Larger Screen Font Option

Larger Screen Font Option

Does anyone know if there has been talk of the ability to increase the screen font on the display for those sections (such as time, temperature, owner's manual, etc) that can be tough to read for those that wear reading glasses? I keep a pair of reading glasses in the console, but isn't always convenient to put them on when driving to read something on the screen that is too small to make out. I am sure there are many like me that would like the ability to have a slightly larger font size (as you can with phones).

Magic 8 Ball | 13 maart 2019

Would be nice, people have talked about it. Can you make it happen? | 13 maart 2019

It's been asked for in on the S for 4+ years. Tesla did increase the font size on a few items years back, but no setting for different font sizes. Would be nice, but may be a nightmare for development depending on the design.

bluevie | 13 maart 2019

oooh, i would love to have an option to increase font size. especially at the end of a workday, my eyes are tired from being on the computer for >8 hours, my eyes are blurry. i have to use reading glasses when working on computer screen and reading this forum is the same distance with the tesla screen. it should be a setting similar with the cellphones to increase font size globally... i have 2 sets of reading glasses in the console plus one in my purse.

ODWms | 13 maart 2019

When trying to modulate regen, I sometimes try and reduce brake light activation in deference to drivers behind. The pictograph on the screen is almost imperceptible much of the time. I’d like to see that made larger.

sehgalraja | 30 september 2019

any update on font size.. any news on if version 10 software may include this

Would love to at least be able to read whether in N,P,Reverse etc, its so tiny , and i wear readers

dominic.mehta | 7 november 2019

I collected my Model 3 yesterday and this is my only frustration so far. Why on earth can't you change the font size? The clock is so small, none of the passengers can read it!

Atoms | 7 november 2019

Someone at Tesla possibly being adamant that a large font is ugly and detracts from the car. All repeated requests are being ignored. Try reading the owners manual at night mode...

cre | 12 november 2019

This is a problem for me too. The is especially problematic for the warnings that come up with the autopilot/navigation. I can't read them without reading glasses, and I can't see the road well when I have the reading glasses on, so I consider it a safety hazard. I looked around, and can't find an option to turn on voice output either.

yudansha™ | 12 november 2019

Ignore Magic 8 Bully. He just wants attention.

raqball | 12 november 2019

The ability to adjust for a larger font would be nice...

jebinc | 12 november 2019

+1000 for the larger font and ability to expand the visualization window!

jimmy_macd | 12 november 2019

Yep. This would be awesome for me too. I cannot see the information clearly, even the MPH sometimes is a little blurry for me.

I end up wearing my glasses on tip of nose to see over them, going to try bifocals soon but ideally being able to +/- fonts, especially for the warnings would be great.

It's not just clarify, I find due to my aging eyes, it takes a little longer to focus when switching between road and screen. My distance vision is fine, just closer up.

WEST TEX EV | 13 november 2019

Other issue is fonts printed on top of nav map (sometimes text on text).

Suggestion to TESLA: Need white / grey background to increase READABILITY.

tbd2001_01 | 13 november 2019

yes larger font.

hsantana | 13 november 2019

+55 Eyes Matter

jebinc | 13 november 2019
Atoms | 13 november 2019

We have to wait until Elon’s eyes start degrading.

Atoms | 13 november 2019

Anyone notice that Owners manual in dark mode is completely unreadable?

Varricks | 14 november 2019

And release notes. That's why we adjust the screen to Daytime for reading.

C.ALLEGRE | 14 november 2019

et un deplus

KSU4WARREN1 | 14 november 2019

I concur with above comments.
Increased font size is needed.
Small font over a busy map background makes it even worse.
All text needs improved contrast.

In the case of some menus, maybe a contrast toggle switch? Have contrast when we need it, don't burn the screen when we don't?

Saved money to buy Tesla, now I need bigger glasses to use it!

CharleyBC | 14 november 2019

"I end up wearing my glasses on tip of nose to see over them, going to try bifocals soon but ideally being able to +/- fonts, especially for the warnings would be great."

You'll want to try the special Model 3 bifocals. Instead of the usual horizontal split, it's more of a diagonal, where the lower right third of the lens is for reading the screen and the rest is for distance.

yudansha™ | 14 november 2019


styvwerx | 1 december 2019

I find the night screen to be the worst. Whoever thought gray type on a black background was smart should be recycled into Tesla mudflaps. Fonts need to be larger, as the M3 demographic tends to be older, and with less perfect vision. I've been asking for the speed limit icon to be made larger for months now, as one has to tap it at times to "correct" the set speed limit on TACC, when driving in urban areas. Please, please please.

SalisburySam | 1 december 2019

@styvwerx, gray type on a white background is equally hard for me to read, but seems to be a thing nowadays. Apple does it almost everywhere, and now the Tesla software update notes and owner’s manual do it. Black-on-white, super easy. Gray on anything, super hard. I don’t get the attraction.

LRM3BOB | 1 december 2019

They will push customizable screen enhancements, including font size, in the next software update. Prayers will be answered.

yudansha™ | 1 december 2019

@SalisburySam It's a fad and will pass soon. Keep bringing this up to Tesla's attention, and maybe they'll give us more options.