Disable auto lock in my garage?

Disable auto lock in my garage?

I find it frustrating when I go to my car, in my garage, and have to wait for the car to recognize that I’m standing outside the door. Is there a way to disable the auto lock feature when the car is in my home garage?

ODWms | 14 januari 2019

Unfortunately, not yet. I have no doubt that feature will become available via future update though. Makes sense.

gballant4570 | 14 januari 2019

I am getting more used to carrying my phone around my home, to make that a bit better, I started out by not enabling auto locking, but pulling out the phone (or card) to lock it in parking lots, etc... got to be more bothersome than dealing with the locked car issue at home.....

EVRider | 14 januari 2019

You can create a separate profile with auto lock turned off, and switch to that when you park in your garage. You should also adjust the seat and/or mirror position so you remember to switch back to the real profile when you drive.

I have auto lock disabled on my Model S so the car won’t lock in my garage, but it’s easy to lock the car using the key fob when I park elsewhere. We have auto lock enabled on my wife’s Model 3, but we usually have our phones with us when we need to access the car so it hasn’t been a problem.

gballant4570 | 14 januari 2019

EVRider, "You can create a separate profile with auto lock turned off, and switch to that when you park in your garage."

Great suggestion. I believe I'll do this.....why didn't I think of that before.....?

billtphotoman | 14 januari 2019

This along the option to unlock the charge port when charging is complete (to make sharing L2 destination chargers much easier) are high on my list of software feature requests. @EVRider - a great suggestion of solving one of these 2 issues.

coleAK | 14 januari 2019

For this exact reason I disabled “walk away lock” within a week. I’ve left it that way since.

GpsGuy | 2 oktober 2019

My wife uses auto-lock/unlock on our Model 3 from her phone - and I do not, because of the garage issue on this forum. But when she walks past the car in the garage it sets the seat to her settings, even if she doesn't get in. Then I have to reset it when I drive. I know, first world problems, but Tesla engineers that's what you are for: to solve my first world problems - please put a geofence feature on the auto-lock/unlock so we can exclude our home - just like we can exclude the Security mode when we're at home

Kary993 | 2 oktober 2019

I am sure this is on the list of enhancements.....just are probably a staggering amount of them since our cars are just programmable computers with endless potential.

St☰v☰ | 2 oktober 2019

@GpsGuy - Or they could just pair it to sentry mode; 3 choices there. I can't believe it's that difficult.

r1200gs4ok | 18 november 2019 wife cusses when she goes to the garage to get something out of her car....forgets to take phone and has to go back to get the idea of a fake profile....ill try that on her and see if that will be ok with her

bruryan | 18 november 2019

If you have a spare card key mount it in the garage next to the car door.

Tesla2018 | 18 november 2019

You could keep a keycard in the garage by a wallcharger or leave your window down and leave the keycard.on the dash and reach in and take it out.