Stolen license plate

Stolen license plate

My license plate was stolen in Los Angeles. I live in Phoenix AZ. What’s with that?

lilbean | 17 februari 2019

Maybe they wanted the EV plate.

lilbean | 17 februari 2019

Was it a vanity plate?

VolleyballNE1 | 17 februari 2019

You sure it didn't just fall off? My friend once lost his license plate after a car wash before a road trip to Canada.
He thought some a-hole stole his license plate in Montreal.

charles.a.braun | 17 februari 2019

Look for bills for toll road use to arrive in your mailbox soon.

As of Jan 1, dealerships must issue temp tags for all cars. California realized how much revenue they were losing when dealerships were selling cars with dealership advertisements (paper plates) instead of traceable temp plates.

Expect license plate theft to rise exponentially as a result.

ST70 | 17 februari 2019

sorry...I collect Arizona plates...they are so pretty

crmedved | 18 februari 2019

At least they didn't smash your window? (yet)

PECo CT | 18 februari 2019

I don’t know about California, but Connecticut charges $20 to replace a lost plate versus $5 to replace a stolen plate. The difference is that you have to file a police report for the theft with your local department.

rgabriel | 18 februari 2019

Back or front plate?

Resist | 18 februari 2019

A few years back someone stole my license sticker, think I had to pay around $20 to replace it. Kind of my fault though, I kept putting the new stickers on top of the old ones instead of peeling some off. So it was easy for them to take, but it was only good for a few months before it expired.

charles.a.braun | 19 februari 2019

@Rrsist - Crosscut the sticker(s) with a razor blade after attaching to prevent sticker theft.

swilliams102 | 20 februari 2019

@ST70 WOW!! Do you EVER have anything nice to say or anything constructive ?? Just smart A$$ comments.
Like you did when I asked the Fourm members for help.
How old are you ? 8? 10? Give your Dad his computer back

ST70 | 20 februari 2019

I'm 8 yrs old when I comment on dumb@ss posts like this....what did you say that got you butt hurt?

swilliams102 | 21 februari 2019

Another smart A$$ comment.
Exactly what I was talking about