Model X cabin noises

Model X cabin noises

So, I've had my Model X 6 months now. It's been in the shop a few times, most of the issues have now been worked out. But I am having some annoying cabin noise and I wanted to see if anyone has had the issue. It seems to be coming from a few places:

1. Cheap trim - the trim at the bottom of the driver's side window doesn't seem to be connected too well. I think they are just clipped in. When I press on it, it makes some noises especially towards the front next to the dashboard. The noises seem to come from this piece of trim both next to me and in front. I hear it a bit on the passenger side too.

2. Driver's seat belt connector. This is the part near your shoulder that moves up and down. This thing makes all sorts of noises. I've tried holding it down, moving it up and down, no fix.

I've been also trying to figure out if this is all temperature related. I'm in LA so 55 degree is cold here :) - but yeah, I've been thinking that maybe when it gets into the 70s I get less noise but I've not confirmed this.

The guys at the service center have ridden in the X with me, they've heard it, and tried to fox the noises in the pillar next to me. No luck though. I hear a lot of noise from the seals, and had some driver's door noises which ultimately required the regulator in the door to be replaced.

Anyway, anyone else who's had these issues that can give me some feedback?

silvensamurai | 16 februari 2019

here in michigan when its cold the rear interior plastic parts all seem to make creaky noises. However since its silent vs a gas engine vehicle I would think it just stands out, noise wise, more specifically. Otherwise mine is quiet. I have a 2018 I picked up in june this year

lilbean | 17 februari 2019

My 3 creeks with temperature changes. I noticed this when it was 71 degrees and also when it is in the 50s.

jjgunn | 17 februari 2019

When I unbuckle my seat belt the buckle retracts quickly & slaps onto the pillar making a loud noise. SMAAAAAACK!

I do hear expanding & contracting creeks occasionally due to cold --->> warm weather & vice versa.

I can also hear a mouse getting a hard-on the car is so quiet.

wang5150 | 17 februari 2019

My August 2016 X75D is still just as quiet. Sorry to hear about your issues but I'm sure Tesla will help you resolve them...

The cabin is so quiet that I love pausing the music at stop lights and hear the muted whirling of the electric motors engaging as I open up the uncorked accelerator.... although now reading @jjgunn's reply, I may be mistaken that for a n excited mouse.

scotteeboy71 | 18 februari 2019

Nice.. I haven't had the mouse issues but jjgunn that was pretty funny. I've had my MCU replaced, my cluster replaced, and a door regulator replaced so I thought maybe that had something to do with all of this but the service center told me it wasn't. Yeah, and the seatbelt issues they're also willing to fix- they've ordered me a new one. Overall the car is indeed quite quiet. But this little creaks and pops all seems to be coming from the driver and passenger sides, front of the car.

Has anyone heard their seals making noises around the doors? That's something else I've heard. According to the service center, the issue used to be much worse. Mine's a 2018 so most of those issues have been addressed.

dmm1240 | 19 februari 2019

Have you thought of opening the doors and letting the seals out? That might help. :-)

Seriously, mine is real quiet because of the lack of an engine. However, it makes other noises far more noticeable. Not saying Tesla has completely solved the finish issues, but they've improved dramatically.

scotteeboy71 | 21 februari 2019

Yeah, they told me that actually. They said that my vehicle was improved. I'm going take it in for service soon anyway (I think the regulator in the drivers' side door might be having issues again) so I can ask them about the trim.

scotteeboy71 | 9 maart 2019

Just an update on this. Gave my Model X to service for about a week. They replaced the b pillar part that includes the seat belt assembly. There was a newer part available, that solved that issue. They also told me that there was a "belt" inside the driver's side door that had come loose, part replaced and fixed that issue. They also replaced some of my trim with newer version of the clips, and a few other things. Good news is some stuff got solved. Bad news? I hate to say it but I still have a rattling driver's side door.. I'm taking it back to have them continue work to get it fixed. LA has terrible roads, and whenever I'm going over bumps in the road (which is constantly) it sounds like someone is rattling something in the door. Not sure how they missed it.