Front bumper parking sensor pushed in

Front bumper parking sensor pushed in

Hi all,

My front parking sensor has been displaced and recessed in the hole. Can’t seem to figure out how to get it back into place.

Truck in front of me had some clay fall off and hit it square. Thankfully it was clay and not rocks.

Anyone know how to get the sensor back into place?

jjgunn | 26 januari 2019

Service Center - so they can check out all sensors & calibrate if necessary

Hal Fisher | 26 januari 2019

Yeah, they might want to examine why it was so easy pushed in. Might be a design flaw, might not be, but they may do it for free when looking.

SteveWin1 | 26 januari 2019

Are you sure its a sensor? The tow hook is attached through a small circle on the front bumper (car's left, your right when you're standing in front of the car). Its supposed to pop out. The sensors are bonded to the front of the bumper, as seen in this picture of some rat damage that I had inside my bumper:

I don't think they would just pop into the bumper.

rxlawdude | 26 januari 2019

We had this happen on our summer road trip when debris kicked up from a car ahead hit the bumper.

Seattle service center we dropped in sans reservation had it fixed in 40 minutes at no charge.

We had a bonus: tech thought he left his phone in the trunk while doing the repair. But it turns out that it was under the frunk liner, so his phone took a 7 day vacation till we flagged a mobile tech at a Supercharger in the Bay Area and he disassembled the liner. The tech said he would make sure it got back to Seattle.

Sunergy-NJ | 26 januari 2019

I had my left rear bumper sensor pop inside the bumper and I started getting wild beeping whenever I reversed. The sensor thought I was about to hit something but was just "seeing" the inside of the bumper. Took a couple of weeks for an appointment but it took about an hour to get it reset. No problem yet. Around the same time somebody had stuck a big wad of chewing gum over a front sensor, I noticed the blockage and then found the gum. So maybe someone pushed the rear sensor in, but who knows. People suck.

mborski | 26 februari 2019

Same issue, left of front plate, first sensor. Windy day yesterday, gusts up to 60 mph. On drive home, I started getting auto parking error. Today, I did reset and did not help. Looked around and found sensor pushed in. No dea how it happened, no visible dmage...called service, waiting for call back.

Syed.Hosain | 27 februari 2019

I have had the same thing happen recently - truck in other lane dropped something or a tread came off! Damaged my bumper a bit too - dang it.

One right front sensor is inside the bumper somewhere now. I am trying to schedule a visit to the "body shop" support place that Tesla has locally.

Separately, I also have a service visit scheduled for this coming Tuesday ... maybe the service people there can retrieve and re-install this sensor?

marvincjw | 14 maart 2019

I had the same issue. Front right sensor got pushed in I think after hit by some littering on the road. The sensor was still working since it kept buzzing as it's sensing the inside of the bumper. I drove into a Tesla service center and it cost me $400+ and two days to have it re-attached. From this thread, I feel like it's a design issue or low-quality manufacturing for the flimsy attachment and how easy they got pushed in under normal usage scenarios.

No_ICE | 14 maart 2019

@marvincjw Sounds like your sensor may have been damaged and had to be replace. The thing that pops off or gets pushed in is just a cap that covers the sensor. I had one pop off when it took a direct hit from road debris. The Owings Mills, SC replaced it at no cost and checked the sensor calibration. Took about 30 minutes.

rob.kibler | 14 maart 2019

I had the same issue too. I piece of wood kicked up from the van in front of me hit the bumper and broke one of the parking sensors loose, and also broke the right turn light. As my deductible was $500, the repair cost $515 at a Tesla-approved body shop.

jim | 14 maart 2019

My left front sensor got knocked back into the bumper last week. Was going to try and fix it myself, but after determining it would require removing the frunk and the front bumper, I decided to make an appointment with the SC, If I get impatient waiting, I may try repairing it myself, particularly now that I'm seeing the cost if they decide it's not covered.

MUSICbox | 23 maart 2019

I had my rear sensor pushed in when I very slowly bumped the car behind me when parking. $280.00 repair 2 months ago.

Yesterday, my car was hit while parked in a lot (hit and run) and the rear driver’s corner popped in. I’m being directed to the body shop and last time they told me to expect a roughly $1000 repair. I’ve read a post saying that for the rear corner I can get my hand in under the liner and pop it back in but haven’t tried yet.

Seems like they pop out too easily and aren’t really held in by much, like the front license plate held on by sticky tape which came off without contact, just the regular weathering.

