How to get to Tesla Chat?

How to get to Tesla Chat?

I need to report the auto windshield washer mode is a safety hazard and it makes loaning, the car out to others very dangerous. Those things don't turn on early enough, and go so slow. It HAS TO error on the side of safety, not slowness. It should start moving on the sight of any drops, and speed up rapidly as the progress, not take it good time. They are far too dangerous for those that don't know how to switch to manual (which is ridicules anyway)!

So, where is the chat, so I can have a serious, and stern warning for them. We need this fixed IMMEDIATELY!


Magic 8 Ball | 19 januari 2019


I think you may be going off the deep end again. Do you need a reboot?


Hal Fisher | 19 januari 2019

I'd like to shake you again to get another answer, this time maybe one that correct. So you think it's cool to loan it out and they get caught in the rain with the way they function now? Anyone with a real head on their shoulders realize this is an issue? (I don't expect everyone to have common sense anymore, and M8b certainly has never shown it.)

Magic 8 Ball | 19 januari 2019

I think it is uncool to yell fire in a theater when there is no fire. Some people do complain the wipers are inadequate but we have driven in heavy rain now and they are not awesome but they work fine. To run around like chicken little over this and try to give some poor "chat" person a piece of your mind is CRAZY!

If you feel it is a safety issue look in your owner's manual and TESLA gives specific instructions on how to communicate concerns about safety.

You are insane!

Hal Fisher | 19 januari 2019

What ever dude, go spread your idiot non-sense on another board, we are tired of you here.Get the hell off the board!


Hal Fisher | 19 januari 2019

I see on every post m8b says something moronic. He needs to be booted!

Magic 8 Ball | 19 januari 2019

Chat the fuck up Hal.

Ted007 | 19 januari 2019

My auto wipers on my M3 work the same as my rain sensing wipers on the 2012 Cadillac CTS-V, I have never heard of auto wipers coming on with a drop of rain that is insane, all auto wipers depend upon the amount of water they sense and they will speed. up accordingly. I have seen post here on the forum and it makes me believe that most are using auto wipers for the first time and do not understand how they work. Take your cartoonishly the service center and not here to receive an answer. You sound like this is your first time using auto wipers, I may be wrong but that is how you sound to me.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 januari 2019

Hal, you beat me to it with this post. I’m going to start one up about how my friend burned his tushy on the seat warmer. Want to co-sign it with me?

lilbean | 19 januari 2019

All you do is press the little button thingy on the left stick thingy sticking out behind the round steering thingy.

TeslaMarque | 19 januari 2019

Can anyone answer the question, how do you get this “Tesla Chat”?

mikes | 19 januari 2019

Going overboard! Agree Auto wiper sucks! Safety Hazard NO. If you loan your car out you need to explain how it works. Do you know? Look at "lilbean" description. And after pressing the button thingy the "Card Thingy" shows up on the touch thingy and just touch the speed you like, change speed and turn off, easy the button thingy makes the card thingy show and you just touch the icon thingy you like.

lilbean | 19 januari 2019

Haha, @mikes! :o)

StatsApp | 19 januari 2019
billlake2000 | 19 januari 2019

Thanks, lilbean! That root beer really burns coming out my nose!

cabbower | 20 januari 2019

Hal lost me at loan the car.

gmkellogg | 20 januari 2019

If I was loaning out my car I'd just explain the auto wipers are wonky. Press the button on the stalk to bring up the controls and switch to manual. Not really a safety issue if the other person knows what to do.

stasio3 | 20 januari 2019

I think the best option for Hal is to permanently set the wiper speed to high. It might be a little annoying, but will certainly eliminate any safety concerns with rain......and you'll probably get a few laughs as you drive down the road!

steevsteevsteev | 20 januari 2019

Maybe don't loan your car out to someone who doesn't know how to use it?

joe.lynn.atp | 20 januari 2019

If you are so worried about it, why don't you demonstrate how to turn on manual wipers before loaning it out? It takes one button push, a glance and a tap. If you think that is too difficult, stop loaning it out.

lilbean | 20 januari 2019

Hahaha, @billlake2000! :o)

coselectric | 22 januari 2019

In the wise word of M8B... "popcorn".

JHOPS1 | 18 maart 2019

How do i find the status of my autopilot update?