Slacker Premium Subscription - does it work in the car?

Slacker Premium Subscription - does it work in the car?

I am thinking about signing up for Premium package for slacker. Did anyone try that?

Mike UpNorth | 18 februari 2019

I did a chat with Slacker. They basically told me you get nothing more than what we currently get. There's 3 levels with Slacker - with the Tesla we have the middle one (for now). I haven't found a reason to pay for the highest version.

Others on here have mentioned getting some benefits for paying for Slacker. Can't remember what those benefits were.

lilbean | 18 februari 2019

The benefit of not having it is saving $10 a month.

Mike UpNorth | 18 februari 2019


Don't you have reasons why you pay for Slacker or am I not remembering correctly?

Bhuten | 18 februari 2019

The premium has on demand. If you want to play a specific song, it won't work with the current plus package which comes free with model 3. If you are just fine with the plus package, it is definitely waste of $10 every month. But if you are into the on demand feature, then you gotta pay the fee. I also heard that it does not work in model 3. Wondering if anybody tried and can confirm this.

lilbean | 18 februari 2019

@Mike UpNorth
I don’t have it. I don’t even have the popular movie service.
I think you can set up playlists on the X and S. I’m not sure about the 3.

AMDPower | 18 februari 2019

I have it and it works great. You can play anything you want at anytime. The big problem is that if you want to play entire albums and be able to skip BACK, you have to create them as playlists. So you basically just use the web app to add whatever album you want as a separate playlist and then when you go to your car, there it is.

Mike UpNorth | 18 februari 2019

On demand songs would be cool. But I'm into the randomness shuffle enough not to spend the extra $10/month. To each there own.

FYI - I know for sure sound quality/streaming rate does not increase with the paid version.....just saying.

My bad lilbean, must have been someone else on here who pays and found benefits.

AMDPower | 18 februari 2019

That's true about the sound quality but yeah, I've always enjoyed listening to entire albums as a whole. I would prefer to use my existing Google Music account but for me, it's a replacement that I can make do with and gladly pay the $10/month so I don't have to use an app on my phone. Hell, am I the only one that remembers spending that on each CD whenever you wanted to listen to an album?! :)

cascadiadesign | 18 februari 2019

I have Slacker Premium for one reason - I build my custom playlists in Slacker on my PC and then listen in the Model 3. Go forward or back, skip, repeat a song. No problem.

kessler | 18 februari 2019

You do get your playlists as well as favorite albums.

TranzNDance | 19 februari 2019

Playlists are great for being able to get songs on demand, when driver or passengers have got to listen to particular songs

reed_lewis | 19 februari 2019

I have had the Slacker Premium for at least 2 years with my Model S and signed my wife up for her own Slacker Premium account for her brand new 3. The ability to create playlists and actually play the songs you want to hear is worth the $10 a month, considering she is coming from a Chevrolet Volt that had XM that we paid about $13 a month for. This is much better for her in that she can skip the songs she does not like.

hokiegir1 | 19 februari 2019

I have the premium subscription. As others have noted, you can do playlists in the car, which allows you to listen to the same some repeatedly if you choose (rather than the once every 24 hours or so with the request option on the Plus account). You can put a playlist on shuffle, as well. You can only modify the list on a computer or the phone app, unfortunately, but you can scroll through it on the display and start anywhere in the car. You can also request (by voice -- don't need to do online) to play an album in whole. I've found this helpful for listening to a specific song that it was having trouble finding once or twice.

I've also found it helpful that the phone app supports off-line playback with the premium version, so if I'm out of cell range for the car and/or phone, I can switch to bluetooth and play some of my same music (you need to choose stations to sync ahead of time, and it refreshes periodically on wifi - I have 4 stations chosen out of my however many I have favorited).

The one downside we've noted, and it could be in my settings somewhere, is that when you request a song or artist, the default is to play more of only that artist rather than the better "similar" variety that the Tesla account does. As an example, if I ask for Imagine Dragons, on my account, I'll get a station of all their songs. On the Tesla account, I'll get them, as well as other alt rock bands shuffled. Like I said -- this is probably a setting on my account that I haven't' figured out, but it's the one thing we don't love.

For those that have long-established Pandora or Spotify accounts, you can use soundiiz to transfer your favorites and playlists to your slacker account. It's not perfect, but it's considerably easier than starting over from scratch.

Mike UpNorth | 19 februari 2019

Good info Hokie. Thank you.