Hope they take responsibility for these clips and put a fix to them all so it stops happening. Can’t afford a to keep fixing them popping in each time the bumper gets touched.

ariascomp | 1 april 2019

If you are referring to the one located near the rear wheel, I think you can get to it by removing the liner inside the wheel well. That would also mean removing the wheel first.

marvincjw | 3 april 2019

@No_ICE No, they didn't replace the sensor. $400+ was purely for the labor to remove the bumper and re-attach the sensor (or just a cap according to your info?). They quoted an extra $100 I think for replacing the sensor but they determined it worked fine after removing the bumper.

ftenab | 9 april 2019

Dears, anyone can place any photos how are rear sensors attached in the bumper for M3??..Is the sensor going in because out of the clip holding?? Or is the holding itself gets unpaste from the bumper??...
I wonder if was only the clip, could be fixed easy again out with heat gun glue and then push out to fix again in...I tried no problem at all with the glue, but doesnt seem to stand fixed again in the clip when I strongly push out...

ftenab | 9 april 2019

this is the best photos I got regarding this issue for Tesla Model 3. I feel in both cases could be easy fix if the sensor still accesible and not fall down inside totally. Unmount the bumper as you said above shoud be done in body shop so takes lot of job..

Any comments appreciated.

veenasantosh9 | 4 juni 2019

My Front bumber parking sensor is pushed in , got hit by a small debri while driving on local road that too driving at 30 mph. i can see that the sensor that held popped out and sensor is inside the front trunk. It was a small rubber like object that hit and it popped. Looks like design issue or cheaper way to attach the sensors. Have SC appt next week to determine the next steps.

Syed.Hosain | 4 juni 2019

As mentioned earlier in the thread, I had the same thing happen. I got mine put back in place at a Tesla service center.

The only issue was that they have to apparently remove the bumper to do this. High cost of $175, as I recall. Ouch!

danwaltuck | 18 september 2019

My detailer tells me that this is a manufacturing issue. He thinks Tesla strings the wiring loom too tight, so when wires wiggle/shrink over time the sensors get pulled loose.
I have one pushed in - right front. I keep looking through my kids' old toy boxes for a nerf bullet with the suction cup on the end to see if I can pull it back into place... seems like a pretty minor issue to be making a service appointment.

2015P90DI | 18 september 2019

I had this happen too. Turns out, per the Tesla tech guy that came to change the 12V battery, some of the brackets that hold the sensors are secured in place by double sided tape.

Depending on which one came loose, if its one of the out two toward the fender well, you can simply undo a couple of screws to loosen the fender well liner and reach in to access the sensor. I was fortunate that the one that came loose was the second one in.

The Tesla tech guy popped it back into place and literally took duct tape and taped it in place. For a more "permanent" fix, if you want to call it that, then yes, the nose has to come off and they can reapply new double sided tape, which could very well come loose again. So far, after several months, the duct tape has done the trick. Kind of hokie, but so is putting a critical part on the car with double sided tape!. There's a reason, or a lot of reasons, why this car can be sold for under $40,000. Double sided tape on the sensors is just one of the corners cut.

I haven't tried it myself or even looked, but on my Model S, you can remove the lower plastic tray underneath the front of the car. If you're a do it yourself kind of person, and the sensor that came loose is one of the inner sensors depending on which one, could possibly reach it from under the car. Just be careful when taking out the clips that hold the lower tray in. They can break easily. But, they're also very cheap plastic parts that you could order online for a couple of dollars for a pack of them. If you're going to take it on yourself, probably best to just get a pack of them and have them handy, just in case.

There's my 2 cents.

Otherwise, take it Tesla and let them fix it under warranty. I would have done that, just seemed silly to take the car in and have the bumper removed for just that.

derekc | 18 november 2019

One of mine got pushed in during a car wash. I scheduled a mobile service but it would take 2 weeks and they want $100 to fix and replace the sensor.
If I could remove the bottom skid plate and reach in by hand to push and clip it back in, it would be 30 mins of my time and don't have to wait for 2 weeks.
Questions are. 1. Is the sensor accessible by removing the bottom skid plate? 2. What is the chance of the clips of the sensor got broken, or just got unclipped? 3. No need to calibrate or angle position the sensor, just snap it back on,right?
I have the adhesive tape too if that is how they "secure" the sensor.

rxlawdude | 18 november 2019

We had one knocked out by road debris, and Tesla Seattle (we were on a road trip) fixed it in less than 30 minutes and had us on our way.

finman100 | 18 november 2019

i was unable to access my front sensor (from the bottom) that was pushed inward (all the way knocked inside) the bumper whilst on a trip to Phoenix. no other bumper damage, just road debris that hit that small target just right...

I was successful at accessing it from the top, meaning removing the frunk insert. pop the removable cowling plastic piece and some 10 mm bolts and that whole "tub" comes out. gorilla glue and some patience and it has been a-ok for 9 months now.
I was planning on having Tesla officially fix when getting home (Oregon), but it's not failed me yet.

Love this car.

derekc | 18 november 2019

I am refusing to pay $100 and I don't want to get into some bad relationship with Tesla. I am hoping to fix it myself. Sooner or later I will start taking things apart. Now that I know I can't reach it from the bottom, I am ready to work on it. Thanks.