 13 januari 2019 Fruitville and Lime. Blue MX. Our nearby Publix won't sell me green bananas. But hey, I'm walking upright, sucking air and not in pain.

maildjm | 13 januari 2019

Happy you were not hurt! Hope it doesn't take too long to get your new MX. Keep us posted as to how your insurance company handles this? | 13 januari 2019

I'm thinking that Toyota may have incorporated some anti-Tesla AI software into kamikaze Prius cars while they struggle to keep Hydogen from evaporating into outer space.:-)). Good thing I was at the other end of Fruitville rd.