Make your own custom Tesla Vinyl stickers/logos

Make your own custom Tesla Vinyl stickers/logos

Hi All

Not sure if anyone is interested - but I made myself some super cheap custom Tesla logos to stick over the existing Tesla badges.

My wife has a vinyl cutting machine so the process was pretty straight forward.

You just buy some vinyl off Amazon etc, choose your color, cut and stick on.

It actually looks pretty cool - and people always have a good look when they see them(my Frunk one is getting a bit tattered after 8 months - need to replace).

If anyone wants me to send them the source file for the Silhouette Machine let me know - or just take a crack at creating your own :-)


1. Trace existing logo with a bit of paper
2. Import into Photoshop and trace
3. Import into Silhouette Software (comes with the machine)
4. Test print on paper
5. When ready cut out Vinyl
6. Stick on!


Vinyl ($15.99 for multiple sheets/colors):

Cutting Machine ($139.00):

rvandrew | 10 oktober 2019

Hi, I am interested in the silhouette files. I have a cricut, but I can use the same base files. Do you have all 5 sizes of the Tesla 3 T's? (Front, Back, Steering wheel, Wheels, Turn signal blisters)
Thank you

hokiegir1 | 10 oktober 2019

I did mine even easier than that. Did a screencap of the Tesla logo, then had Silhouette Studio "trace" it. I also found a Tesla-like font for the car logos when I made these: