exterior/interior vehicle cleaning

exterior/interior vehicle cleaning

It's my understanding that microfiber cloths/fleece pollute our oceans! When washed fibers come off into the water, wind up eating these fiber particles and so do you if you eat these fish! Just an FYI.
I plan on using an old cotton tee shirt to do an exterior wash. Would appreciate any suggestion on an eco-friendly shampoo!

leslie.seidenrdcde | 16 februari 2019

eco-friendly car shampoo recommendations would be appreciated

mabuck | 16 februari 2019

The amount of ridiculousness of this post. Just google it, for crying out loud. A Tesla is not any different than any other car.

billlake2000 | 16 februari 2019

Many college kids eat ramen noodles and micro fiber cloths for lunch.

KP in NPT | 17 februari 2019

Optimum No Rinse for exterior. Uses very little water and a pre rinse isn't even necessary unless it's caked with dirt.

Wurth Eco Super spray all for interior surfaces

I use microfiber towels.

gballant4570 | 17 februari 2019

Concentrate on plastics. Both in macro and micro, ocean pollution along with food chain penetration, plastics are a far greater problem than microfiber cloth.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 februari 2019

microfiber is a plastic

ODWms | 17 februari 2019


*mind blown*

ggodefroid | 17 februari 2019

I need more fiber in my diet

Nexxus | 1 maart 2019

Microfibers are good for you. It's the macrofibers are the ones that make you put on weight! :-)